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Chapter 3004 Decawater Divine Lightning

Sensing that terrifying energy, Luo Bing and Luo Ning hastily stopped their attacks. They both retreated.

“What is this thing?!”

Long Chen looked at that dark and murky object. An expression of shock gradually appeared on his face.

“This is Decawater Divine Lightning. By compressing a thousand-mile pool of Xuan Water into a lightning bead, once it erupts, you… you…” Senior apprentice-brother Yu smiled and explained, only to find that Long Chen also had a Decawater Divine Lightning in his hand, and it was the same as his.

He then looked down at his own hand and found it empty. At some point, his Decawater Divine Lightning had vanished and appeared in Long Chen’s hand.

“Decawater Divine Lightning? I’ve only seen it in books. I didn’t expect to actually see it in person today. This thing’s quite amazing. Xuan Water is extremely heavy. To compress all that Xuan Water into a bead, when this thing explodes, at the very least, everyone here would be blasted out of existence. Little friend, this thing is too dangerous. It’s not for children, so I’m confiscating this. Do you have any more?” Long Chen didn’t stand on courtesy and didn’t put away the Decawater Divine Lightning.

Senior apprentice-brother Yu’s head was blank. He felt like he was going crazy. This black-robed person was no human; he was a devil. He subconsciously replied, “No.”

“No? Alright, kill him.” Long Chen waved his hand to Luo Bing and Luo Ning.

The two of them almost laughed as they looked at senior apprentice-brother Yu’s lifeless face. It was as if he had turned into a fool.

Even they themselves didn’t see how Long Chen had taken the Decawater Divine Lightning. But that wasn’t important. Probably the only one within the High Firmament Academy capable of toying with the experts of the Clear River Palace to this extent was Long Chen.

Long Chen had been paying attention to senior apprentice-brother Yu closely this entire time. After all, he didn’t use people’s lives as jokes. The instant senior apprentice-brother Yu had taken out the bead, Long Chen sensed it.

The reason this Decawater Divine Lightning was called divine lightning was because it contained a lightning rune inside that was used to detonate the bead.

As a controller of thunderforce, Long Chen easily drew it over. This senior apprentice-brother Yu hadn’t been planning on actually using it, so he didn’t activate it the moment it came out. It had only been taken out to threaten them. Moreover, he had held it very lightly because he was afraid of accidentally detonating it. Hence, for Long Chen to take it was simple.

Luo Bing and Luo Ning once more started attacking. Senior apprentice-brother Yu’s mental state was in chaos, and in just a few exchanges, Luo Ning cut off his arm.

“Tell me, why are you targeting the High Firmament Academy? Why are you trying to slaughter all our disciples? If you tell the truth, I can spare your life,” said Long Chen indifferently.

Hearing that, Luo Bing’s killing blow slowed down, allowing him to narrowly escape with his life.

“Are you telling the truth?” asked senior apprentice-brother Yu with a quivering voice.

“Whether it’s the truth or not isn’t important to you, because you have no other choice. If you don’t believe it, you can take your secret to hell. I can just find someone else to ask.” Long Chen shrugged.

“Fine… I’ll tell you… I received orders from the palace master to kill all the disciples from the High Firmament Academy, especially Bai Shishi. She must be slain here. Furthermore, the five powers’ first priority isn’t to search for treasures, but to kill disciples of the High Firmament Academy,” shouted senior apprentice-brother Yu as he fended over Luo Bing and Luo Ning’s slower attacks. With their constant attacks, he had no ability to lie.

“Why would you suddenly target the High Firmament Academy?” asked Long Chen. In the past openings of the Jialin Immortal Land, although the High Firmament Academy would often be bullied, it was definitely not so obvious. There had to be a reason.

“I don’t know! We are just following orders! Make sure to keep your word!” shouted senior apprentice-brother Yu.

He didn’t know the reason. Hearing this answer, Long Chen frowned. If even he didn’t know, then the others probably wouldn’t know either. This probably related to the games between sects.

However, Heaven Master Yun Yang had subtly indicated to him not to worry about consequences. This was the reason he had been given such immense authority.

Not knowing the reason was no longer important. All he needed from this person was to confirm the attitude of the five powers. Then he could comprehend the academy’s intentions.

As the five powers wanted to wipe them out here, he didn’t need to have any misgivings. Since the academy had given him the authority, he could go big.

“I, Long Chen, always keep my word. I’ll spare your life.” Long Chen waved his hand impatiently.

Luo Bing and Luo Ning both stopped. Senior apprentice-brother Yu was delighted and about to thank them when Luo Ning’s sword suddenly slashed down.

Caught off guard, his head was cut off.

“He spared your life, but I never said that I would.” Luo Ning sheathed her sword with a sneer.

Senior apprentice-brother Yu’s eyes were wide open, filled with resentment and anger. He could truly be said to have his eyes opened in death.

Long Chen and Luo Ning exchanged a smile. For the first time, they had a silent agreement. Long Chen naturally wouldn’t let this fellow off.

“While his soul star hasn’t extinguished, should we try to do a soulsearch?” Luo Ning pointed to that head.

Upon advancing to the Divine Flame realm, even if a person’s head was cut off, they wouldn’t instantly die. The soul would be in a state of quasi-death, and if someone saved them within half a day or so, it would be possible to protect the soul.

Before Long Chen even said anything, Luo Bing said, “People like them definitely have restrictions in their souls to prevent others from peering into their secrets. There may even be a backlash curse hidden inside that will damage the person doing the soulsearch. It’s not worth the risk.”

Important geniuses would have spiritual restrictions in their souls due to them knowing too many secrets. If a soulsearch was forcibly conducted, the soul would explode, which would strike the person doing the soulsearch. Some sects were even more domineering and would use beast souls that transformed into curses when a soulsearch was conducted. The curses would throw a person’s soul into disorder, or perhaps even take control of the person.

Unless you had a powerful soul cultivator with absolute certainty in being able to get past those restrictions, soulsearches shouldn’t be randomly conducted.

This senior apprentice-brother Yu was dead, and the other disciples of the Clear River Palace were also slain. On the other hand, the Luo Gate and the Unfettered Alliance’s side only had a dozen people with rather heavy injuries and needed to rest. They didn’t have any casualties, so it could be called a complete victory.

“Clean up the battlefield. For now, we’re no longer searching for treasures. We have to gather all the disciples of the academy and change strategies. We’ll prepare for something big.”

A bloodthirsty glint flickered in Long Chen’s eyes. Being targeted by the five powers caused his warlike blood to start heating up. His most primal killing desire slowly woke.