Countdown 00:12:00.

Ten minutes left before returning.

They had only been in the Inner World for seven days this time, but it seemed much longer than that.

In a private room, Li Tongyun and Nan Gengchen were in front of the glass window in good spirits, listening to the cheers or roars of the gamblers and audience in the stadium.

Li Yinuo was sitting on the red velvet sofa, feeling bored. She swiped through the messages on her phone, and said, “I’ve only intended to introduce you two to the nightlife of City 18 at first. But how come you two got addicted all of a sudden??”

“The boxing matches are quite exciting,” Nan Gengchen explained casually.

With Prison 18 destroyed, Li Yinuo had a lot on her hands and didn’t plan to come out and watch boxing tonight, but both Nan Gengchen and Li Tongyun were eagerly begging to go.

Knowing that she was one who introduced them to this hobby, she just couldn’t say no.

However, she just felt like something seemed off but couldn’t tell what.

But Li Yinuo could care less about the reason behind that for now. She looked down again at her phone and continued reading the reports. After Prison 18 was destroyed, the consortiums seemed calm to the public, but in fact, it was still a big deal to them.

Li Yinuo was a core member of the consortium’s next generation. Someone in the consortium had calculated the power of the god’s scepter, so they naturally knew that Li Shutong was not dead and had reached a mysterious deal with the Qing Consortium.

Right now, many people must be trying to find out what the deal between Li Shutong and the Qing Consortium was about.

The Li’s Privy Office advisers guessed that Li Shutong helped Qing find ACE-002 in exchange for Qing to help save Cheng Xiao.

The deal made sense.

But for some reason, Li Yinuo suddenly felt that this deal might not be so simple, because unlike others, she also happened to know that the next leader of Knights had the surname of Qing!

This could not be a coincidence.

Li Yinuo had been guarding Qing Chen’s secret and didn’t even tell Nan Gengchen. She didn’t want to let her seventh uncle down.

The beautiful, muscular young woman looked at Nan Gengchen’s back, with a hint of apology in her eyes.

They had already agreed to love each other and not keep any secrets from each other, but she couldn’t keep that promise.

Thinking of this, Li Yinuo wanted to compensate Nan Gengchen. Right, the hacker should be here in the next two days.

She would never believe that she was now surrounded by Qing Chen’s “undercover agents”.

Even Qing Chen would’ve never expected this.

At this time, Li Tongyun and Nan Gengchen were focused on the crowd, quietly looking for something.

The next moment, both found Qing Chen in the stands almost at the same time.

In the stands, the teenager was still wearing white sportswear.

In fact, Qing Chen in white sportswear was very eye-catching. Especially when other gamblers are yelling, while he is standing calmly, making him stand out in the crowd.

At this time, Nan Gengchen suddenly found that Li Tongyun was also staring closely at Qing Chen. He felt a bit strange.

Nan Gengchen asked, “Xiao Tongyun, do you know Qing Xiaotu?”

Li Tongyun raised her little head and smiled sweetly, “I don’t know him personally.”

“Then why have you been looking at him?” Nan Gengchen asked quietly.

“He’s my idol, don’t you think Brother Xiaotu is very handsome?” Li Tongyun said with a smile, “I’m his fan!”

Nan Gengchen murmured in his mind, so the girl found him attractive! He was no stranger to such people in the Outer World.

He almost thought Li Tongyun was also a time traveler, but it seemed that he had misunderstood!

Immediately afterward, Li Tongyun asked him the same question, “I found that you were also staring at Brother Xiaotu. Brother Xiaonan, why are you staring at him?”

Nan Gengchen replied calmly, “I am also a fan of his. He’s my idol as well.”

“Ohh,” the two of them looked at each other and smiled.

Nan Gengchen secretly observed using Qing Chen’s method, wanting to see if Li Tongyun looked down at her arm.

However, after glancing out of the corner of his eye for a long time, he found no sign of Li Tongyun lowering her head.

On the other side, Li Tongyun was also silently observing and found that Nan Gengchen also didn’t look down at his arm!

A thought came to both of them at the same time: Could I have gotten it wrong?

When they turned their attention to Qing Chen again, they found that the young man in white had already squeezed past several female spectators, each holding a marker and asking Qing Chen to sign his name on their bodies.

In the stands, a woman deliberately puffed up her chest and told Qing Chen to sign anywhere he wanted.

As she said so, the lady deliberately brought her face closer and wanted to kiss Qing Chen on the face.

The next second, everyone saw Qing Chen pinching the woman’s cheeks and signed the word “Xiao Tu” on the woman’s forehead.

Nan Gengchen took a cold breath of air.

