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Chapter 3013 Splitting the Treasury?

“We’re on your side! Stop!”

Long Chen shouted in the face of this sharp Sword Qi.

The Sword Qi suddenly vanished. After that, some runes shuddered, and a dozen women appeared around them.

“So you have a formation expert too. Truly skillful.” Long Chen was surprised. These people had hidden themselves in the air with a formation. The Heaven Female Alliance was truly a group of hidden dragons and crouching tigers.

“Long Chen?”

Those women eyed Long Chen, their expressions turning cold. “This place was first discovered by the Heaven Female Alliance. Please leave!”

Clearly, the Heaven Female Alliance viewed this place as their territory. They were unwilling to share the spoils with anyone, not even fellow disciples of the academy.

“Tch, how laughable. This place is surrounded by the other five major powers. Over six million experts are coming to take Bai Shishi’s head. You’re actually in the mood to play such a game?” sneered Bai Xiaole disdainfully.

“What did you say?” Those disciples were shocked.

Bai Xiaole continued, “What did I say? Are your ears broken? We received information and came to save you, but instead of being grateful, you want to drive us away. Women really are stupid… Cough, of course, I’m not talking about big sisters Qingyun, Luo Bing, and Luo Ning. I’m talking about the people by Bai Shishi’s side.”

Bai Xiaole wasn’t afraid of Bai Shishi. Her sister never gave him a good impression, so he never had a good attitude toward her either. However, today, he ended up drawing in all women in his insults, causing him to hastily apologize.

“Hmph, even if the five powers join forces, our Heaven Female Alliance isn’t afraid. We don’t need the help of you men.” Those disciples were infuriated by Bai Xiaole’s arrogance.

“Senior apprentice-sisters, we-” Luo Bing tried to interject, but Long Chen stopped her.

“It’s fine. We just came to inform them. We have accomplished our mission. Whether or not they listen is their own matter. They can play with their own lives. We should focus on ourselves.”

Long Chen was also angry. The Heaven Female Alliance’s disciples seemed to be a bit too arrogant. They didn’t even recognize kindness. Hence, Long Chen prepared to leave with his people. As for Bai Shishi and the others, it had nothing to do with them.

“Slow down.”

Just at this moment, space shuddered and Bai Shishi appeared. This place was originally filled with a sinister and dark air of decay, but when she appeared, she was like a goddess infecting this place with her light. It was like she had walked out of a painting, and the people behind Long Chen forgot how to breathe. Bai Shishi's beauty was something that not even women could resist.

Although most of them had seen her before, it had definitely not been at such a close distance. It felt both real and illusory, as if they were in a dream.

“You said that the five powers have joined forces to kill me?” asked Bai Shishi. The Heaven Female Alliance’s disciples stood behind her.

Even Long Chen felt his heartbeat quickening when Bai Shishi stared at him like this. But he couldn’t be suppressed by her aura. Otherwise, he would only be looked down upon by her. With a calm face, he said, “I can’t be bothered to say it. Xiaole, you explain. Train your communication skills.”

Bai Xiaole shook his head. “Boss, I have nothing to say to her. Forgive me for being unable to follow your orders.”

“You…!” Long Chen didn’t answer, and Bai Xiaole refused to speak. That rudeness enraged the Heaven Female Alliance’s disciples.

“What you? We are your saviors, but look at how you treat us? No wonder everyone says that women are-”

“Let me explain!” Luo Bing hastily interjected, explaining everything.

Upon learning that the five powers had joined forces to wipe out the High Firmament Academy’s disciples in the Jialin Immortal Land, killing intent surged within Bai Shishi’s eyes.

“If I had known this, I wouldn’t have shown mercy. I’d have killed that idiot Lu Chunyang,” said Bai Shishi hatefully.

Back then, Lu Chunyang had provoked her, angering her. However, she had only been intent on giving him a lesson. She had injured him and chased him for a while, killing a few hundred of the Nine Cauldron Church’s experts. At that time, she felt like the lesson was enough, and she was also worried about the others, so she didn’t continue chasing.

“Should we charge out while their encirclement is still incomplete? If we’re surrounded by millions of experts as well as the peak experts of the five powers, we’ll probably lose out,” said the vice leader of the Heaven Female Alliance. She was wise and experienced, and her opinion was something Bai Shishi cared about.

Furthermore, she said lose out, not be completely wiped out. That was due to her respect for Bai Shishi. She knew that Bai Shishi was prideful, and if she was provoked, she might just go for an all-out clash with the other side.

“That’s right, killing our way out now is best. We’d take the initiative into our hands, and then we’d be the one hunting them down,” said another disciple of the Heaven Female Alliance.

Everyone looked at Bai Shishi who frowned slightly. After thinking about it, she suddenly turned to Long Chen. “I have to thank you for reporting this to me. This is our best chance to charge out, but I just found the location of the treasury in these ruins. I’m a bit unwilling to leave just like this. I want to take the risk and see if I can obtain the treasures inside. If you are willing to take this risk with me, I can split the treasures with you evenly.”

Long Chen’s expression was originally calm, but when he heard that there was a treasury, his eyes brightened. He seemed to become invigorated.

“Ah, who cares about treasures? We’re all from the same sect, and should be united. Helping each other is only natural. Talking about treasures will only harm our relationship. Well, the main thing is that all of us like taking risks.” Long Chen’s completely hypocritical words didn’t match the expression on his face. Clearly, he was more interested in this treasury than them.

The Heaven Female Alliance’s disciples looked at Long Chen scornfully. This person was so hypocritical.

“Min Jun, continue guarding this place. If the other side enters the path, immediately report it,” said Bai Shishi.

“Yes.” Those disciples once more vanished into space, concealing themselves.

“Come with me. Be careful not to touch any of those corpses. They are earth devil kings from the immemorial devil race. If you touch them, the remnant devil pressure will wipe out your soul.”

Bai Shishi carefully led the way through those corpses, heading toward the center of the hall.