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Chapter 2985 One Sword Kills

“Long Chen, you…” Even Luo Bing was shocked. Originally, when Long Chen challenged the Heaven Melting Valley to a blood battle, she was surprised, but not afraid.

One reason was due to her confidence in Long Chen. She knew that he wouldn’t do something he wasn’t assured of. Since he dared to do it, he must have his reasons.

The other reason was that she had enough confidence in herself as well. After setting foot on the battlefield repeatedly, she had further awakened her bloodline divine abilities. As long as Long Chen could block Long Yanzong, she was sure she could defeat all the other disciples in the Heaven Melting Valley.

However, now that it was Mu Qingyun against Gu Zhen, her heart clenched. That was especially the case when life and death would be decided in only three moves.

Gu Zhen was the Heaven Melting Valley’s number two expert. He was extremely powerful. Even if Gu Zhen hadn’t used despicable means to antagonize Luo Ning, Luo Ning would have found it extremely difficult to defeat him.

Now, if Mu Qingyun couldn’t beat him in three moves, she would kill herself? That was crazy.

However, Mu Qingyun didn’t show the slightest nervousness. Her gaze was completely calm as she looked at Gu Zhen indifferently.

“As long as Gu Zhen can block three of Qingyun’s moves, she will kill herself right there and then. Then you, Long Yanzong, will get a chance to fight me, and if I can’t kill you in three moves, I will also kill myself right there and then. Are you fighting or not? Decide,” said Long Chen coldly.

For a moment, everyone was silent. The enmity between the Heaven Melting Valley and the Luo Gate had been spread to everyone, so they all felt disdain for Gu Zhen’s contemptuous means.

However, Gu Zhen was still rank fifty-seven on the Earth rankings. His power was not low. Although some people could indeed defeat him in three moves, that number of those people definitely did not surpass ten. Mu Qingyun had just joined the inner academy. For her to defeat Gu Zhen in three moves was practically a dream.

“Hahaha!” Gu Zhen suddenly laughed. “Alright, I accept your proposal. I want to see just how much ability this girl has.”

Gu Zhen was smiling widely, as if everything was within his control. He had the utmost confidence in his power.

On the other hand, Mu Qingyun didn’t say anything. She directly took out her status plate and dripped a drop of blood onto it. The runes on her status plate lit up.

Gu Zhen did the same thing. The runes from both status plates merged.

After that, the sky shuddered and a large martial stage appeared in the sky. Mu Qingyun and Gu Zhen vanished, reappearing on the stage.

“Hahaha!” Once they were on the martial stage, Gu Zhen laughed. “You really are a group of fools. You wish to defeat me in three moves? Are you dreaming? Why don’t you take a look and see what this is.”

A golden shield appeared in Gu Zhen’s hand. That shield had a strange, circular form, looking like a tortoise shell.

“Four Spirit Turtle Shell! How despicable!” Someone recognized it, and a wave of curses followed.

The Four Spirit Turtle was a rank three devil beast. It was especially strong in defense, and ordinary experts wouldn’t bother trying to attack it. They would try to bait it with poison, and that would allow them to obtain a perfect Four Spirit Turtle Shell.

Not only was the shell itself tough in and of itself, but most importantly it had a special ability. A complete and perfect shell could be activated four times to summon an absolute defense, protecting a person from all angles and drawing any attacks to the shell. It could be said to be a protective talisman and was extremely precious.

With its four activations of absolute defense, and considering that they had agreed to a three-exchange battle, it could be said that Mu Qingyun had lost before the fight even started.

However, Mu Qingyun’s expression still didn’t change. She slowly reached back for the sword on her back, grabbing the hilt expressionlessly. After that, she stood in that position like a statue.

The moment she grabbed hold of her sword, a flash of shock flickered in Bai Shishi’s eyes.

Gu Zhen disdainfully sneered, “Idiot woman, you’re just as idiotic as that woman before. This little pretty boy Long Chen didn’t just play with your bodies, but he also played with your emotions without you even being aware of it…”

Upon hearing this, the killing intent of the disciples from the Luo Gate and the Unfettered Alliance soared. His mouth was truly vicious.

“Is Long Chen so skilled in that regard? Let me tell you, you shouldn’t be so foolish. You haven’t tried out other men, so how will you know if it’s good or bad? To tell the truth, I’m very skilled in that regard, so why don’t you try me? Don’t women like playing around?” Gu Zhen became even bolder as he continued.

“Gu Zhen, shut up!” Long Yanzong’s expression changed. However, he had forgotten that the formation of the martial stage prevented those inside from hearing the people outside.

Long Yanzong’s expression completely changed when he saw killing intent appear on Bai Shishi’s face. All the Heaven Female Alliance’s disciples were clenching their weapons already. Gu Zhen’s words had offended the Heaven Female Alliance’s people as well. To infuriate Mu Qingyun, Gu Zhen held nothing back with his mouth, all without realizing that if it weren’t for the formation, he would probably have been torn apart by a group of women.

Luo Bing and the others had dark expressions. Now they knew why Luo Ning would be defeated so quickly. This person was truly despicable. Let alone Luo Ning with her temper, even the calm-headed Luo Bing couldn’t stop being infuriated by him.

Chilly killing intent appeared in Long Chen’s eyes. He suddenly felt that the High Firmament Academy might not really suit him. Although the rules could protect him, they also restricted him. He felt like he was unable to suppress his desire to kill.

“Gu Zhen, are you even a man? If it was just this dirty turtle shell, that would be one thing. But you’re actually spouting such garbage? Your ancestors have lost all their faces because of you.”

“Long Yanzong, I never thought you were a good person before, but now I feel like you aren’t even a person. Your subordinates are this kind of trash? You also can’t be much better.”

Curses erupted, and those curses included Long Yanzong. His expression sank, but he couldn’t say anything. How could his one mouth beat so many mouths?

“What? Little girl, are you shaking? Did I draw out your desire with just a few words? Hahaha, big brother will take care of you.” Gu Zhen grew even more pleased when he saw Mu Qingyun begin to shake.

“Long Chen…” Luo Bing instantly grew nervous.

“That’s alright. Mu Qingyun isn’t listening to him. I already told her to close off her ears,” said Long Chen.

Although Mu Qingyun was quivering, her gaze was calm. As her body shook, the entire martial stage also began to shake. Its tempo was the exact same as Mu Qingyun’s.

Gu Zhen’s smile froze. He suddenly found that he was locked down by some incomparable will.

Just at this moment, her sword came out of its sheath, and it was like a dragon cry. Brilliant sword-light tore through the air.

When the sword-light fell, the Four Spirit Turtle Shell along with Gu Zhen were wiped out of existence. The Sword Qi continued to pierce through the entire formation and destroy the martial stage as well.

The only remainder of Gu Zhen’s existence was a burst of blood mist and some broken runes.

“One move…”