He looked at the woman’s mouth being pinched into the shape of a fish’s mouth and was impressed by how Brother Chen could autograph as if he was performing an execution…

Return countdown 00:00:00.

The countdown hit zero.

The world fell into darkness.

Qing Chen breathed a sigh of relief as he watched the world regain its brightness.

In the boxing gym, he seemed casual, but his eyes were searching through the crowd, trying to analyze how many people were secretly observing him.

But then when he was analyzing and screening various groups of people later, he noticed that thousands of people were watching him!

Many spectators recognized him as a tiger-weight boxer and female fans came rushing over to ask for autographs.

This dramatic reaction caught Qing Chen off guard.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door outside.

Qing Chen walked to open the door and saw Yangyang standing quietly outside with a backpack.

“Are you leaving?” Qing Chen asked.

Yangyang explained with a smile, “I have to go to the south temporarily for something. It seems like I’ve gotten busier since becoming a time traveler.”

“Okay,” Qing Chen said, “Hope everything goes well.”

“Why didn’t you try to stop me from leaving?” Yangyang asked, tilting her head slightly.

“We aren’t that close yet, aren’t we?” Qingchen said with a half-smile.

“Sure,” Yangyang also smiled, “If nothing else happens, I will be back soon. Wait for me at home!”

“Don’t say that on purpose.” Qing Chen didn’t know how to react.

At this time, Yangyang put a key into Qing Chen’s palm and said, “I’m leaving the key to my house to you. From now on, you will be the half-owner of this house.”

Qing Chen raised his eyebrows, “Hey, I already told you not to say such things again.”

Yangyang laughed joyfully, “What are you thinking? I’m just trying to say that you can go get the devil stamp mail in the coming days yourself!”

After saying that, she carried her backpack and walked outside. As she walked, she waved to Qing Chen with her back facing him, “Although you are super smart, you are extremely innocent. Now I know your weaknesses!”

The next moment, Yangyang’s figure soared into the sky and flew into the night.

Qing Chen looked at the empty doorway and suddenly realized that she might not be back any time soon. It wasn’t that Yangyang was lying to him, but that she said she wanted to go to the south, yet she flew off toward the north… …

Thankfully the earth is round. She would get where she wanted to go eventually.

Soon after Qing Chen returned to his apartment, there was another knock on the door.

He reluctantly walked over to open the door, only to find Li Tongyun standing outside the door obediently.

“Xiao Tongyun, why are you here?” Qing Chen was a little surprised.

Tongyun cutely raised her index finger. “Shh! Grandma and Grandpa are still at our house, I sneaked out while they were asleep.”

With that said, the little girl squeezed into the apartment.

She sat down on the leather sofa, dangling her small legs, “Brother Qing Chen, I saw you at the Haitang Boxing Gym. Sister Yinuo and I were both there the night of your qualifying match. She seemed to know you…”

“Yeah,” Qing Chen nodded, “I went with her to the Forbidden Land 002.”

Xiao Tongyun’s eyes lit up, “Is the Forbidden Land fun? Can you take me with you next time?”

“It’s not fun. It’s very dangerous,” Qing Chen said, “Just stay in City 18 and don’t fool around.”

The little girl said, “Okay, Sister Yinuo also said that she would take me to cultivate with her, but I am a little worried that I will get as buffed up as her, so I haven’t dared to agree yet.”

As they were chatting, there was another knock on the door!

“That’s weird,” Qing Chen said, “Why is everything rushing to find me?”

Nan Gengchen whispered outside the door, “Brother Chen, open the door. It’s me!”

Instantly, Li Tongyun’s expression became strange.

When Qing Chen opened the door, Nan Gengchen came in carrying several bags of various sizes.

However, when he saw the little girl on the sofa, he froze. He just wanted to turn around and run away.

Qing Chen looked at him, then at the little girl on the sofa.

Li Tongyun and Nan Gengchen were silent and looked at each other blankly.

Li Tongyun looked at Nan Gengchen and said, “Brother Nan, didn’t you say you don’t know Brother Qing Chen, and you were just a fan of his?”

Nan Gengchen touched his nose, “The same goes for you. When I asked you, you said you didn’t know him and were just his fan!”

Qing Chen asked calmly, “I see, you two came in the middle of the night to host a fan meeting with your idol?”

Li Tongyun: “…”

Nan Gengchen: “…”

A thought came to both of them. No wonder when the countdown was approaching 0, neither tried to look down on the timer. It turned out that they were both taught by the same teacher, Qing Chen!

Qing Chen suddenly felt that a small group of time travelers around him was suddenly forced to group together…