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Chapter 2982 Luo Ning Injured

Long Chen turned his head to see an almond-eyed woman glaring at him furiously.

This pavilion was originally very quiet, so her shout drew quite a bit of attention. When the other disciples saw Long Chen and that woman, they were confused.

“What is wrong with you? Why are you cursing people?” asked Long Chen with a frown.

“You blasphemed our leader in the devil domain battlefield. Our leader might not quibble with you, but that doesn’t mean that we forgive you. We will not permit you to blaspheme our most respected leader. I challenge you right here and now. Do you dare to accept?” she said coldly.

This woman was of average build and looks, but there was a light flickering in her hand from lightning runes. It seemed that she was a rarely seen lightning cultivator.

Quite a bit of gossip began to flow between the disciples in the pavilion. “Someone from the Heaven Female Alliance is actually challenging Long Chen to a fight? From what she said, Long Chen dared to insult fairy Shishi? He has guts.”

“This fellow has just entered the inner academy, and he already made enemies all around. Now, he’s even offended the Heaven Female Alliance. It’ll be difficult for him to live in the inner academy like this.”

“Yue Qingqing is rank seventy-three on the Earth rankings. With her thunderforce, she is extremely powerful. Long Chen probably won’t be able to last more than ten exchanges against her.”

“What an unlucky fellow. He could have offended anyone, but he just had to offend the Heaven Female Alliance. Has he not heard that women are petty-”

That last speaker’s mouth was instantly clamped down by someone beside him, who scolded him quietly. “If you want to die, can you not implicate everyone in your guild?”

However, some people also thought about it from Long Chen’s viewpoint. “Long Chen’s in a tough spot now. Even if he wins, people will say that he only beat a woman. If he loses, it’ll be even more embarrassing.”

As the disciples quietly conversed, the majority looked at Long Chen with expressions of finding joy in his misfortune.

As for Long Chen himself, he was speechless in the face of her challenge. Had he not just teased Bai Shishi with a few words? There was no such immense enmity between them, at least not one requiring fighting, no?

Long Chen waved his hand. “I can’t beat you. You win.”

After saying that, Long Chen picked up a lightning tome and flipped through it. In any case, he didn’t need to spend money, so no matter if the books were useful to him or not, he would read them.

That Yue Qingqing was further incensed by Long Chen’s indifference toward her. “Long Chen, are you even a man?”

Long Chen laughed and glanced at her. “What? Do you need to personally verify it?”

Quite a few people couldn’t help laughing, especially the male disciples. Their laughter was a bit perverted. Most of them didn’t feel too friendly toward newcomers, but quite a few of them felt closer to him after this. Perhaps this was a case of lechery bringing people together.

Yue Qingqing didn’t understand what he meant at first, but seeing those perverted smiles, her face reddened. “You…”

“Alright, count me afraid of you. In truth, I was just joking that day. We’re all part of the same sect, so no need to take it so seriously. If you feel like I’ve gone too far, then I apologize. We’re all members of the same sect, so there’s no need to treat our relationship so stiffly.” Long Chen shrugged.

Long Chen truly didn’t wish to deal with these women, especially when they were so arrogant and never interacted with men, almost viewing them as monsters.

“What qualification do you have to joke with our leader? If you are really sincere, then you should go to our headquarters to humbly apologize,” said Yue Qingqing coldly.

Long Chen’s expression finally grew frosty. “Go to your headquarters and apologize? You came to take advantage, huh? My time is very precious. Anyone who dares to waste my time is viewed as my enemy. As for my enemies, they are all dead. If you’ve grown tired of living, then challenge me to a life and death match. I don’t mind using your blood as a warning to those who don’t know what respect is.”

Long Chen’s instant transformation caught everyone off guard. At this moment, it felt like the warm Divine Scripture Pavilion had become cold. Some people were shivering.

Long Chen’s anger was finally ignited. He had endured one step, but this woman dared to push for more.

“You…!” Yue Qingqing shuddered. She didn’t want to be scared off just by this aura. But despite trying, she was unable to force any words out. It was like she was facing some merciless ancient monster.

“If you have guts, then challenge me to a life and death match. Otherwise, scram. All your ailments are the result of others indulging you. Go provoke someone else, anyone but me. I’ve killed more people than you’ve ever seen, so if you don’t want to die, get away from me,” Long Chen no longer looked at her. He continued flipping through the lightning tomes.

Hearing this, Yue Qingqing clenched his fists, her whole body quivering. It was unknown if that was from fear or anger. In the end, she stamped her foot and left.

After that, all the disciples here quietly got back to their own work. Long Chen’s killing intent just now had made them shake. They had never thought that a person’s killing intent could practically condense into solid form and take people’s lives, but when that killing intent swallowed them, it felt like a single thought from Long Chen would be able to take their lives.

Hence, no one bothered Long Chen anymore. He spent a whole day learning over seven hundred lightning cultivation arts and sixteen hundred combat techniques.

Right now, he was just swallowing everything he could and forcefully memorizing them, sealing them inside his soul. To link up with them in an instant was not possible, but he could forcibly memorize them and then digest them slowly.

After the lightning arts, he went to the flame arts. Not having to look at the prices was truly amazing. He practically couldn’t stop himself.

He was like a wolf that was almost starving to death and then tossed into a meat mountain. No matter how much he ate, it felt like he would never be full.

Moreover, these techniques were actually easier to digest than the historical tomes. He didn’t get any headache at all.

After he had flipped through all the flame element tomes, he went to the cultivation theory region. These tomes were must-reads for instructors.

Right now, Long Chen was not yet a Heaven Master. Although an exception had been made for him, he still needed to go through the examination. If he wanted to participate in the Nine Prefecture Convention, he had to first pass the academy’s exam and become a formal Heaven Master.

As for the tomes in the other areas, Long Chen decided to first slow down and absorb them bit by bit. After all, food should be consumed bite by bite.

Long Chen then spent seven days in the Divine Scripture Pavilion. On the last day, while he was still researching tomes, Mu Qingyun found him.

“Brother San, Luo Ning has been injured by someone.”