Author Note: With the wedding over and Level up Zombie’s end around the corner, I will be working on stockpiling for the planned MWS Mass release. Most likely their will be one this month and another next month, but no solid date’s yet! Just keeping you updated.


The entire Phantom Brawl was chucked into chaos. At first, many of those that had been watching were still extremely calm about the whole situation. Believing it might just be an act and even if it wasn’t an act that it would be dealt with quickly.

It seemed to be the case with the intruder being grabbed and teamed up on by the many Altereds. The other gangs were starting to see the strength of the Scavengers, and they had made a decision in their heads that they wouldn't try and go against them, it would be their death if they did.

That was until a large bull looking Altered had seemingly appeared from the sky, to pound one of the Altered’s head so hard that their head was now stuck in the ground soaking in its own blood.

Whether the Altered was dead or not, they were unsure, but it was clear that they were no longer moving.

“Crap! Someone has a grudge against the Scavengers, we're all going to die!” One of the gang members shouted.

The whole room felt the same way, as they tried to escape, but the Scavengers members had locked the doors. They didn’t want them to escape, the intruders needed to be dealt with and they thought this was a problem that they could still solve themselves.

So instead the gang members had propped up their tables, turning them on their side, along with the chairs trying to move to the edge of the room, and this included Killer and the others.

‘Holy crap!’ Killer thought. ‘I knew he was an Altered but what type of Altered is that? He can kill another in one hit… this is crazy!’

The Altered that had been restraining Vlad from before, with its strange claws that came out from its ribcage, jumped, trying to grab onto Austin.

With his large arms he had no fear as he allowed the claws to dig into his hands, but his amazing strength was able to stop them from clamping on and holding onto him.

“Try not to let go!” Austin shouted, as he gripped on and ran along with the Altered. He was heading straight for the cage and when they reached the cage he and the Altered ripped right through the metal wiring before landing on the Canvas on top of the Altered.

The grip of the Altered started to loosen, and blood poured out of the Altered’s mouth.

“Why haven’t you gone crazy?” Austin asked the Altered who was seriously hurt and on the ground.

Only part of his eye was covered in the strange black substance, unlike Vlad’s, where the white couldn't be seen in his eyes. Austin was thinking back to the other Altered they had come across, the other squad member outside.

He too had turned into a fully Crazed Altered yet why hadn't these guys?

He was looking at the current Altered who had taken the same solution for an Altered solution, but the man in front of him had passed out. From the side, several large chunks of liquid came out toward him.

Austin managed to roll in time using the bounciness of the canvas floor. As the liquid hit the floor it started to ice up once again.

Through the hole they had made, the four remaining Altered had entered the ring.

“I’m hoping one of you guys can give me an answer to my question, although it might mean I need to beat you guys a little harder.” Austin said, as he snorted, letting out visible hot air from his nose.

Austin rarely used his full Altered transformation, but right now it was acting as a disguise, and he was feeling something, his blood was slowly pumping, building up, and it felt like he was getting slightly more energised as the fight was going on.

He was unaware if this was a trait of his Altered form, or was it just a feeling he had with everything going on.


Vlad, having broken out of the situation he was in, was now staring at a person that was getting in the way, between him and Nox, it was Vixen.

“It’s fine, I needed to get to you anyway!” Vlad shouted. “I’m going to make your death a painful one, just like you did my father!”

Vlad flew directly toward Vixen, who at the right time, jumped over Vlad doing a type of somersault, as he did, the mouths on his two hands fired out green liquid. It hit the back of Vlad’s wings and it appeared to be melting them on the spot.

“There are a number of things I can do kid.” Vixen said. “And I think it’s time I started doing my job, otherwise they could get a little annoyed at me.”

Nox was watching the outcome of the fight, and he didn't like the look of the situation.

‘Vixen ' was sent to me by NIRV, as a type of gift for looking after the factories that they handled. A tier-4 gang like us could never get an Altered.

‘He’s saved my back a few times, but this might be too much for him. Crap, how long will it be until NIRV appears with some help.’

It wasn't Vlad that was concerning him, but more so Austin. He had so far beaten anyone he had come across with ease.

‘Screw it, I need to get out of here!’ Nox thought.

He looked to the stage, and there was an emergency back exit through the hallways. A fire exit. While everyone was busy and worried, he made a dash, going through the hole that Austin had made.

He looked around, continuing to run through the hallway, until a figure stood in front of him.

“Who the f*ck are you!” Nox said.

“I’m…. the Shadow… fi..” Vere couldn't say it out loud, not in this situation but she was wearing her uniform to cover up who she was. “I knew scum like you would abandon everyone. I'm here to make sure you get what’s coming to you…”