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Chapter 2996 Vicious Killing

Long Chen’s flying boat had originally been surrounded and forced into a passive position. However, Long Chen struck against the Heaven Melting Valley first.

Luo Bing, Luo Ning, and the others didn’t even have a chance to react before Long Chen attacked. He had given them no warning.

And by the time they reacted, they saw Long Chen already covered in flames and surrounded by runes. Ten thousand flame swords bloomed like a lotus and slashed at Long Yanzong.

“Long Chen, today is the day of your death!”

Long Yanzong was furious. Just now, if it wasn’t for his divine flame protection, he would have died. Long Chen was too vicious.

In the face of Long Chen’s attack, Long Yanzong formed hand seals, and sacred chanting rang out. His flames soared.

As his flames rose, a giant flame beast appeared inside, and it made the world shudder. It then opened its mouth wide and swallowed Long Chen. Even space shuddered as if it was being devoured. This was a terrifying magical art.


That flame beast’s head suddenly exploded and ten thousand flame swords shot out. This flame beast was unable to endure a single blow from Long Chen’s Heaven Shaking Swords.

When his flame beast exploded, Long Yanzong coughed up a mouthful of blood. That was his life spirit beast. Although he hadn’t fully raised it, its power was still astonishing. It was one of his strongest killing moves.

However, Long Chen’s flame swords were incomparably sharp, not only piercing through his flame runes but also his beast. His spirit beast’s soul was suppressed.

It had to be said that Long Yanzong was very unlucky. His flame spirit beast was a merger between the spirit of fire and a devil beast’s spirit. It was something almost indestructible, capable of freely changing form. As long as the main body didn’t die, the flame spirit beast wouldn’t die either.

However, coincidentally, Long Chen’s Heaven Shaking Swords were made from the devil crystal of the Explosive Flame Devil Crocodile. It contained the spiritual pressure of that Devil Crocodile, which happened to suppress Long Yanzong’s spirit beast. That was why his flame spirit beast was unable to bear a single blow.

The destruction of his flame spirit beast caused Long Yanzong to feel like his head was being split open. He vaguely sensed Long Chen rushing over at him, and he hastily summoned a flame shield. But that flame shield had just formed when Long Chen’s fist blasted it apart.

Continuing onward, Long Chen’s fist struck Long Yanzong in the chest.


Long Yanzong’s body exploded and turned into a blood mist. This explosion of red was the final brilliance of Long Yanzong’s life.

“Long Yanzong… died.”

Luo Bing and Luo Ning couldn’t believe their eyes. The third rank expert had been killed just like that? It was too fast, so fast that it ended before it even started.

Just as Long Chen struck Long Yanzong, he was surrounded by over ten figures. Those were the top experts of the various guilds. Five of them were even the heads of their guilds.

Originally, they had come to help Long Yanzong prevent Long Chen from running. In their eyes, Long Chen would definitely die against Long Yanzong without their interference.

Hence, they had never expected that the terrifying Long Yanzong would be killed with a single punch without even having a chance to unleash his true power.

“Using the Nirvana Scripture in front of me?” Long Chen sneered. If Long Yanzong had used a different technique, it would have been more difficult to kill him. However, the Nirvana Scripture was something etched deep in Long Chen’s bones, so the flame energy that Long Yanzong had summoned with the Nirvana Scripture could be easily controlled by Long Chen.

That flame beast was not made purely of the power of the Nirvana Scripture, so it required some effort to destroy.

However, the flame shield that Long Yanzong had summoned at the end was entirely composed of flame energy from the Nirvana Scripture, so Long Chen’s punch blasted through it without any resistance. Long Yanzong’s flames had even ended up assisting Long Chen’s punch.

Long Yanzong didn’t even understand how he died. He probably still had many powerful techniques up his sleeve, but regretfully, he would never have a chance to use them in the future.

At this moment, Long Chen suddenly reached out and clawed the space behind him, his voice like thunder. “Get out here!”

A flame claw appeared in the air, tearing the space and revealing a figure.

This figure was originally hidden within the void but was exposed by Long Chen’s claw. Everyone was shocked. None of them realized there was someone hidden there. This figure’s concealing arts were truly terrifying.

Just at this moment, an arrow silently appeared, shooting straight for Long Chen’s head.

The arrow truly did pierce through a head, which then exploded. But that head wasn’t Long Chen’s. It was a human shield he had dragged out of space.

“The dogs of the Bloodkill Hall are getting worse and worse. With such little ability, you still dare to try to kill people?”

Long Chen sneered and tossed away the headless corpse in his hand. He sneered toward a distant location.

In the distance, behind a large tree, a pair of sharp eagle-like eyes could be seen through the green leaves. The sharp eyes looked completely shocked.

His sneak attack arrow had been the preparation for Shadow to kill Long Chen, but unexpectedly, Shadow, whose concealing arts had never failed, was exposed by Long Chen and then killed by his arrow.

This person was one of Chu Yang’s four great killers, Eagle Eye. The one that had died to his arrow was another one of his killers, Shadow.

Long Chen had used Shadow to block Eagle Eye’s arrow. Hence, Eagle Eye suddenly felt a chill on his back. He immediately realized that something was wrong, and he hastily retreated.


However, he was one step too late. Space exploded and a dragon claw reached out, wiping Eagle Eye and the tree he hid in out of existence.

Lei Long had silently appeared, killing Eagle Eye. This terrifying assassin who had spent his life hiding in the dark and had taken the lives of countless experts was dead the moment his position was exposed.

“A group of fools with no respect. Since you wish to be Chu Yang’s dogs, you can accompany Chu Yang to hell.”

Violet lightning runes and red flame runes wove together in the air. Two dragons spun around each other.

“Double Dragon Destruction!”

Lei Long and Huo Long’s powers mixed, forming a whirlpool of death that suddenly compressed and exploded, devouring all the surrounding space. Even Chu Yang who was standing on the edge of the battlefield was devoured by it.