All five of the retrievers, although they had desperately been hit, and one even clawed by Gary, were recovering well and didn’t seem to be overly injured. They were still hovering in the air with their wings, and looked more annoyed than anything.

‘This certainly has become a lot more difficult with him joining the fight. We need to start thinking of an easier way to deal with the situation.’

For a moment Kon took a back seat, and he looked at the others. HIs antenna on top of his head twitched a bit, and the other’s glanced at him for a second. Now two of the retrievers had gone over to Gary, they were circling him, trying to bait him to attack rather than attacking themselves.

As for the other two, they had gone to Elijah, Austin and Vlad. Although Austin was a big threat initially, he had slowed down after taking a rather large beating from all five of them, it was the same for Vlad as well.

The only one that was trouble out of that group, was the newcomer with the mask. His Altered form allowed him to harden his body into a grey type of stone. Even with the retrievers' strength, when they hit with full force, his body didn’t even budge. He was more solid compared to even Austin.

However, they had yet to see him land a successful hit, as he swung his arms out, the retrievers were just too fast. However when they tried to attack, he was quite quick. His arms were able to grow sideways, forming a type of shield. It was clear that he was used to fighting.

‘Alright, I’ve figured out a plan to do this.’ Kon thought. The antenna on the top of his head started to move, and soon after so had the others.

They immediately flew back to where he was, and a split second later they all started to swirl around Quinn.

‘All of them are aiming for me now?’ Gary noticed. ‘Do I use lethal pounce, but If I do, and latch onto one of them, all four will start to hit me, although I am strong I don’t know how long I would last, and using last stand in a situation like so, it means I have to be confident in taking them out within that time, and with the way they’ve gotten up after each hit, I’m not very confident.’

Although Gary wasn’t afraid for his life, even with these five, he was finding the situation a little difficult.

‘Crap, if I’m stuck in a situation like this, then how the heck am I meant to beat Midwak!’

He could see Kon going towards him and all the others. If this was how it was going to be, then he would fully transform and try to rip one of their heads off. If he could do that, then surely they wouldn't be able to get up again.

‘At the end of the day, this is the gang business. All of these people, all of those in the factory. I can’t imagine how many have died already because of all of this. I need to get rid of these!’ Gary’s eyes were filled with fury and he was ready to attack.

That was until at the last moment, Kon had made a change in course, and the rest had as well. They all were flying toward Austin, who had readied himself but they soon swept past him at a quick speed as well and had missed Elijah.

‘Crap, they're going for the kid!’ Gary noticed and started to run ahead but it was too late.

They were already moving at full speed by the time Gary realised and as they went past all five of them delivered a strong blow, one to the body, one to the arm, to the leg, and Kon delivered a large one right to his face, causing Vlad’s whole body to lift up into the air.

His transformation was starting to turn back as he fell to the ground and his eyes rolled all over the place.

“Crap, you f*cks!” Austin shouted while rushing over. The retrievers had already run away like small little bugs.

“Why don't you just fight us evenly instead of fighting us all at once, all five of us!” Austin shouted, as he looked at Vlad he was in a serious situation, and the way he was now they could use him as well.

“Oh, is this a gang member trying to talk to us about fairness? Maybe you guys shouldn’t have gotten involved with something if you weren't prepared to risk your lives!”

Kon couldn't believe it, if it was like this, it would be easy. They could just continue to attack Vlad, and their mind would be in too much of a mess to focus. There was a reason why Kon had told them all to hold back with their hits, because they were going to use Vlad as a distraction.

Targeting him, or targeting one of the others, and slowly they would get rid of all of the attackers one by one.

“Hey big guy. We need to get this guy out of here.’ Elijah whispered. “I know how these guys work. They're going to just keep targeting him, now that they’ve found our weak spot, get him out of here.” Elijah said.

Nodding, Austin decided to lift Vlad over his shoulder, but there was one more person he was worried about as well. He went over towards her and before Vere could say anything, lifted her up on his back.

She wanted to complain but when she saw Austin heading towards the door, she decided to stay quiet knowing what he was planning.

“That’s fine by us.” Kon said, his antenna moving and all five of them started to swirl around Gary once more. One of the retrievers dived straight ahead, and lifting both of his hands, Gary smashed them on their back sending them into the ground.

However at the same time, two had hit him side by side, punching his cheeks in


‘Fuck that really hurt!’ Gary thought, and he could see that they had torn the side of his mask and it was starting to fall off.

‘Sh*t, if my mask falls off and these guys are from NIRV, they’ll recognize me, and there's so many in the room… I guess this is the only way.’

[Full transformation activated.]