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Chapter 3006 Traitors

“Brother San, why did you suddenly stop? Did you sense something?” asked Mu Qingyun when she saw Long Chen frown. His gaze was darting around.

Just six hours before, when Long Chen was leading them in a straight line deep into the Jialin Immortal Land, he suddenly changed directions several times, leaving people feeling lost. But no one had said anything.

Now that he suddenly stopped, Mu Qingyun couldn’t help voicing her concerns. Everyone looked at Long Chen.

“Someone knows our position and is blocking us,” said Long Chen heavily. He sensed danger, but that danger was following them like a shadow. It followed them wherever they went.

At first, he only sensed danger from one direction, but now he sensed it from three different directions. That feeling was growing in all three directions.

“How could that be?!” exclaimed Luo Bing.

“We’ve shut down our communication talismans. Chu Yang can’t possibly know our location,” said Luo Ning.

Due to how far they had gone, they could no longer receive information from the disciples in other groups. The communication talismans had lost their use, so they had turned them off.

Without the talismans, others couldn’t possibly track their location. Furthermore, they were moving very covertly.

“Doesn’t your Luo family have special communication methods?” asked Long Chen suddenly.

“No, we just use our bloodline… to sense… Could it be?” Luo Ning’s expression suddenly changed.

“Test to see if you can sense Luo Qingyang,” said Long Chen.

Luo Bing nodded. After the Luo family’s disciples had their bloodlines awakened, they could sense each other’s bloodlines. Although they couldn’t communicate directly with that, they could tell each other’s general location.

In the High Firmament Academy, only three of the Luo family’s people had awakened their bloodline, Luo Bing, Luo Ning, and Luo Qingyang. At this moment, Luo Bing activated her bloodline divine ability, and violet qi floated out of her. However, her expression quickly changed.

“I am unable to sense Luo Qingyang’s bloodline power.” Luo Bing opened her eyes, revealing immense hatred and pain. She almost couldn’t believe it.

According to reason, in a place like the Jialin Immortal Land, Luo Qingyang couldn’t possibly be out of her range. She should be able to sense his location.

The moment Long Chen had gathered everyone, she had still been able to sense him. The two of them had not been too far. The reason why she was angry back then was because she felt that Luo Qingyang was definitely close enough to receive the message but didn’t want to come, throwing the Luo Alliance into danger.

Now that she sensed again, she found that his bloodline power was gone. Even if the Luo family’s disciples were killed, this bloodline sensing would remain for at least a few days before fading.

For her to no longer be able to sense him, it could only mean that Luo Qingyang was suppressing his bloodline power so that she couldn’t sense him. That already said everything that needed to be said.

Upon thinking of that, tears even appeared in her eyes. She couldn’t accept this reality. Luo Qingyang actually betrayed them due to jealousy.

“That bastard!” Luo Ning clenched her teeth furiously. She didn’t cry, and her eyes were full of killing intent. The other disciples of the Luo family also had ugly expressions. Luo Qingyang had actually betrayed the Luo family.

“Brother San, what can we do now?” asked Mu Qingyun as she comforted Luo Bing.

“They know our position, but they don’t know many people we have. Amongst the forces surrounding us, one of them is dangerous, and we shouldn’t clash with them. We will take advantage while they have yet to finish surrounding us to eliminate one of their groups. Then we’ll understand what is happening.”

Long Chen led them around a mountain stream and then suddenly charged in one direction. Past two mountains, they saw a group of over a thousand disciples wearing familiar robes. They were another group of experts from the Clear River Palace.

“Brothers, you’re running so quickly. Are you in a rush to reincarnate?” asked Long Chen.

Those experts were startled. They were chasing after Long Chen but didn’t expect Long Chen and the others to appear in front of them.

“Wasn’t it said that they only had four hundred people?” demanded one of them.

“Time is pressing, so I won’t waste words. I’ll send you on your way.” Long Chen’s side instantly surrounded these experts, and over three thousand weapons came out of their sheaths and attacked them.


Luo Bing cried out and charged toward their leader, her sword slashing through the air. Luo Ning followed right behind her. Both of their faces were filled with icy killing intent.

Long Chen looked toward Mu Qingyun, and she instantly understood, also joining in against that expert.

Luo Bing and Luo Ning were still in an emotional state due to Luo Qingyang’s betrayal, so Mu Qingyun went there to prevent the worst-case scenario.

The three of their moves were very vicious. It was as if they viewed that person as Luo Qingyang. He was slightly stronger than senior apprentice-brother Yu, but in the face of these fierce tigresses, he instantly fell to a disadvantage.

Most shocking of all was Mu Qingyun as her Sword Qi raised goosebumps. They were like three Yama Kings, constantly attacking and preventing him from using any big moves.

“If you have guts, come at me one on one-!”

His furious roar became the last sound he ever made. Luo Ning’s sword cut off his head. This pitiful expert, having lost the initiative, failed to even unleash half of his power before being slain.

After killing him, Luo Bing, Luo Ning, and Mu Qingyun turned on the other experts of the Clear River Palace.

Those experts were caught off guard, and with their leader killed, they only thought of how to break free from this encirclement. But these three thousand elites that Long Chen had picked out wiped them out in less than an incense stick’s worth of time. Any fish that slipped through the net were killed by arrows from the archers.

“Let’s go!”

Once they were slain, he didn’t give his people time to clean up the battlefield. Long Chen led them rushing off. Just half an incense stick’s worth of time later, another group of people arrived here.

Seeing the corpses on the ground, they were shocked. Their leader was a large man wearing golden battle armor. He was like a miniature giant, as he was almost half a body taller than a normal person. Just by standing there, the power of his Blood Qi caused space to slowly twist around him.

Even without intentionally circulating his Blood Qi, his aura was unbearable. Others had to stay several meters away from him.

The ones behind him were all large and muscular men, all of them with astonishing Blood Qi. But next to him, they were like grass compared to a towering tree.

There was only one person amongst them who stood out. He was rather skinny in comparison to their large bodies. It was Luo Qingyang.

“Luo Qingyang, you bastard. You betrayed the Luo family. Even ten thousand deaths can’t atone for your sins!” Suddenly, Luo Bing’s icy voice rang out, causing Luo Qingyang’s expression to change.