“Long Chen, Guo Ran, are you alright?” Xie Qianqian was waiting for them anxiously at Guo Ran’s residence.

By the time Long Chen and Guo Ran came here, this place was already completely blocked by people. The people on Guo Ran’s side were kicked out and not allowed back in.

When Guo Ran arrived, he was also blocked by those people. In his fury, he directly sent those guards flying, showing off his proxy dean tablet, saying that anyone who dared to act so arrogantly again would be directly killed.

It was only then did these people learn that Guo Ran was the proxy dean. They almost pissed themselves as they fled.

“Big sister Qianqian, it went fine. I’m now the proxy dean. Fuck, it’s time to properly settle my debts with those people that targeted me.”

Guo Ran lazily flashed his tablet, stunning Xie Qianqian, Tu Hu, and the others. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“Boss, let me introduce you. This is Tu Hu, this is Zhang Zhao, this is…” Guo Ran introduced Long Chen to his brothers here one by one.

Guo Ran had been suppressed the entire time in the Heavenly Dragon Divine Armor College, but he also had his loyal brothers. They had gone through life and death with him without ever abandoning him.

Those disciples were all exceptionally moved to see Long Chen. They had heard far too many stories about him. Today, they were finally seeing a legendary existence.

Other than Xie Qianqian and her husband, there were sixteen others that Guo Ran viewed as true brothers, the people that he trusted the most. It was because they were his faithful brothers that they were monitored by the others.

However, while Guo Ran was suppressed, his home was still not bad. He had his own independent territory where he could be like a king.

Since there were no outsiders here, everyone went into a cultivation room. When Long Chen carefully examined Guo Ran’s body, his expression gradually grew serious.

“Boss, what is it? Your expression is a bit frightening. Am I going to have an early, heroic demise?” Guo Ran grew a bit apprehensive.

Long Chen then slapped him on the back of his head, cursing, “You lazy idiot, why did you abandon the Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art?!”

After Guo Ran ascended to the immortal world, due to not having Long Chen’s eye on him, he didn’t continue cultivating the Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art. That was because cultivating it was too bitter and took too much time. In order to study forging arts better, he had stopped his cultivation of the Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art.

On the cultivation path, if you weren’t rowing forward, you were regressing. After checking Guo Ran’s body, Long Chen found that Guo Ran’s dragon blood energy had almost completely withered. That was why Long Chen was so angry. With no one keeping an eye on this fellow, he started acting lazy.

“Boss, it wasn’t that I was lazy, but I spent night and day studying forging arts! Otherwise, there’s no way for me to live here,” said Guo Ran, feeling aggrieved.

“Bullshit! Do you think I don’t know you? The Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art doesn’t need to be meticulously trained. As long as you occasionally circulate your dragon blood, your dragon blood energy won’t dry up. You were clearly lazy and didn’t want to put in so much work. No wonder you can’t even beat those idiots. The power of your body has regressed too much,” said Long Chen angrily. This fellow was good in all other areas but was simply too lazy.

It had to be known that the support of his battle armor was based on his own power. The stronger his own power was, the stronger he would be in his battle armor.

A supreme battle armor couldn’t be controlled without a powerful physical body. Amongst the four of them, Guo Ran’s physical body was clearly the weakest, and not just by one level.

If Guo Ran had been willing to suffer and hadn’t abandoned the Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art, even if his physical body wouldn’t be as strong as theirs, he wouldn’t be thrown so far behind. That was what disappointed Long Chen the most.

“Boss, a mighty, divine, unrivaled hero like you must have a way to fix things, right?” said Guo Ran with a smile.

It seemed that this fellow was always waiting for Long Chen to find him and help him improve again. His principles were clearly to be lazy and feel good for a while if he could, and be lazy and feel good forever if he could as well. This trait was truly a disease from deep within his bones that couldn’t be cured by any medicine.

“I can’t be bothered with you. Eat this pill.” Long Chen handed Guo Ran a medicinal pill.

Guo Ran directly consumed it without even looking at it. But as soon as it entered his stomach, his expression changed.


Guo Ran suddenly let out a miserable shriek. His clothes were blasted off, and blood poured out of his skin. He collapsed on the ground, frothing at the mouth and twitching, causing everyone to jump in fright.

“Stop! Do you want to harm your senior apprentice-brother Guo Ran to death?” shouted Long Chen.

Tu Hu and the others had hastily stepped forward to help Guo Ran. Seeing him like that, they thought that he was about to die.

Guo Ran was constantly twitching, but he worked hard to wave his hand at them, indicating that he was fine. He then looked at Long Chen.

“Boss… are you… activating… my dragon blood? Is there… a gentler approach…”

Guo Ran’s voice contained a sobbing tone. He knew what Long Chen was about to do, so he couldn’t help pleading.

“A more gentle approach? This is the price of being lazy. If you hadn’t been lazy, I could let you activate your dragon blood in your sleep. But your dragon blood has almost vanished. If you want to activate it, you must endure pain. The dragon blood must sense your pain and once more permeate every part of you. You’ve spent over a year slacking. Now, in just a day, you need to endure all the bitterness that should have been spread throughout the year. This world is fair, and there are no shortcuts to glory.” Long Chen shook his head. In the end, Guo Ran had to pay the price for his own laziness.

“Do you want to get stronger as well?” Long Chen looked at Tu Hu and the others. They then looked at Guo Ran miserably wailing on the ground and didn’t immediately reply to this question.

Tu Hu clenched his teeth. “Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, give me a medicine like this as well. I want to suffer the same pain as senior apprentice-brother Guo Ran.”

“We do as well!” The others also spoke up one after another.

Long Chen nodded. At the very least, Guo Ran had done a good job choosing his brothers. So many of them were willing to suffer together with him. That was enough to show Guo Ran’s character.

“These are some fruits. Eat them in this order. Remember, it must be in this order. Otherwise, you will die.” Long Chen handed four Heavenly Dao Fruits to every person.

They were one Mortal, Spirit, Earth, and Heaven tier fruit for every single one of them. Normally, their true effect would only manifest in the Immortal King realm. However, because the Heavenly Dragon Divine Armor College’s disciples pursued increasing their realms as quickly as possible, their realms were unstable. These Heavenly Dao Fruits could stabilize that foundation.

If the foundation was unsteady, it would be like a tree with no roots. The greater the tree, the more likely it would fall. The Heavenly Dragon Divine Armor College’s disciples were truly too dependent on their armor.

All things had good aspects and bad aspects. The good thing was that their supremely powerful battle armors were capable of increasing their power by ten or even dozens of times. Furthermore, as they constantly researched, their battle armors only grew stronger.

But the bad aspect was very clear as well. They were no longer pure cultivators. Their own power was far too lacking. Without their battle armor, they couldn’t bear a single blow from someone in the same realm.

Thus, after eating these fruits, their heads suddenly grew murky. They collapsed and started sleeping. Only Guo Ran continued to wail in pain as if he was being tortured.

“If you had known that this would happen, would you have acted the same?”

Watching Guo Ran suffer, Long Chen shook his head. He then sat down lotus style, and a clump of flames appeared in his hands. After a while, a drop of golden liquid appeared within these flames. This liquid was Long Chen’s essence blood. As soon as it appeared, a vast dragon might appeared and shook this entire space.