Travelling from Slough, en route to a different city, were multiple vehicles. There were three large vehicles coloured in black, while also behind them were a couple of minibuses on top of that.

In one of the cars, a large SUV type vehicle that looked to be fortified and could survive a thrashing or two, was Tyler along with the core members of the Howlers.

“Hey, are you sure this is the right thing to do?” Olivia asked. “I thought you said we were getting ready for the next Dark Guild Auction. We’ve already cut back quite a bit on our spending, and you told us all to lay low, heading to another city isn’t exactly laying low, and you know as well as I do, that these cities have groups backing them. If they know the Howlers are involved, then it will be easy for them to target us.”

The main reason why Kai and the other’s didn’t join Gary was so this wouldn't be considered the Howlers' involvement. With the more of them going, the more chance they had of getting found out.

At the same time, the group were meant to go ahead with the Dark Guild's Auction. If a group found out the Howlers gang messed with them, then at the next auction it would become very difficult.

They would try to use their power to stop the Howlers any way they could. The auction was important to them because the group was at their growing stage. They weren’t strong enough yet to deal with the situation of a larger group.

“We aren’t going there to take over the city.” Kai answered. “At the moment the plan remains the same. Gary just asked us to pull out some workers. If we head in and leave, I don't think that’s enough for a group to target us.

“However, we have to prepare just in case, who knows what’s going to happen. In an emergency we might need to pull Gary out of his situation, and that all depends on who is behind this gang.”

The fact that Kai was unable to get information on them through normal means, he had a deep worry in the back of his mind, but the quickest way to find out something was to do so directly, and this was another reason why he and Olivia were headed to the city.


“Alright everyone, it's all down to you.” Gary said.

All of the workers had come out of their living areas and were now on the factory floor. This included the injured Earny, who was still being held up by his friends. Gary had informed them he had an important message for them all.

“I’ve called in a big favour from a friend of mine, and they will get you out of this place.” Gary explained. “They will pick you and relocate you to the city of Slough, where I am originally from.

“Once there, they will provide you with housing for you and your family, and a job that won’t break your body. It might take you a while to settle in, or for you to get a job, but my friends will make sure you have what you need, and a better life than you have here.”

The workers turned their heads as they talked to their colleagues by their side. Was this real, someone was offering them a free upgrade to a city above? They would give them a place to live, not a single room where they would have to cram together and work.

“Maybe this is all a big scam, it has to be. Why would he help us? They are probably going to take us to some warehouse and then harvest our organs.”

“But this is Gary Dem, an AFA star! Why would he do that, wouldn't it ruin his reputation.”

“Don’t you know, all AFA stars have behind them some type of gang. Who do you think these friends of his are?”

“But… I saw the programme.” Another added. “Gary, he had given those people his money, and even now he had protected us and Earny. He doesn’t seem like the type of person to do that.”

The group were clearly conflicted on what to do. Such a sudden change was hard for them to believe, but right now, they were practically in a prison and this was a small ray of hope.

“What about our families!” One asked.

“After you have been picked up, I will ask my friends to get them as well, but only direct family members. No friends, and they need to be ready when the car arrives. We also can’t have anyone knowing about this.

“Remember if the gang catches wind of this, it will be bad for you as well. I’m not forcing any of you to come, I just want to help.”

A few had already started to make their decision, and they were already texting their family members to get ready. It only took one or two of them to act, until the rest started to follow and they started to pack their things.

“Are you coming as well?” Gary asked Elijah.

“I have my own way out of here, you don’t have to worry, and besides I still have part of my job to do.” Elijah replied.

The time they had spent together was short, but it seemed like they were to part ways here, before they were to go, Gary had a question on his mind.

“You said you were researching this place right, what do you know about an event called the Phantom Brawl?” Gary asked.

“The Phantom Brawl?” Elijah replied. “I know a bit about it, it was actually my next move to try and get into it. It's a yearly fighting event that the Scavengers have. Apparently they invite other gangs from other cities, while they show off their up and coming talent of fighters. Is there a reason why you ask?”

“So, I’m guessing it's quite a dangerous place then?” Gary asked.

“Very dangerous, the whole Scavengers gang will be there, including other gangs.” With Elijah's great mind of deduction he felt like he had figured out why Gary was asking.

“Is this about your partner, don’t tell me he is at the Phantom Brawl!” Elijah said.

“He is, but I wouldn't worry about him, that guy is strong, even if the Scavengers had ten of these guys, I think he would be able to handle it himself.” Gary smiled.

Elijah had seen Gary’s strength first hand, but he had no clue about his partner. If he was this confident, then it had to mean that his partner was an Altered as well.

‘The Howlers gang, it might be a group that we need to keep our eye on in the future. Although if they're filled with people like Gary, we might not have to worry so much.’ Elijah inwardly smiled.

While waiting for an update from Kai about when the vehicles would be here, he soon saw a text pop up on his phone.

[Gary, I found out who is behind the Scavenger gang. This is not good news, once we pick you and Austin up, we need to get out of here before they find out anything. Its NIRV!]