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Chapter 2987 Polite Words

“This fellow is truly arrogant.”

Watching Long Chen leave, one of the Heaven Female Alliance’s disciples spoke up.

“He even scared senior apprentice-sister Qingqing. It seems that he doesn’t care about our Heaven Female Alliance,” snorted another disciple.

Yue Qingqing had provoked Long Chen in the Divine Scripture Pavilion. After Long Chen had conceded, she pressed him for more, infuriating him.

As a result, she was scared away by him, causing the Heaven Female Alliance’s disciples to think that Long Chen was provoking them. Today, without even having to personally do anything, Long Chen had managed to suppress the third rank guild. Hence, they were displeased.

“Hmph, young master Changchuan hasn’t been in the inner academy for a long time. If he was here, considering how domineering he is, Long Chen would definitely be put in his place.”

“Alright, don’t talk behind people’s backs. We’re leaving.” Bai Shishi frowned. She clearly disliked this kind of behind-the-back gossip.

That frown caused all those disciples to shut their mouths. Without another word, they followed Bai Shishi away.

The rest of the disciples present also scattered. The news of Mu Qingyun killing Gu Zhen in one move rapidly spread.

A disciple that had just joined the inner academy had killed rank fifty-seven on the Earth rankings, someone who had experienced countless challenges and whose ranking had never dropped outside of the sixties once he got there.

Although Gu Zhen’s mouth was hateful, people had no choice but to admit that his power was not fake. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have become Heaven Melting Valley’s vice leader.

Mu Qingyun’s fame soared. Countless people memorized this name. Furthermore, after killing Gu Zhen, she naturally took his ranking, becoming rank fifty-seven.

However, in comparison to that battle, people had been anticipating Long Chen and Long Yanzong’s battle more. Long Chen’s fame had spread after his battle with Chu Kuang.

Even so, after entering the inner academy, while he caused some small waves, he seemed to be low-key. No real giant battles had erupted.

Hence, people were growing more and more curious as to his power. Just what gave him the confidence to challenge the rank three Heaven Melting Guild to a blood battle with only a group of newcomers?

Regretfully, they didn’t get to see Long Chen fight this time, so many people thought that this was just empty bravado and that he only used Mu Qingyun’s power to carry out an amazing act. Only a minority believed that Long Chen actually had such confidence, and that a person like him wouldn’t just be showing off and using other people’s lives as a joke.

All kinds of discussions and guesses spread throughout the inner academy. This had truly shaken people. Long Chen was truly a madman who would gamble lives without batting an eye.

That made some people look down on him slightly. However, those that wanted to test him gradually abandoned that thought. Long Chen didn’t even care about Long Yanzong. If they dared to antagonize him, the consequences would be unthinkable.

That was precisely Long Chen’s goal, to scare away fools who had nothing better to do. He couldn’t let them waste his precious time.

By the time everyone returned to the Luo Gate’s headquarters, Luo Ning had woken up, but she was still extremely weak. When she learned that Mu Qingyun had killed Gu Zhen, she didn’t show much emotion.

Long Chen then gave everyone a look to leave, resulting in him being alone with Luo Ning.

Seeing him smile, Luo Ning angrily said, “What are you smiling out? Are you laughing at me?!” Luo Ning’s eyes reddened. She hastily turned away, holding back tears.

“No, I’m not laughing at you. I just found that I really do like you,” said Long Chen.

“Scram over there!” Luo Ning blushed.

“Don’t misunderstand, I’m just saying that I like your character.” Long Chen raised his hands innocently.

“Stop it. You already look down on me, and I…” Luo Ning couldn’t endure any longer. Covering her face with her hands, she wept.

Luo Ning was a stubborn person, and after being humiliated by others this time, rather than getting vengeance, she only drew more humiliation upon herself and ended up seriously injured. Only she knew just how terrible she felt inside. No matter how tough she appeared on the outside, her inner heart couldn’t endure this impact.

Long Chen then took out a chair and sat, simply sitting guard over her without saying anything.

After crying, Luo Ning had vented a little bit. Seeing Long Chen just looking at her, another wave of vexation washed over her.

“Do you feel very foolish?” asked Long Chen calmly.

“Did I ask for you to care?!” Luo Ning raged.

“Why would I have to? You’re the same as me. We’re both very foolish, and often do foolish things,” said Long Chen with a smile.

“Who would believe you? You’re like a wily old fox. I’m just an idiot who doesn’t have brains or martial power…”

“At least you see yourself clearly…”

A teapot flew over and Long Chen ducked, causing it to smash into pieces on the wall.

“Are you trying to pick a fight with me?!” raged Luo Ning.

“Don’t think of others so badly. I came to advise you…”

“You came to advise me to just kill myself?!”

Long Chen almost laughed. He then put away his smile and solemnly said, “I really have no intention of mocking you. I often do foolish things as well, and I swear to the heavens that what I’m saying is the truth.”

“You do foolish things when you’re so smart? I don’t believe you.” Luo Ning looked at him doubtingly.

“Doing stupid things has nothing to do with someone’s smarts. It has to do with character. As for character, it is something difficult to change. For example, if I was the one in your position, I would have made the same choice as you. In fact, with my temper, I might have directly killed him before the martial stage was opened,” said Long Chen.

Hearing that, Luo Ning’s expression softened. Long Chen then continued, “An elder that I greatly respected once told me that people who do stupid things might not grow up to be amazing, but those who don’t dare to do foolish things definitely won’t have any future prospects. If a person could maintain their reasoning and rationality for everything, then they wouldn’t even be human. Having lost the Human Dao, how could you cultivate the Heavenly Daos?”

These were words that the old man had often told the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples. What was worrisome was not someone who caused trouble, but someone who didn’t dare to cause trouble.

At first, Long Chen hadn’t cared too much about these words. However, after all these years, he understood just how right the old man was. Looking back, he had been all too right.

“You know how to advise people.” Luo Ning suddenly smiled, feeling like the crushing weight on her had lightened a great deal.

“It’s not advice but facts. You think I’m smart because you haven’t seen me when I’m stupid. But every person has done foolish things. For example, what’s wrong with your Luo family’s head to suddenly order that women in the family can’t marry outsiders? Isn’t that nonsense?” Long Chen spoke casually, but there was a glint in his eyes.