Kai was a bit taken back by Gary’s words. He knew he was quite impulsive at times, but so far his impulsiveness led to great results. Even this time, in some way, him heading to a tier-4 city could have been disastrous for the group, but it all ended up working out in the end, but with this, Notsburg was already dealt with, it was already in their hands.

“Do you think that’s a good idea?” Kai asked. “I mean, I know you might have gotten stronger from all of this, and eaten these crystals to power yourself up, but you still have some time before you have to fight him, right?”

Kai only knew small details about how the whole pack thing worked. It wasn’t a question he asked Gary, about how he knew the final details, since he would just answer with 'a feeling', but he knew that all werewolves were able to challenge the Alpha once a month for their position.

It hadn’t been a month yet, so in Kai’s mind, it would make sense to try to get as strong as possible until the last moment.

However, Gary had gained more than just a boost in stat points. He had also gained a powerful new skill. Having completed the quest, he now had the Claw swipe at his disposal, perhaps the biggest win he had taken from this journey.

“It’s about stopping the need for this happening again.” Gary answered. “It might seem a bit strange, but I think I understand how Midwak works in a way. If I was to just beat him using pure power, and strength he won’t give up.

“He knows that werewolves have the potential to grow stronger, and he will believe that there is still a chance that he can take me out and take the position away from me one day. But, if I was to beat him with my skill, while the two of us are at the same level of strength, to prove that even then, I am still stronger than him and he will never catch up, I think it will change his view.”

Gary knew it would be a tough fight, especially since he wanted to battle Midwak during the day, so he didn’t have the advantage of the night like last time. It was risky but he was also hiding that the fight would allow him to grow as well.

Running into NIRV this time, there was a chance in the future that they could run into far more dangerous people.

“But still, why the risk? I understand, but what’s so wrong with just overpowering him, growing to the point where he can't catch up.”

“Because, I want him to be loyal.” Gary answered.

Of course, Kai thought if Midwak was loyal it would be a giant asset to the group, but he just could never see that happening with his personality.

“Maybe loyal isn’t the right word, but he should at least be submissive.” Gary answered. “If I manage to beat him with skill, and he sees that it’s harder to top me rather than to join me, then he will figure out that the only way he can get his revenge is by working with us. And you have to remember, it's important for us as well, because regardless, we have to face the other Alpha at some point, due to the deal I made.”

After listening to everything and taking it all in, Kai was nodding his head up and down and a large smile appeared on his face.

“You have grown a lot Gary, and not just in strength but in using your head more and more.” Kai stated. “I knew when I saw you, I had a feeling that you were the right person to be our leader. I like being right, and you are just proving me right by the day.”

After the meeting was over, the crystals were distributed to Olivia, Marie and Kai evenly, allowing nearly all of them to grow in strength significantly. Marie had gotten the biggest boost from this, perhaps because she was the weakest out of the group.

They didn’t consume them all, leaving 10 basic tier crystals. There were two reasons for doing this.

One was in case the group ever needed some funds, they would sell the crystals to another organisation. When they were confident enough to deal with the consequences, they could do this. The other reason was because the crystals could be used to be turned into Altered solution.

The quickest way to grow their gang’s power was by having more Altereds and they even had the perfect teacher in Crowley to train them. But they would have to rely on Tom for this, waiting for him to grow in knowledge.

Then finally, the next day, the group was on the move. Austin, Olivia, Marie and Kai. They were a few short compared to the last time they came here, but it was still the core group of the Howlers that were arriving in Notsburg.

When they entered the large hotel, it was just as extravagant as before. They were treated by countless gang members in the casino, but the place was completely empty. There was no one on the slot machines, at the poker tables there were only the workers, and they were lined up leading them to where they needed to be.

“It’s nice to be welcomed like this, this time.” Marie said. “But it’s a bit scary at the same time. If Gary loses, doesn't that mean that Midwak will have control over all of us, we will have to do what he says… anything.”

“Don’t say things like that, Gary won’t lose.” Austin replied.

“I’m just being realistic, I don’t think Gary will lose either, but it did take all of us to take him down last time.”

“Maybe we can all jump him at the end.” Olivia said. “If things are looking rough. Although I dislike Gary, I would have to say that being in the control of the other is far worse, and I would rather be dead.”

“Don’t jump in.” Gary answered. “That’s an order to all of you, whatever the outcome of this, don’t jump in.”

After entering an elevator they went to the very top floor and exiting out, they went through the large double doors heading to the main office that Midwak was in.

“I can’t believe it.” Midwak said, jumping out of his seat and jumping from the table using his foot and landing in the centre of the room. “When you had informed me that you would be arriving, I thought you might have backed out but here you are. Are you ready to lose?"

“You know I haven’t just been sitting around doing nothing.”

Gary walked forward, and walked out the centre of the room, the others stayed close by the door.

“It’s the same for me, didn’t you wonder why I would call for a battle so early.” Gary replied. “It’s because I can take you out. Let’s do this.”

Gary took off the jacket of the Howlers group, throwing it behind him, which Marie had caught. Although the fabric could be stretched in his Werewolf form, he didn’t want it to be cut up by MIdwak’s attacks.

“Very well, I will soon be the next alpha, and then I will be the only one in this world!” Midwak shouted, his eyes glowing and his body transforming.