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Long Chen was dumbfounded. This youngster might be young, but his talent was astonishing. He already possessed such power at such an age. Even Long Chen was amazed by his talent, but he hadn’t expected this little fellow to truly call him boss, and so formally at that.

“Don’t joke around. With your talent, any Heaven Master would be able to give you pointers to make your combat power soar. Your future prospects are limitless. Calling me boss would be a waste of your talent.” Long Chen waved his hand dismissively.

“I, Bai Xiaole, keep my word. After gambling and losing, how can I renege?” raged Bai Xiaole.

“Up to you.” Long Chen shook his head and continued walking toward Luo Bing and the others.

Seeing Long Chen not refuse, Bai Xiaole stood up and followed him.

“What are you following me for?” Long Chen frowned.

“Since I’m boss’s little brother, I naturally have to follow boss.” Bai Xiaole chortled, but that chortle was not a completely innocent one in Long Chen’s ears.

“Wait a moment. You said that you are Bai Xiaole?” asked Long Chen.


“Then Bai Shishi is…”

“She’s my big sister.”

“A flesh and blood sister?” asked Long Chen in shock.

“Of course, otherwise wouldn’t she have beaten me to death just now?” said Bai Xiaole.

“Your big sister is so powerful. Why not go with her? Why take me as your boss?” asked Long Chen.

“Tch, how am I supposed to follow a woman? Hehe, boss, I might not be powerful, but I possess an innate spatial talent and can sense a person’s strengths and weaknesses. In this regard, my sister is inferior to me. I know that you are extremely powerful, so being your little brother is definitely right for me,” said Bai Xiaole. Despite being a grown-up, his face still retained a childish youth, making it seem like he was a child that hadn’t grown up.

“With such talent, and considering that the dean is your grandfather, why be someone else’s little brother?”

“Boss, you must not know. This story is rather long. Please just finish arranging things here, and I’ll explain it to you later,” said Bai Xiaole somewhat helplessly.

To have gained such a little brother, Long Chen felt a bit uncomfortable. He said, “I, Long Chen, do not easily accept little brothers. Those who can call me boss are true experts. We will discuss this later.”

“I don’t care if you accept me or not. I will definitely call you boss!” declared Bai Xiaole stubbornly.

Long Chen shook his head. It seemed that this fellow had something wrong with his head. Ignoring him, Long Chen discussed numbers with Luo Bing and Mu Qingyun.

The two of them knew a bit more about the Jialin Immortal Land. It was extremely dangerous. They had to face human opponents, and that was the most terrifying thing.

After a discussion, they ultimately decided that three hundred members of the Unfettered Alliance and one hundred members of the Luo Gate would attend.

Those who could enter the Jialin Immortal Land had to possess power, intelligence, and the ability to adapt rapidly to multiple possible changes. It was a comprehensive test. Just martial power alone wasn’t enough, and a person’s survivability was the most important here, so they needed to select people very carefully.

The disciples that weren’t picked were disappointed, but they all believed in Long Chen’s vision. If they were to join them, there was a high chance that they would die inside.

Even those that were specially picked had no guarantee of survival. It was still fifty-fifty. In other words, half the people going in were very possibly never going to return. There was nothing to envy about them.

However, while the Unfettered Alliance and the Luo Gate were rather conservative, the other guilds didn’t have such reservations. Anyone that wanted to could register. They didn’t limit them at all.

After registering, those people picked a Heaven Master for a quick personal lesson. However, since Luo Bing and the others had Long Chen, they had no need for such a thing.

After that, people quickly returned to their own residences, waiting for the news to move out. The academy had sent word that they would be moving out three days from now, but the exact time had yet to be confirmed.

Bai Xiaole then followed Long Chen back to the Luo Gate. Luo Bing, Mu Qingyun, and the others felt like he was a shadow tagging along Long Chen, and they felt it to be a bit comical.

Zhong Ling laughed, “Bai Xiaole. That name doesn’t sound domineering at all.”

“My mom gave me that name, saying that she wanted me to live happily. The ‘Xiao’ is to keep me humble. Hmph, what a rotten name,” said Bai Xiaole irritably.[1]

That appearance of his made Zhong Ling and the others laugh. He truly was just like a large child. In fact, he felt particularly pure and simple.

“Your name is very good. Only by recognizing the areas that you’re lacking will you know what respect is. Those who know what respect is also know what gratitude is,” said Luo Bing.

“Exactly. Brother San’s name has a Chen[2] in it. No matter how small you are, you can’t be smaller than a speck of dust,” comforted Zhong Ling.

“That’s right!” Bai Xiaole’s eyes brightened. It was as if he no longer felt so tied down by his name, leaving people speechless. This little fellow really was simple.

“Xiaole, why are your sleeves broken? Was it from brother San’s beating?” asked Zhong Ling suddenly, pointing at his sleeve.

“Ah, that? No, it was from a fight with someone else beforehand.” Bai Xiaole looked and shook his head.

“You fought with someone else beforehand?” asked Zhong Ling.

“Yup. I heard that the Qi Gate had some genius who cultivated the Plum Blossom Divination Art. I wanted to find him for his divination skill, but he was so arrogant, saying who did I think I was to ask for his help. Then we started fighting. However, he was incredibly shameless, using his cultivation base to suppress me. He’s a Four Peak expert, so I naturally couldn’t beat him. I had to run,” said Bai Xiaole irritably.

Zhong Ling and Zhong Xiu simply stared at him for a moment before bursting into laughter.

Long Chen stared at him. His intuition told him that Bai Xiaole didn’t know how to lie. Then that meant that he was telling the truth. But if that was the case, this Bai Xiaole’s head was definitely not screwed on right.

Bai Xiaole didn’t even understand why they were laughing at him. Thinking that they were laughing because he couldn’t beat that person, he got angry and was about to speak when Long Chen said, “Xiaole, let me look into your eyes.”

Bai Xiaole was confused. He opened his eyes wide for Long Chen to look. After a moment, Long Chen sucked in a cold gasp of air.

“It’s the legendary Three Flower Pupil. When the three flowers converge, the six Daos are expelled, ghosts sob, gods weep. Isn’t your talent too strong?”

“But when my mom was pregnant with me, her core was injured, resulting in my Three Flower Pupils being inherently weak. Even my grandpa had no way of fixing it. I’ll never be able to activate the Three Flower Pupils in this lifetime. Otherwise, my big sister wouldn’t be able to look down on me and treat me like I’m trash,” said Bai Xiaole sadly.

“If it’s inherently weak, it can be strengthened through other means. Perhaps… I might be able to help you.” Long Chen suddenly had a thought. Bai Xiaole’s Three Flower Pupils made him think of his own Purgatory Eyes. Perhaps he could borrow the method of the Three Flower Pupils to unleash his Purgatory Eyes.

[1] Bai=white. Xiao=little. Le=happy.

[2] Chen=dust.