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Chapter 3009 Deserving Ten Thousand Deaths

“Let’s get going.”

Long Chen waved his hand. Luo Bing and the others hastily followed him.

“Don’t worry. We are both injured. He still doesn’t know what the situation is on our side, so it’s not likely that he’ll chase,” said Long Chen.

In that exchange, Long Chen had broken his arm, but Zhao Wuzheng also coughed up blood and had his internal organs shaken. That was an even exchange.

Long Chen had made everyone leave in order to prevent the other powers from learning more information about them. If another group came over led by an expert like Zhao Wuzheng, then it would be far more troublesome.

“Zhao Wuzheng is truly terrifying. No wonder he is said to be the number one expert of the Golden Bell Gate’s junior generation,” said a guild leader.

Although they had been very far, they could witness the aftermath of their exchange clearly. One punch shattered a mountain range. Just how monstrous was that?

An expert on that level wasn’t someone that they could beat even if they sacrificed all their lives. That was no longer an existence that could be killed through quantity.

“Boss San is also mighty to be able to injure such an existence. You can be counted amongst their ranks,” said another disciple.

Just now, they had borne witness to the power of a peak heavenly genius. Although they had all heard that Bai Shishi’s power was immense, she rarely revealed herself in the academy, so they didn’t have a chance to see her power.

On the other hand, Long Chen had killed expert after expert after entering the Jialin Immortal Land. He had even forced Chu Yang to the extent that the latter didn’t even have a chance to fight back.

However, that could be said to be partially multiple coincidences lining up. This time, it was just a simple exchange, and that destructive exchange had shown them what absolute power was.

They rejoiced inside that they were following Long Chen. If he hadn’t warned everyone, they wouldn’t even have a chance to get away if they encountered a group like that.

“Boss, is Zhao Wuzheng really so powerful?” asked Bai Xiaole, unconvinced. In his heart, no one could win against Long Chen.

“He truly is powerful. He has two kinds of bloodlines in his body. It should be considered a mutated bloodline,” said Long Chen.

Although it was just a brief exchange, Long Chen had gotten a general understanding of Zhao Wuzheng’s power. That explosive aura of his was not the aura of the human race. Either he had some other race’s blood within him, or he had later merged with some terrifying bloodline.

“Is he as strong as Bai Shishi?” asked Bai Xiaole.

“In pure destructive power, he should be one level stronger than Bai Shishi,” said Long Chen after some thought.

“Even fairy Shishi isn’t a match for him?” Everyone was startled.

Long Chen shook his head. “Pure destructive power is not everything. If it was a one against one, he wouldn’t be able to beat Bai Shishi.”

Hearing that, they felt a bit more at ease. Bai Shishi was the academy’s number one disciple. As long as she remained undefeated, there was still hope for the academy.

“Boss, what about you and Bai Shishi? Who is stronger?” asked Bai Xiaole.

“Does asking such things have the slightest meaning?” retorted Long Chen. When this fellow was beaten, he seemed to smarten up a little. Now his head was off again.

“Hehe, Bai Shishi looks down on men. If you could beat her, you could make her a bed warmer, make her bring you tea, wash your clothes, hehe. Think about how great that would be!” exclaimed Bai Xiaole.

Everyone couldn’t help gasping. This fellow’s head really wasn’t normal. Ignoring how he was encouraging Long Chen to win Bai Shishi, with her talent and status, who would dare use her as a bed warmer?

Long Chen rolled his eyes, speechless. This brother and sister were both oddities. He spat out. “I’m not a match for her, so don’t think about this any longer.”

Hearing that, Bai Xiaole deflated. “Then is she going to get what she wants for the rest of her life?”

Luo Bing and the others shook their heads. Just how great an enmity did this child have with Bai Shishi?

After six hours of travel, they found a secluded place to rest. Long Chen then took out Luo Qingyang’s corpse.

“Sorry. I tried my best.”

Luo Bing shook her head. “You gave him a chance, so he could only blame himself. But even if he took that chance, regretting it at that time was too late. The Luo family would not spare him.”

Seeing Luo Qingyang’s corpse, Luo Bing wasn’t even aware of it, but she began to cry. This was a person she had grown up with, someone she had viewed as a big brother. Now, he had been turned into a lifeless corpse.

Although she hated him, she couldn’t feel that hatred now that she saw his corpse.

The other disciples of the Luo family also cried. Even though they had previously felt overwhelming hatred for him when they learned of his betrayal, his current state aggrieved them.

After a bit, they placed his corpse at the center. They began a ceremony, walking around his corpse three times and murmuring something.

After that, Luo Ning unleashed a flame that burned his corpse to ash. Those ashes were then scattered in a nearby river.

According to Luo Ning, Luo Qingyang was a traitor of the Luo family, a disgrace. His corpse could not be buried in the family grave, and his soul could not enter the memorial tablet. He had to be turned to ash and sent through a river to wash away his disgrace.

Seeing how strict the Luo family was with its rites, the disciples’ hearts shook. No wonder the Luo family was so powerful, and its disciples were so united.

After resting a bit, Long Chen’s wounds healed, and the disciples who had gone through two large battles also recovered.

Luo Bing said that using a secret art of the family, she had checked Luo Qingyang’s spiritual memories. She had learned that the Luo Alliance’s disciples were hidden in a certain location.

As a result, they went over to gather with them, only to find that this hidden cave only had broken corpses inside. Luo Bing and the other disciples of the Luo family cried out in grief.

“It was Chu Yang.” Long Chen checked the battlefield and found that this was done by one person. Chu Yang’s bloodline aura still hung in the air.

“Luo Qingyang deserves ten thousand deaths!”

Luo Ning’s eyes reddened. Any grief she had felt for Luo Qingyang vanished without a trace. Seeing how all these disciples of the Luo family had been killed because of his foolishness, she had an urge to gather his ashes and pulverize them again.

Clearly, Luo Qingyang had been tricked by Chu Yang. When he went to lead the way for Zhao Wuzheng, Chu Yang snuck in here and killed the Luo family’s disciples.

Luo Bing knelt on the ground and wept. There were many senior apprentice-brothers and sisters here that she knew. Many of them had even looked after her, but they were now dead because of Luo Qingyang’s foolishness.

After letting her cry for a while, Long Chen consoled her, “We have no time for grief right now. What we need to do is get revenge for them. We can’t let them die for nothing.”

“If the Luo family’s disciples died on the battlefield, then they would simply be weaker than their opponents and there would be nothing to say. But these people died for nothing.” Luo Ning wept, and even she felt like she was about to collapse.

Long Chen sighed. He had previously pitied Luo Qingyang. But his foolishness had killed so many innocent people.

Luo Bing’s crying only grew worse and worse. Eventually, Long Chen placed a hand on the back of Luo Bing’s head, causing her to fall unconscious.

“If she continued to blame herself and feel worse, it might form a heart-devil. Luo Ning, look after her. The other disciples of the Luo family, gather the corpses of these warriors. We still have many things to do. If you want them to be able to smile in the nine springs, then kill Chu Yang as vengeance for them.”

After gathering the corpses, with heavy hearts, everyone continued deeper into the Jialin Immortal Land.

The next day, Long Chen suddenly led everyone to a desolate land. An hour later, they saw a battlefield.

“Bai Shishi fought with people here.”