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Chapter 3003 Sisters Join Forces

Due to Long Chen’s black robes, the Clear River Palace’s people were unable to confirm his status. But when the Unfettered Alliance and the Luo Gate’s archers appeared, they finally believed that he was from the High Firmament Academy.

As the archers repeatedly shot, the Clear River Palace’s disciples fell one by one. They became live targets here.

The archers that Long Chen had picked to join them on this incursion were all talented and powerful. Their arrows were sharp and merciless.

“Kill them all!” That senior apprentice-brother Yu, the one with the water-thorn, roared furiously. A bunch of archers that could only hide actually dared to sneak attack them.

The Clear River Palace’s experts blocked the arrows and charged over. As long as they could reach those archers, they would slaughter them.

It took a few sacrifices to get through the rain of arrows, but they finally reached them. Just at that moment, the other disciples of the Unfettered Alliance and the Luo Gate charged out.

Over four hundred people instantly surrounded the Clear River Palace’s experts. A bloody battle started.

The water-thorn user, senior apprentice-brother Yu, gave his orders and then charged toward Long Chen, trying to reclaim the Divine Whisker Daffodil.

However, he had barely moved when a sharp Sword Qi slashed through the air, causing him to shiver deep in his soul. He hastily focused on defending.

Sparks flew. Mu Qingyun’s figure then shook and flew back. However, senior apprentice-brother Yu’s expression completely changed. Although he had managed to block Mu Qingyun’s sword, his water-thorn was left with a rice-sized nick in it.

This water-thorn was a supremely powerful Spirit item. It was tough and flexible, hard and soft. It was able to naturally block a portion of any attack’s power. If it weren’t for this water-thorn, he also wouldn’t have dared to fight the Gold Crystal Soaring Serpent.

However, this Spirit item was now damaged, affecting the efficiency of its runes. It shocked, angered, and aggrieved him.

Just as he was feeling distressed, violet light-swords appeared in the air. Luo Bing and Luo Ning showed up at the same time.

Their swords were composed of violet qi, and their combination attack was perfect. One was slow, one was fast; one attacked, one defended.

This was Long Chen’s first time seeing their combination technique. He hadn’t expected it to be so flawless.

Luo Bing and Luo Ning’s violet qi swords surrounded senior apprentice-brother Yu. One was as heroic as a goddess of war, while the other was as elegant and agile as a fairy. They completely suppressed their opponent.

Long Chen smiled. Luo Bing and Luo Ning were truly smart. Last time, when Long Chen had fought Chu Yang, he had unleashed an endless stream of attacks that prevented Chu Yang from unleashing any of his big moves.

These two sisters were now doing the same thing as him. One of them was constantly attacking. At first, Luo Bing was defending a bit, but later, both of them could continuously attack.

With their marvelous cooperation, senior apprentice-brother Yu had no chance to retaliate. He was forced to passively defend.

As for Mu Qingyun, she found that she was superfluous here. If she joined in, it might ruin their rhythm. Thus, she chose to join Li Cai and the others, but she didn’t attack herself. She always followed Long Chen’s teachings, so she didn’t take away other people’s chances to improve themselves. Sometimes helping out of the goodness of her heart would become the reason a person would die in the future.

Hence, she just kept watch. The reason why the High Firmament Academy’s disciples were weak wasn’t because of their cultivation base or talent. Instead, it was because they lacked any true tempering. Only the danger of death on the battlefield could turn them into true warriors, transforming them from greenhouse flowers.

With Li Cai, Zhong Ling, Zhong Xiu, and the others supporting the disciples, as well as the archers and the healing warriors as backups, the Luo Gate and the Unfettered Alliance’s warriors had nothing to worry about.

However, this time, they weren’t facing brainless devil creatures but true experts. Despite their numbers, they truly felt that their enemies were powerful this time. In the beginning, quite a few people were injured and almost killed.

Even so, with the number advantage, after getting used to this new kind of battlefield, the cooperation of both guilds grew clearer, and their advantage also grew.

On the other side, Luo Bing clashed with senior apprentice-brother Yu directly. When she fell back, Luo Ning slashed him in the back. Even his precious armor wasn’t able to block her attack, and a large cut opened up on his back.

Just as he was injured, Luo Bing struck again. The two of them had essentially surrounded him, so all he could do was fight for a chance to form hand seals, but that chance never came.

“Luo Bing, you shouldn’t have clashed with him directly just now. You just need to use two bloodline spirit swords. One blocks the water-thorn’s tip, the other blocks the middle. Grasp hold of the timing, and you can stop half his power instantly. Use a glue art to keep hold of his weapon. Although it will only hold it for a moment, Luo Ning will be able to strike his head. To sacrifice two bloodline spirit weapons for an enemy’s life isn’t a loss.”

“Luo Ning, why are you spinning when slashing people? In that position, all you need to do is kick with your left foot and you can strike his third leg. If you hit it, he’ll lose half his life. If he dares to dodge, then Luo Bing is to the left. He can only go right, and that would be sending his neck to your sword…”

As the two fought, Long Chen leaned back on the stone platform and gave some pointers. Although the two of them were already very strong, they were lacking experience when it came to killing their enemies. They didn’t understand how to predict attacks and judge risks, so Long Chen used this person to give them a lesson.

Luo Bing and Luo Ning felt like they were grasping insights repeatedly, so they grew even more brazen. Their attacks grew more and more vicious, almost sinister even.

As for that senior apprentice-brother Yu, his expression changed. As Long Chen constantly pointed out his weaknesses, he felt more and more fear. In front of Long Chen, he felt like his life was out of his own hands and could be taken at any moment.

“Let me go, or I’ll make all you accompany me in death!”

That senior apprentice-brother Yu suddenly took out a bead. When it appeared, this entire space quivered. A terrifying energy was contained within this bead, definitely more than enough to kill everyone here.