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Chapter 2983 Punitive Forces

In the headquarters of the Luo Gate, Luo Ning was deep in a coma, her face pale. Healing experts had just finished up their treatment. There was no danger to her life, but her condition was serious. She wouldn’t be waking up for a while.

All the Luo Gate’s disciples were gloomy. Killing intent blazed in their eyes.

Long Chen investigated Luo Ning’s condition. He sensed the aura of a terrifying flame energy. Although it had been erased now, the remnant energy still posed a great deal of destructive power that made her recovery more difficult. Furthermore, this remnant flame will was something that these healing experts couldn’t erase.

Long Chen pressed a hand on Luo Ning’s forehead. Luo Bing and the others saw flame fluctuations come out of her head and enter Long Chen’s body.

“It was done by the vice leader of the Heaven Melting Valley, correct?” said Long Chen, removing his hand. Her face finally recovered some rosiness, but she was still unconscious.

“Yes, it was him, Gu Zhen. I had Ning-er go buy some things in the treasury, but she ended up clashing with Gu Zhen. Under his provocation, the two of them arranged a duel, only for Ning-er to turn into this state…” Luo Bing looked at her fragile sister, aggrieved and filled with rage.

“I know him. In terms of true power, he isn’t much stronger than Luo Ning. For her injury to be so serious, was it because the other side was intentionally angering her?” asked Long Chen.

“Boss San, you are entirely correct!” said one of the Luo Gate’s disciples indignantly. “That Gu Zhen is absolute trash. When we went to the treasury, he repeatedly insulted us, saying… Well, it’s too disgusting to even repeat, but it was completely unbearable. We tried to stop senior apprentice-sister Ning-er, but you also know that when her temper erupts, we can’t stop her. We could only report it to senior apprentice-sister Bing-er, but it was too late. She had already arrived on the martial stage with Gu Zhen. Gu Zhen’s words became even more ugly on the martial stage, and senior apprentice-sister NIng-er fell for it, causing her emotions to affect her fighting power. That Gu Zhen is a complete bastard!”

“Long Chen, I’m preparing to challenge Gu Zhen. I’ll get revenge for my little sister, but I’ll also show everyone that our Luo Gate isn’t so easy to bully,” said Luo Bing.

She had made her determination beforehand. But before taking action, she wanted Long Chen’s opinion.

“He won’t accept your challenge. He isn’t a match for you, so he won’t give you that chance,” said Long Chen.

It seemed that Luo Bing was still too young. There was quite a difference between her power and Gu Zhen. If she challenged him, she would be mocked, and then Long Yanzong would come out.

At that time, they would say that the guild leaders should fight guild leaders. That was the entire principle behind kings against kings, general against generals, soldiers against soldiers. That would be falling for their trap.

At that time, as long as Long Yanzong showed himself, the tides would turn. Luo Bing would be stuck between a rock and a hard place at that time. If she didn’t accept Long Yanzong’s challenge, not only would Luo Ning’s humiliation be unavenged, they would also have to face the mocking of everyone from the Heaven Melting Valley.

If she did fight, then while she might be powerful, she was facing Long Yanzong who had reached the peak of the mid Divine Flame realm, so she had no chance of winning.

When Long Chen explained that, Luo Bing, Mu Qingyun, Li Cai, and the others’ expressions all changed. They hadn’t expected there to be a further trap to this.

“Those bastards. Are we just going to be schemed against like this?” A vein on Li Cai’s forehead throbbed angrily.

“Gather everyone. We’ll go to the Heaven Melting Valley. I told you, all schemes are meaningless in front of absolute power.” Long Chen waved his hand. All the disciples of the guilds gathered, heading furiously towards the Heaven Melting Valley.

The domineering arrival of Long Chen and the others shocked countless people, who began to discuss this and spread word. Long Chen was leading hundreds of people towards the Heaven Melting Valley. They quickly arrived at their headquarters. Long Yanzong seemed to have been waiting for them, and his disciples were already waiting at the gates.

“Hahaha, what, you wish to challenge us to a guild battle?” laughed Long Yanzong, clearly prepared to fully infuriate Long Chen.

Last time, Long Chen hadn’t let him go first in the training room, resulting in his mental state being ruined, and costing him a chance of comprehending the fourth volume of the Nirvana Scripture. He hated Long Chen to the bone as a result, but he had never found a chance for vengeance. But today, he was like a viper. When Luo Ning led people to trade in their points, he grasped his chance.

Long Chen suddenly took out a tablet. This was the Luo Gate’s guild tablet. A blood-colored mark appeared on top of it. When that mark appeared, everyone from the Heaven Melting Guild, as well as Long Yanzong, was stunned.

“The Luo Gate hereby challenges the Heaven Melting Valley to a guild blood battle. There is no rest until death. Does the Heaven Melting Valley dare to accept?” Long Chen’s voice rang out throughout this region.

The tablet on Long Yanzong’s waist quivered. Long Chen’s tablet emitted a ray of red light that connected it to Long Yanzong’s tablet.

This was an extremely cruel and bloody battle. If Long Yanzong activated his tablet, it would represent accepting the blood battle.

Every person from both guilds would be transported to a separate world where they would fight to the death. One side had to be completely killed in order for the others to leave.

Furthermore, this battlefield had a time limit. If no victor was determined within one day, the battlefield would collapse, killing everyone inside.

This was one of the bloodiest rules inside the High Firmament Academy. Countless generations of experts had brought up opposing arguments against this rule, wanting to change it. However, no changes went through. This rule remained until this day.

This kind of challenge was something no one would use unless their enmity had truly reached an unfathomable level. After all, it was gambling everyone’s lives on a bloody battle. No one dared to joke around with it.

For Long Chen to simply directly issue this challenge, the inner academy was thrown into an uproar. All the guild tablets within the inner academy buzzed, alerting people to Long Chen’s blood challenge. People rushed over to the Heaven Melting Valley.

“This person really is a madman.”

A group of dozens of women watched from a distance. Bai Shishi shook her head.

“Heavens, fairy Shishi has come!”

When she appeared, the disciples that had rushed over to watch the show exclaimed in amazement, looking towards her adoringly.