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Chapter 2988 Immortal King Zichuan

Luo Ning suddenly shushed Long Chen, glaring at him. She whispered, “There are so many disciples of the Luo family here. If they hear you say this, they’ll instantly turn hostile.”

“It’s fine, I’m just talking to you. It’s just the two of us, and we’re not outsiders. I’m curious why your Luo family would suddenly make such a rule. Did something provoke your family head?” asked Long Chen.

Luo Ning hesitated. Looking around, she finally whispered, “I can tell you, but you can’t tell anyone, especially not my big sister.”

Long Chen’s eyes brightened. His heart began to beat faster, and he nodded. “I swear on the heavens to keep this secret. If I betray this oath, let me be struck by five colored lightning.”

This oath was meaningless to Long Chen. The heavens often struck him with the five colored lightning anyway.

“Fine. Our family head is the most outstanding expert to appear in the past tens of thousands of years in our Luo family…”

As Long Chen expected, Luo Ning’s heart was pure. She had no schemes and couldn’t keep secrets. As soon as he asked, she was like a sieve leaking everything.

The current head of the Luo family was Luo Zichuan, and he became an Immortal King at the age of forty. He had spent his life fighting, wiping away any threats to the Luo family. It could be said that other than the first generation family head, he had contributed the most to the Luo family in all the family’s history.

Although the Luo family’s history was long, by the time it reached Luo Zichuan’s era, they had started to shake. They were surrounded by enemies and crises.

The Luo family had been made the target by many enemies. What they revealed on the outside was just to scare others, but in truth, one big battle and they would have been seen through and would have collapsed.

The various large powers around them had been intimidated by them. They eyed them like tigers watching their prey, but they also didn’t dare to make any rash moves. They just quietly suppressed the Luo family.

When Luo Zichuan was a youth, the Luo family fell into crisis. The various large powers around them seemed to have seen through their weakness and began to devour the Luo family’s territory and business.

The Luo family could not resist them all. They began retreating while going around asking for aid. However, when a nation was weak, its allies fled. The Luo family’s old allies and supporters didn’t help. Instead, they joined with their enemies.

Doing their best to fight back, the Luo family was losing countless disciples every year. It was in this kind of environment that Luo Zichuan grew up.

At ten years old, he already stepped on the battlefield. After narrowly escaping death countless times, he activated his ancestral bloodline, and it was said that his bloodline underwent a change due to some opportunity.

He then spent thirty years fighting all sides, ripping out those forces that dared to invade the Luo family’s territory and wiping them out.

During these thirty years, rivers of blood flowed. Countless powers asked for peace, but Luo Zichuan ignored them, instead removing them by their roots.

Some powerful forces also threatened them for this, but Luo Zichuan refused to submit. He directly said that starting in his generation, the Luo family would die standing. They would not live kneeling.

Anyone who interfered was viewed as the Luo family’s mortal enemy. Unless they could wipe out the entire Luo family, then as long as there was a single living member of the Luo family, they would fight back generation after generation.

This kind of toughness offended many powers, but in the end, those powers were unable to stop the Luo family’s vengeance. The Luo family experts wreaked havoc on those that had devoured their territory and businesses. After reclaiming all they had lost, the Luo family reached an unprecedented level of power.

Luo Zichuan’s life of battle had raised his extremely stubborn character. Hence, the rules that he set down were viewed solemnly by the entire Luo family, with no one daring to resist. The teachings in the Luo family were extremely strict.

Luo Zichuan had three wives but only had two sons and one daughter. Furthermore, they were all from one mother.

Luo Zichuan raised his children even more strictly, with high standards for them. It had to be known that Luo Zichuan only married and had children after reaching the Immortal King realm. Thus, his children were shockingly talented, especially his daughter Luo Ningshuang. Her talent was even greater than her two older brothers, and she was definitely qualified to reach the Immortal King realm as well.

This daughter of his was particularly cherished and loved, but he was also particularly strict with her.

Furthermore, this daughter of his had not just inherited her father’s strong points. She had also inherited his stubbornness. In the face of her strict father, she often contradicted him and didn’t submit despite many punishments.

There were many times when Immortal King Zichuan shook from rage because of her. At some point, it was said that father and daughter fought, and then Luo Ningshuang suddenly vanished.

Apparently, she had stolen one of Immortal King Zichuan’s Lower World Talismans, going down to the lower plane for adventures with another group of disciples from the immortal world.

Immortal King Zichuan’s anger was thunderous. He directly gave the order to pursue her, but once in the lower plane, that group split up, every person going in their own direction, so no one knew where she went.

Just like that, over twenty years passed. One day, Luo Ningshuang suddenly returned. Even after all these years apart, when father and daughter met once more, an even worse fight erupted.

When he learned that Luo Ningshuang had married and had a child in the lower world, Immortal King Zichuan was enraged. By having a child so early, Luo Ningshuang had wasted her immense talent.

It had to be known that people would only start having children when their cultivation bases had reached the limit. The greater the cultivation bases of the parents, the greater the talent of their children.

However, the higher their cultivation bases, the more the Heavenly Daos would restrict them, making it more difficult for them to have children. Thus, some experts could be married for thousands of years without having a child.

When he learned that she had had children so easily, Immortal King Zichuan was so enraged that he directly ordered for her to be tossed into the land of bitter cold, saying that she could crawl out alive from there or simply die.

“That bastard…” Long Chen clenched his fists when he heard this. His mother was actually treated like a criminal.

He listened as Luo Ning continued her story. Luo Ningshuang was tossed into the land of bitter cold, but unexpectedly, she came out on her own.

Not only that, but she also cultivated a body of ice energy and even subdued the overlord of that land, the Ice Frost Spirit Dragon, turning it into her steed.

After coming out, the first thing she did was go to the Chu family. A torrent of blood then baptized three of the strongholds of the Chu family. Millions of their disciples were killed.

However, she also ended up disturbing the Chu family’s experts. Ultimately, one dragon and one person slaughtered their way out of the Chu family’s encirclement, leaving a bloody path behind them.

It was said that she was seriously injured after that battle and was hunted down by the Chu family. However, her spirit dragon was too fast, and her pursuers couldn’t catch up to her. She then vanished, and no word had emerged about her in over twenty years.

Some people said that they had seen her in other domains or that she had created her own power, but Luo Ning was unaware of those details.

Ever since the matter of Luo Ningshuang, Immortal King Zichuan gave the order that all the women of the Luo family had to stay within the family and were not permitted to marry outside. No one knew what he was thinking.

“Do you know what domain she’s in now?” asked Long Chen, doing his best to remain calm, but failing to keep his voice from quivering slightly.

“I don’t know, but the elders in the family should be aware of it,” said Luo Ning.

Long Chen clenched his fists. His mother didn’t know if he was even alive. She was definitely tormented every day. He had to grow up quickly.

Just at this moment, a knocking came from the door, and Luo Bing walked back in. Seeing that Luo Ning seemed lively, she sighed with relief.

“The inner academy’s disciples are starting to gather. It seems that they have something important to announce. We should hurry over.”