The converted barn which really couldn’t be called a barn anymore was quite large. With several rooms having been set up at the back. There were offices, changing rooms, toilets for guests, and Vere wouldn’t be surprised if there were sleeping areas either.

The issue was, it wasn’t really a place that she would visit often, so she didn’t know her way around. Right now she was walking through the halls, trying to find the best place where the solutions would be kept.

‘Right now, there are nine Altered that the others have to go against.’ Vere thought. ‘We can’t have them using the Altered solutions in a desperate attempt, so the best thing to do is get rid of them first… then if we can, take them out one at a time, while they have no clue what was going on.’

While in the human state, although they were stronger, it would be tough for anyone to deal with a large unexpected blow seemingly out of nowhere.

“Hey, aren’t the toilets over here?” Vivi said, pointing to her side. She had seen Vere walk right past it.

“Ah, you're right, I must have completely missed it.” Vere smiled, as she returned and headed inside the toilet with her sister.

Heading inside, her sister was retouching her makeup and lipstick as she looked at the mirror, while Vere headed back in the stall to send a text out.

‘It won’t be long until I find what I need, I’ll just text them the location after but it would be good if they could be on the move.’ Vere thought.

Once she had heard the stall door next to hers close, she quickly opened her door up.

“I’m going to head back to the fight, I don’t want to miss anything so don’t wait up for me.” Vere stated.

Exiting out of the toilet, she started to run down the hallway. How much time did she have, she opened the door, one after the other, but found nothing, until she had finally opened the door to one of the offices.

Inside she could see two men standing at a table by the side of the two suitcases. They were both staring at the TV in the room which was broadcasting the fights that were happening outside, but they were alert as they stared at the door that had just opened.

“Vere, you're not allowed in here, even you.” One of the men said.

She recognized them, they were both squad leaders, both of them having taken Altered solutions already.

“Sorry, I was just looking for the toilet, this place is so big.” Vere smiled, as she went to close the door.

Since it was someone they knew, the squad leaders paid no harm, as the door closed. She looked to her left and right noting how many doors down the room was, and another text was sent once again to the boys, it was time for the two of them to act.

While heading back, Vere took a turn down the hallway, back where the toilets were, and to her surprise she could see a man walking her way. It wasn’t just any man, but one of the other squad leaders, Bruno.

He was one of those that wore sunglasses even when they were in doors, and there was no sun out, and on top of that… There were other troublesome things about him.

“Oh, who would have thought that my sweet baby girl would be down here of all places.” Bruno commented while licking his lips. “And that dress, are you trying to get me to rip it off?”

Ignoring his comments, Vere went to walk straight past him, and as she did, she felt a smack right on her back side. Immediately she felt heat rise in her cheeks as she turned around.

“What the f*ck do you think you're doing, you know who I am right?” Vere shouted.

“And you know who I am right?” Bruno replied. “You know, the crap with you being Nox’s daughter only works on those lower guys that know nothing. I know he doesn't give a shit about any of you. He just wants to use you to get strong people like me. So if it ever becomes between me and you.”

Bruno went out and reached his arm, pulling Vere in closer.

“Then I’m confident that he will pick someone strong like me.”

Vere pulled her face away from Bruno, but he had just done too much at that point that made her click.

Immediately jumping up, the top of her head smashed right into Burno’s chin. While he was startled, she swung her leg hitting him right in the side of his head. Then his head banged off the wall.

Before his body could even slide down she spun and delivered another kick right to the head. Finally, Bruno’s body slid to the floor. It was hard to tell whether or not he was unconscious or had been killed from those hits.

“Ah yes, let’s see who’s stronger shall we, I guess we see that you lost that one. I can’t believe Nox made someone as useless and disgusting as you an Altered.” Vere mumbled to herself.

If she was going to start taking out the squad leaders anyway, then at least this would be a good start, but there was a problem.

Having sent the text earlier she knew that Austin and Vlad were on their way, as she heard footsteps, it seemed they were right on cue, and quickly ran over to where they were.

“Holy crap, you took one of them out!” Vlad said. “It's a good thing we were the first ones to arrive.”

“I know, now come on and help me put this body somewhere before people see it.” Vere said.

Austin lifted the body with ease, over his shoulder.

“Let’s put him in the girls' rooms. There’s only us daughters that are at this event, so if we lock him in a cubicle no one should find out.”

The three of them nodded, with them all heading inside. As Vere stepped in first to see if everything was clear, she crashed and bumped right into Vivi.

“Ah… what the… what!” Vivi said, looking at the situation.

Vere was inwardly shaking her head.

‘Who takes so long to go to the toilet!’