The team had burst out from a wall close to the back stage, and had made quite the entrance as they had thrown the Shadow Fighter onto the floor. The clothes that the person was wearing was well known, and all of the fighters who were school students knew it well.

“What the, hey isn't that the Shadow Fighter? Were they here as well?”

“I guess they finally decided to show up at one of these things, man I'm glad to see that guy got his arse beat. He would go around just beating up on everyone thinking they were hot shit.”

Nearly all of the students were talking about the Shadow Fighter which just showed how infamous this person was, and it seemed to be news to their bosses. The students from other schools didn’t exactly inform them that they had been beaten.

From the group that had come in, a man with straight black hair that was parted to the side stepped forward. He was dressed in complete black from head to toe, with only a black leather jacket that revealed his abs.

It wasn't just him though, the rest of the group were also in similar clothing, all black, with a few accessories here or there and that included their hair as well. There were three boys and two girls in the group of all shapes and sizes but their faces shared similar traits, and that was because they were all related.

This was the B rank retriever team that worked exclusively for NIRV. They weren’t part of any gang, but were strong enough to deal with any situation that would arise. In some cases they would even be sent to the tier 2 cities to help deal with some troublesome gangs that didn’t agree with them.

This group was known as the Strike force, and their leader, with the straight black hair, Kon was one who always got the job done. He walked over to Vere who had just been thrown onto the ground, her arm was twisted in an unnatural shape, clearly broken, but her face was facing the ground.

With his foot, Kon kicked her until she was on her front and placed his foot on top of her stomach.

“Hey, it looks like they're talking about you? I didn’t realise you were someone famous? It’s quite a surprise the reputation you have with how weak you are.”

Having been kicked over, now everyone was able to see the face of the Shadow Fighter.

“Wait, it was a girl!”

“Heck, you said you guys got done in by her, by a girl. How useless are you guys?”

Some of the gang members were laughing at the students who had just admitted their defeat and now seeing who it was, but the ones that had been beaten weren’t laughing; they knew how strong she was.

“She's not just a girl, look at who it is… isn’t she one of the five sisters!”

Her face recognisable by them all, the Shadow Fighter being a prime family member. No one understood what was going on, and her sisters were left staring at her face, unable to do anything.

Out from behind them, there was a swollen lipped man that could be seen coming through the crack. As soon as the others saw him, they noticed who it was.

“Boss!” the Scavenger members shouted.

“Go away all of you!” Nox shouted back before they could come to his side. “You were all useless, you managed to let this little crap slip by and attack me. If it wasn’t for the Retriever team…” Nox stopped there as he realised what he was saying made him sound quite bad.

He couldn't even beat a girl, and it was his own daughter at that. If she was an Altered it would be understandable. At least that’s what Nox thought.

For a moment, Vlad had hesitated as he looked at Vere who was on the floor, being trampled, the position she was in right now, was the same one that Vlad had put Vixen in.

“Don’t even think about it.” Kon said. “If you try to off his head, then I’ll off her’s right away.”

Vlad had decided to look away from the two of them, and stared down at Vixen instead. Both of his fists lifted up, and he threw them down, they both slammed right into Vixen’s face not once but multiple times like a gun going off.

Blood was splattering all over the place, and Vlad continued to punch.

“My father… my father felt more pain than this! I wish I could kill your whole family in front of you!” Vlad shouted.

“I guess, it’s to bad for you, he made his choice.” Kon shrugged his shoulders. Lifting his own arm up his body started to transform, his eyes were becoming big, bug-like shaped, two antennas stuck out from his head, and had grown large with a hard black casing on the outside.

“NOOO!” Vivi screamed, as she got up off the ground and ran over “Don’t hurt her… she’s… she’s my sister!”

In what Vere felt like were her last moments, she who thought she had already lost all her family, lost everyone that she cared about, to hear those words and someone crying tears for her, it was a beautiful sight, but it caused her to well up inside.

Before Vivi could interfere, one of the females from the Strike force was suddenly in front of her and had punched her right in the gut. It was a hard blow that caused blood to come up her throat and out of her mouth sending her to her knees.

“Crap!” The other sisters wanted to run by her side, but they were too afraid after seeing what had happened.

The scream had caused a distraction for Kon, but it would only take a moment anyway. That was until he could feel something moving through the air. Looking up, a body was hurled right towards him. Not moving from his position, Kon used his large hand to hit the body away and deflected it, causing it to crash right through the bar.

The counter top had been destroyed and the body was unmoving.

“Who is trying to meddle with our work?” Kon said.

Steam blowing out of his nose, Austin was standing by Vlad and placed his hand on his shoulder.

“He’s dead… he’s dead.” Austin said. “But the one you want, is hiding behind those people.”

Although Vlad seemed to be out of his mind, Austin had realised that his goal still stayed true. Vlad stopped attacking Vixen, who now appeared to have no head at all. Turning around, he looked toward the Strike force.

“We were told that some people had managed to get their hands on our product and were misusing it.” Kon said. ”We have only been asked for two things, to bring the bodies of the Altered back and to protect Nox, but they didn’t say the bodies needed to be alive.”