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Chapter 2997 Once More Seeing the Daynight Furnace

Long Chen’s attack was earth-shattering. The countless disciples of the academy who had gone ahead and in the rear stared in shock as those two dragons caused massive destruction. They didn’t even know what was happening.


Flames and lightning devoured the heavens, stunning Luo Bing, Luo Ning, and the others. Long Chen was going too fast. In just the blink of an eye, he had killed Long Yanzong, Shadow, and Eagle Eye.

Luo Bing and the others had been thinking of how to help Long Chen when he suddenly unleashed such a large move. Even they were drawn into it.

Normally, experts had to accumulate power and cause a manifestation of the Heavenly Daos to unleash such a huge move. But Long Chen’s technique came from Lei Long and Huo Long, so it could be unleashed far quicker. This was one of their most terrifying aspects. They could unleash terrifying power without any warning.

“Is this bastard trying to kill us?!” Luo Ning was pale with fright. This terrifying power covered them as well, and they didn’t have time to defend themselves. The lightning and flames would wipe them out of existence.

“Hehe, don’t worry, I’m here! Boss has long since told me to be prepared.”

Bai Xiaole snickered and had already formed hand seals. As a result, space shook and mirrors appeared, forming a spatial defense around them.

Bai Xiaole’s spatial defense was struck by the lightning and flame energies, which crashed upon like a raging tsunami. The furious sound shook people’s ears.

Cracks covered Bai Xiaole’s spatial mirror, causing him to jump in alarm. This lightning and flame energy wasn’t even targeting him, but his spatial divine art was already on the verge of collapse.

Fortunately, his barrier held. When the lightning and flame energy faded, Luo Bing and the others were shocked to see that the original space they were in was now a giant hole. A disgusting stench came from the scorched earth.

As for those experts surrounding Long Chen, they were all gone without a trace.


Suddenly, Long Chen shot out like a bolt of lightning, smashing the earth. Cracks instantly covered the land. In the distance, the ground exploded and three figures flew out.

One of those three people was Chu Yang, while the other two were unfamiliar faces. They were short like dwarves, and they both had a rune flickering on their foreheads. Those runes contained heavy earth energy, but they were now very dim. Both of them were filled with horror.

“These two should be the other two members of Chu Yang’s four killers. They seem to be earth element experts specialized in hiding underground,” said Luo Bing.

Even Chu Yang hadn’t expected Long Chen to unleash such a terrifying move. It came without any warning.

If it weren’t for those two pulling him underground at the last minute to avoid Long Chen’s Double Dragon Destruction, then he would definitely be heavily injured.

Just as the three of them popped out of the earth, a giant flame sword appeared. The terrifying heat caused heaven and earth to twist. It slashed down mercilessly.

In just a few blinks of an eye, Long Chen unleashed multiple terrifying moves. They came one after another with no pause to store up energy, giving his opponents no chance to breathe.

Chu Yang was shocked by these continuous attacks. Long Chen didn’t give him any chance to store up energy. Furthermore, Long Chen’s previous punch that forced them out of the ground had caused Chu Yang’s Blood Qi to flip inside of him, not even giving him a chance to activate his bloodline power. With his Blood Qi fluctuating so much, activating his bloodline power could very likely cause a huge injury.

At this moment, Chu Yang roared and a golden furnace appeared above his head. It actually had the exact same shape, size, and runes as the Daynight Furnace.


Long Chen’s sword slashed on the Daynight Furnace. As a result, the huge flame sword exploded, transforming into smaller flame swords as they could no longer maintain the merger.

On the other hand, the Daynight Furnace sank, and an immense power passed down through it.

Chu Yang coughed up a mouthful of blood. As for the two earth cultivators, without making a sound, they were blasted to bits by the power that passed through the Daynight Furnace. Dust to dust, earth to earth. They once more became one with the earth.

Long Chen was not surprised to see the Daynight Furnace appear at all. Lord Brahma and Fallen Daynight were two jackals of the same tribe, and their believers were connected. For Lord Brahma’s dogs to have Fallen Daynight’s things were very normal.

However, this Daynight Furnace was different from the Martial Heaven Continent’s Daynight Furnace that was in Pill Valley’s possession. This Daynight Furnace was a true Spirit item of the immortal world. Not only was it an inheritance item, but it also contained a supreme divine might.

Having summoned it so hastily, Chu Yang was unable to use any of the Daynight Furnace’s true power. But the fact that it was still able to block Long Chen’s combined ten thousand swords proved just how tough it was.

When Long Chen formed hand seals once more, the ten thousand swords merged into one and slashed toward Chu Yang, not giving the latter a chance to rest.

Just like before, the giant sword fell and Chu Yang used the Daynight Furnace to block. As a result, the giant sword split apart once again, while the Daynight Furnace was sent flying. Chu Yang then coughed up three mouthfuls of blood, and his aura became chaotic.

That attack had clearly given him a serious injury. Even with all his trump cards, Long Chen didn’t give him a chance to use them, so he finally felt a trace of fear.

With Long Chen’s immense combat experience and refined control over the tempo, he didn’t give Chu Yang any time to activate his bloodline power, faith energy, or inheritance power. Moreover, all of Chu Yang’s helpers were now dead, and no one could give him time to breathe. He would definitely die if this continued.

The ten thousand swords once more gathered. However, this time, they were clearly dimmer than before.

The Daynight Furnace possessed immense divine power, so when the swords landed on it, it resulted in an immense backlash. Hence, after two clashes, the Heaven Shaking Swords had reached their limit. They were on the verge of collapse.

If they struck the Daynight Furnace against, they would shatter and be impossible to repair. But Long Chen didn’t care.

All he knew was that with one more attack, he could definitely give Chu Yang a grave wound. He didn’t want to give him any chance to recover. Even if he lost these Heaven Shaking Swords, it didn’t matter. He could always raise another batch.

Seeing the Heaven Shaking Swords gather once more, Chu Yang clenched his teeth and suddenly crushed a jade plate.

Just as the Heaven Shaking Swords prepared to fall once more, a giant hand appeared. Long Chen’s Heaven Shaking Swords were swatted away by the hand.

“Long Chen, you little ingrate, die!”

Space twisted and a sinister-faced elder appeared, his hand reaching toward Long Chen’s throat.

“Chu Huairen!”

Luo Bing, Luo Ning, and the others cried out in shock.