Late at night, when everything calmed down, Qing Chen finally lay on the bed and reviewed his recent experiences.

Next, he needed to face an even more brutal round of the Fight.

Qing Chen thought that if the Qing family wanted to intervene in the Li family’s transition of power, what would the other Shadow candidates do?

All of the Shadow candidates were of the third generation in the family. None had much power in their hands.

Therefore, the second-generation members of the Li family would most likely disdain to cooperate seriously with them.

Therefore, if it were Qing Chen, he would first choose to cooperate with the third generation of the Li family. It is easier for them to communicate on an equal footing. This was a smart person’s choice.

As for the third generation of the Li family, was there anyone better suited to collaborate with than Li Yinuo?

Also, Li Yinuo was surrounded by his undercover agents…

“That’s not enough,” Qing Chen whispered.

These preparations alone were not enough for him to face the Fight.

At this time, Qing Chen took out his communication device and sent a message to Liu Dezhu, “Report on the current situation.”

It was two o’clock in the morning, but Liu Dezhu still replied instantly, “Boss, I’m waiting for you to ask me. If you don’t message, I am afraid that the notifications will disturb you, so I don’t dare to speak!”

Liu Dezhu explained everything, “The second day in the Inner World, Yu Junyi and I, along with all the other time travelers got transferred to Prison 10 in City 10. There was also a large number of prisoners that came with us. The living conditions here are much better than Prison 18. There is an outdoor field and even a garden!”

Prison 18 was designed to hold serious criminals and even had the ability to suppress Level S prisoners.

Prison 10, on the other hand, was located in City 10, the political center. There might be those who have fallen from power.

“I also need to thank you, boss, for your advice. It was indeed very useful. Right after I got to the Inner World, I awakened.”

“Very well,” Qing Chen replied calmly, “I won’t be telling you to do it if it is useless.”

“Boss, you’re so wise, thank you, boss! Boss is as blessed as the East Sea and will live longer than the Southern Mountains.” Liu Dezhu was still immersed in the joy of awakening. He didn’t know that Qing Chen was just making a guess at first.

Qing Chen warned, “Keep it a secret and don’t let others know your abilities.”

Liu Dezhu replied, “Don’t worry, boss, I awakened at night. Lin Xiaoxiao and Ye Wan will help me keep this a secret. I didn’t even tell Yu Junyi about this.”

Qing Chen was a little surprised. Liu Dezhu had exposed his identity as a time traveler out of vanity, but now he had made some significant progress.

Liu Dezhu hesitated for a moment and then sent another message to Qing Chen, “Boss, my sentence is quite long. It’s not that I’m in a hurry to get out, but it’s mainly because it’s hard to help you if I’m in prison.”

“Noted,” Qing Chen put away the communicator after replying and carefully analyzed the pros and cons of getting Liu Dezhu out of prison.

First of all, there would be benefits to let Liu Dezhu be released from prison. This was one of the main ways for him to contact the outside world, and being inside prison would hinder this process.

Secondly, in Forbidden Land 002, Cao Wei, Qing Huai’s subordinate was a Level C, so there was a high probability that the other Shadow candidates had Level C subordinates as well.

This might be some kind of established rule. Otherwise, with someone as important as Qing Huai, it wouldn’t be a surprise to have a Level B with him when he entered the Forbidden Land. Just like when Li Yinuo went to the wilderness for autumn hunting, she was assigned Wang Bingxu, a Level B.

The reason that Qing Huai didn’t bring a Level B was probably because the family didn’t allow him.

Right now, Qing Chen was only a Level E, so if Liu Dezhu could be released from prison, he could gain a Level C on his team. This would allow a certain degree of protection in a chaotic situation.

Thinking of this, Qing Chen planned to put “releasing Liu Dezhu from prison” on his agenda.

“Hold up,” he suddenly felt a little strange. This time, the Devil Post Stamp’s owner did not send a letter to Liu Dezhu. Could it be that he was disgusted by the “hehe” last time?

Qing Chen thought for a while, got up, and found the key to the next-door apartment. After walking out into the living room, he saw Nan Gengchen lying on the sofa, sleeping soundly.

Passing through the corridor, Qing Chen opened Yangyang’s apartment door and walked straight to the bedroom.

The room was clean, and everything was neatly organized.

However, when he walked into the room, he felt something different. There was a leftover gravity field in the room!

Qing Chen didn’t know how Yangyang did it, but she must have left it to assist his cultivation.

There was also a note on the table: I will be back before the gravity field naturally dissipates. Don’t forget to cultivate!

She seemed to have expected that he would eventually enter this room and even prepared this surprise for him.

