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Chapter 2981 The Title Pill Sovereign

“So Lord Brahma is someone from the flame domain’s Indra human race. His original name is unknown, and he paid worship to the Pill Sovereign in his youth, becoming the Pill Sovereign’s second disciple. He focused on cultivating flame arts, and when the Pill Sovereign taught him the Nirvana Scripture, he changed his name, calling himself Brahma.”

“Fallen Daynight is a descendant from the dark domain’s Divine Forger race. Possessing a timeless bloodline, he was the third disciple of the Pill Sovereign and focused on forging divine furnaces capable of merging heaven and earth, and all Daos in between.”

After three days in the Divine Scripture Pavilion, Long Chen had gone through countless tomes and finally found some information regarding Lord Brahma and Fallen Daynight.

“Pill Sovereign.”

Long Chen’s heart leaped. Previously, he had thought that his Pill Sovereign memories came from a Sovereign-level expert from the Martial Heaven Continent. But now he found that this wasn’t the case.

The Martial Heaven Continent had produced Pill Sovereigns before. However, they were only called Pill Sovereigns because their Pill Dao had reached the level of receiving recognition from the very world itself, resulting in the divine radiance of the Heavenly Daos blessing them.

A Pill Sovereign was not a Sovereign in the thirteenth Heavenstage of Heaven Merging, but someone whose Pill Dao had reached such a height that they were crowned a blessing from Heavenly Daos. That blessing was later called the Pill Sovereign’s Divine Radiance. Also, a Pill Sovereign could not be compared to a Sovereign, but the meaning behind their titles was the same. It meant to have reached the pinnacle of the world, something that could not be surpassed.

However, in the immortal world containing the nine heavens and ten lands, only one person was bestowed the title of Pill Sovereign. No one knew who this person was, or whether they were a man or woman. They were simply called the Pill Sovereign because they were the master of the Pill Dao, its creator.

There was no record of the Pill Sovereign within the tomes of the inner academy. Whoever they were, they were real yet seemingly ephemeral. They were a mysterious existence.

“Do my Pill Sovereign memories come from this person? Is this why I detest Brahma and Fallen Daynight? That monster in the Heaven Dragon Flame Region back then cursed Brahma for being a bastard who betrayed his master. But there’s nothing about him betraying the Pill Sovereign in these texts.”

After that, Long Chen spent a full three days scouring the historical texts without sleep. He used his endless Spiritual Strength to read everything here.

However, the information he found was pitifully lacking. Even after absorbing so much knowledge, he only gained this little bit of information.

But even this little bit was enough for Long Chen to gain some new understanding of his Pill Sovereign memories.

It was said that the Pill Sovereign had accepted four disciples in their lifetime. Brahma was the second disciple, and Fallen Daynight was the third disciple. But no one knew who the first and final disciples were.

In addition, Long Chen had also learned about nine star heirs. They were recorded as seeds of vengeance.

Legend was that millions and millions of years ago, an apocalyptic battle was fought, and the nine heavens almost collapsed. At that time, a certain peerless expert fell, and just before death, this person swore to spread the seeds of vengeance throughout every corner of the nine heavens and ten lands.

One day, his heir suddenly appeared for vengeance, seeking to slaughter the ten planar worlds, using fresh blood to dye the nine heavens red and opening a new epoch to the nine heavens and ten lands.

And from that moment on, the terrifying nine star heirs appeared in this world, seeking vengeance. They were terrifying existences wishing to topple the nine heavens and ten lands.

They were incredibly powerful and arrogant. Throughout these millions and millions of years, countless nine star heirs had created countless miracles and left behind legends.

However, they all ultimately died with a brilliant burst of life. Before they fully grew, they were wiped out by other experts.

A few nine star heirs grew up to slaughter countless lifeforms, causing huge waves throughout the nine heavens and ten lands. Regretfully, even those powerful nine star heirs met calamitous ends.

However, the records only mentioned some matters related to the nine star heirs. The details of why they were cut down so quickly weren’t mentioned.

Even so, there was a note saying that the Nine Underworld Hall was built specifically to hunt down nine star heirs. The leader was a mysterious existence from the Nine Underworld Hell. It was said that no one alive had ever seen him, because those that did see him died.

It was also rumored that this person had once been defeated by a certain person. That person was the Dark Sect’s master, the Night Empress, Ye Wusheng.

The two of them were said to be the nine heavens and ten lands’ two strongest assassins. They were existences that made countless experts quiver in fear. Just like the Nine Underworld Hall’s master, no one had ever seen the Night Empress’s true face either.

Although the Bloodkill Hall’s master, Enpuda, was also a terrifying assassin, whether it was fame, aptitude, or true power, he couldn’t compare to the two of them.

The Dark Sect was extremely low-key. Supposedly, they had very few disciples, but every single one of them would cause huge waves whenever they appeared.

On the contrary, the Nine Underworld Hall was spread throughout every corner of the nine heavens and ten lands. They specialized in gathering information and hunting down nine star heirs while they were still in the cradle.

Other than the nine underworld hunters, nine star heirs also drew other killers, such as those from the Bloodkill Hall. As long as it was a matter of money, they didn’t have any principles.

The most interesting thing between them was that the Dark Sect’s disciples rarely assassinated ordinary people. Their targets were usually powerful assassins of the Nine Underworld Hall and the Bloodkill Hall. Moreover, it was said that the disciple trials of the Dark Sect were based on the heads of those two halls.

This had continued for countless years. Perhaps because the Bloodkill Hall and Nine Underworld Hall had countless disciples, they didn’t seem to care. Of course, the other possibility was that there was nothing they could do to stop this. In any case, Long Chen saw that there had never been a recorded case of the Bloodkill Hall or the Nine Underworld Hall hunting down the Dark Sect, showing that the latter was an incredibly powerful existence.

He also saw some information on the Corpse Devil Demon Forest, one of the great danger regions of the immortal world. No lifeforms dared to get near it. Long Chen instantly thought of Liu Ruyan because she was from there.

However, the Corpse Devil Demon Forest was not in the Heavenly Swell Domain that Long Chen was in, so he had no way of joining with her. But he had a feeling that Chu Yao was with her. If they were together, then Liu Ruyan would definitely bring Chu Yao to the Corpse Devil Demon Forest because that was the only place where she could obtain her full inheritance.

In the past three days, Long Chen’s head was filled with an ocean of information. Even with his almost limitless Spiritual Strength, he had a splitting headache.

However, all this information was worth it. There was still more that he needed to slowly digest.

Then Long Chen randomly found a place to sleep. After six hours, his headache was gone.

After finishing up the history section, he moved onto the lightning secret arts. This time, he was planning on properly learning some lightning attribute divine abilities. It felt like Lei Long’s power hadn’t been properly used in many years now.

“Long Chen, you bastard!” Long Chen had just entered the lightning attribute section when he heard a woman’s furious shout.