In the early morning, a private jet landed steadily at the airport in the northern suburbs of Luo City.

When the plane doors opened, He Jinqiu, dressed in a neat suit, slowly walked out, taking a deep breath of the fresh air.

However, the next moment, when he saw the taxi parked not far from the plane, he was stunned.

He Jinqiu walked down the stairs and looked at Eagle, “Is this how Kun Lun treats its guests? A taxi?”

Eagle said with a cheerful smile, “Boss He, please forgive us. You’re lucky that the taxi got repaired in time. Otherwise, there wouldn’t even be a taxi.”

He Jinqiu didn’t believe such nonsense at all. He knew that Kun Lun didn’t have deep pockets but shouldn’t be this poor.

Zheng Yuandong, the old squad leader, must have deliberately got a taxi to disgust him purely because he was showing off when they were at the Beijing Airport.

He Jinqiu said with a carefree smile, “Fine, it’s nice to experience life as a Kun Lun member occasionally.”

Eagle thought, “Why did he sound like he’s in a rural town helping the poor?”

The shabby green taxi drove all the way to the depths of Lijing Gate in the old city. It came to a stop in front of Kun Lun’s house1Here, the “house” refers to a traditional Chinese-style house. It usually consists of several buildings, one or two stories tall, surrounding a courtyard..

Zheng Yuandong was sitting in the main room drinking tea. “What brought Boss He here this time?”

“Can’t I just simply be visiting?” He Jinqiu sat down beside him with a smile.

Zheng Yuandong looked at him and ignored the joke, “You came to Luo City because you saw what happened in the group chat last night. They want to loot the Shadow candidates, and you want to be the canary behind the mantas praying on the cicada.”

City 18 corresponds to Luo City, so under the correspondence between the Outer and Inner Worlds, most of those time walkers who have the opportunity to loot the Shadow candidates would also live in Luo City.

Zheng Yuandong guessed that He Jinqiu came here because he wanted to participate in the looting. On the other hand, if the time traveler succeeded, He Jinqiu could also fight for the loot after returning to the Outer World.

He Jinqiu smiled, “Squad leader, you’re in Chat 1 as well? What’s your nickname in the chat?”

Zheng Yuandong poured himself some new tea calmly and said, “Feel free to guess all you want, but I don’t think you’ll get it right.”

“Looks like Kun Lun has also built its own data fortress, so you’re certain that I can’t track you down.” He Jinqiu unbuttoned the first button of his shirt and adjusted his sitting posture to be more casual.

“It is not easy to build a data fortress as large as Jiu Zhou’s, but a small data fortress is not particularly difficult.” Zheng Yuandong said calmly, “As Roaming King said, is anyone really stupid enough to join a group chat without building a data fortress?”

“There sure is one in Chat 1,” He Jinqiu said with a smile, “It’s that ‘Little Duckling’.”

Qing Chen was indeed correct on this. In the entire group chat of more than 20 people, Nan Gengchen was the only idiot who got in.

This surprised Zheng Yuandong. After all, the Duckling had given a lot of useful information and even accurately named the Devil Post Stamp’s owner.

Zheng Yuandong had been considering the user to be a hidden master.

He didn’t know that this ‘Duckling’ was Nan Gengchen.

He Jinqiu said with a smile, “It might be that he is arrogant, or perhaps it was a careless mistake. Chat 1 is full of people who I suspect are important, so everyone is more cautious, but in fact, in other group chats, there are quite a lot of idiots around. Someone in Chat 9 said he could introduce people to rich ladies, and several people believed him.”

Zheng Yuandong: “…”

He Jinqiu said with a smile, “Bringing it back to the past, now that Jiu Zhou has a group chat, it can be said that Jiu Zhou’s intelligence in all aspects has far surpassed that of Kun Lun. How about let’s merge the two organizations and make an even bigger impact?”

“Don’t be so hasty,” Zheng Yuandong put the teacup back on the table.

The next moment, Lu Yuan walked in from outside, followed by more than a dozen Kun Lun members and several young men and women in civilian clothes.

These young people were surrounded by Kun Lun members and seemed to be escorted here.

Zheng Yuandong said calmly, “Boss He likes to have a lot of followers when going out. How could he enter Luo City alone? With something as big as looting the shadow candidates, how could it be possible without helpers? These children sneaked into Luo City recently and are all from Jiu Zhou. Please, Boss He, take good care of them and make sure they don’t cause any trouble in Luo City.”

  • 1Here, the “house” refers to a traditional Chinese-style house. It usually consists of several buildings, one or two stories tall, surrounding a courtyard.