Wielding the Seven Peak Sword, Long Chen cut down the devil race’s Heaven Venerates. The Seven Peak Sword’s sharpness was unmatched, and it easily sliced through them.

On the other hand, both Guo Ran and Xia Chen, each facing one Heaven Venerate, ran into an unexpected predicament in their fights. Guo Ran was shocked to find that his battle sabers were damaged from a single clash with that expert’s claws. It was worth noting that these sabers were top grade World Domain divine items. Yet, not only could they not breach the opponent's defenses, but they also sustained damage from just one clash. Guo Ran couldn't help but be deeply surprised by this sudden turn of events.

Meanwhile, Xia Chen invoked runes around him to trap his opponent. However, with a single roar from the Heaven Venerate, his runic lock was shattered. It had to be known that Xia Chen’s technique could normally immobilize a half-step Eternal for at least a brief moment. Yet, this devil expert easily blasted it apart.

Taking advantage of them being distracted, Long Chen swiftly swung his Seven Peak Sword twice, cleaving the two Heaven Venerates in half.


However, to their surprise, the remaining World Kings didn’t run and charged at them instead.

The three of them fought together and instantly slaughtered all the devil experts. What shocked the three of them was that the devil experts were so fierce that they fought to their deaths, without a single one of them attempting to flee.

“Are they crazy? Don’t they feel any fear?” wondered Xia Chen.

“Their intelligence seems to be very low, and their reaction speed is somewhat slow. Most likely, they've grown accustomed to peaceful lives, causing their instincts to deteriorate. In a world where the human race has been wiped out, they might have become complacent and foolish.” Long Chen guessed.

These devil experts had been extremely powerful. The five Heaven Venerates were comparable to the half-step Eternals in the outside world, but when they started fighting, their reactions were clearly a bit slow. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been so easy for Long Chen to kill them.

“How are the devil race’s experts so powerful here?” Guo Ran lamented, casting a sorrowful look at his now-mangled sabers. These weapons were essentially broken now.

“The lifeforms here grow up nourished by primal chaos qi, so they are countless times stronger than us in every way. We have to be careful. Also, we have to make it seem as if they charged through the crack in the gate and were crushed as a result,” said Long Chen.

“Will such a trick work?” asked Guo Ran hesitantly.

“Their intelligence seems limited, so it should fool them for a while. Xia Chen, you can set up a formation. Block the outside world from communicating with them, and don’t worry about the formation being broken. The human race has long since been obliterated here, so these lifeforms don’t know anything about formation arts. You should be able to set it up freely!” said Long Chen.

“Alright.” Guo Ran got to work, tossing the corpses into the crack in the gate. Their bodies were immediately crushed by a terrifying pressure, transforming into blood mist that splattered the area around the gate.

Meanwhile, Xia Chen set up a formation that blocked sound from going through the gate. After that, the three of them erased any trace of their presence and left.

After getting away from the gate, they found a good place for Xia Chen to set up a formation disc. This disc served as a reference point to ensure they wouldn't lose their way and also as a spatial transportation node.

Xia Chen also set up an illusion formation outside. This way, let alone these foolish experts, even if human experts who weren’t on the level of a formation grandmaster came, they wouldn’t notice anything odd.

After setting this up, the three of them flew off. They found that the vegetation here was flourishing on an entirely different level compared to that of the Nirvana Overflow Heaven. The same tree might only grow to ten meters in their world, but here, it would reach a height of hundreds of meters. They almost couldn’t recognize the same tree here.

“Damn, is this what the world was like in ancient times? No wonder those devil experts are so powerful.” Seeing this, Guo Ran was amazed.

The primal chaos qi was incredibly dense to the point that they could sense its fluctuations with every wave of their hand. Even without intentionally absorbing it, it flowed into their bodies on its own.

Long Chen also sensed the phenomenon that the dragon expert had mentioned. He was capable of maintaining a balance in terms of core energy in this place.

Upon arriving here, he clearly felt his power being replenished continuously. On the flip side, in the Nirvana Overflow Heaven, he had been using up more energy than he was gaining.

The three of them flew rapidly. Suddenly, they heard heaven-shaking explosions, and Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed. He directly grabbed Xia Chen and Guo Ran and dragged them to the side.


An enormous ray of divine light shot past the three of them and pierced through countless trees and mountains. Wherever the light passed, destruction followed, causing the earth to melt and black smoke to emanate from the void.

Even Long Chen was covered in cold sweat seeing this attack. It had surpassed his current understanding. If he hadn’t dodged quickly enough, the three of them would have been wiped out of existence.

Guo Ran was pale with terror. “Have we been noticed?”

Just then, the world shuddered and they saw more rays of divine light flying out.

Clearly, a battle between terrifying experts was underway, and they weren’t targeting the three of them. Just now, they had only dodged the attack that had coincidentally gone near them.

“What level of experts are they?!” exclaimed Xia Chen.

“Even the void is corroded, and the laws of heaven and earth are in chaos. Perhaps only true Eternals are capable of such a thing. Let’s take a look,” said Long Chen.

Eternal experts? Guo Ran and Xia Chen both quivered, but they followed Long Chen over.

The three of them carefully crept closer to look at the battlefield. Occasionally, rays of divine light would fly through the air not far from them, and one of the rays left a bottomless hole in the ground.

Gazing into the hole, Guo Ran was sweating. He just wanted to leave and run as far as he could, but he still summoned his courage to follow Long Chen.

After two hours, the three of them finally managed to sneak their way to the top of a mountain. This mountain was newly formed, and it was covered in mud.

The three of them then stuck their heads over the mountain to watch and finally managed to see two enormous figures.

One of them was a golden-winged devil. Its two wings appeared as if they were made of solid gold, the ends of its feathers coated with numerous sharp barbs. Also, its eyes contained swirling golden light, which flickered like lightning with each blink. Long Chen had never seen this species of winged devil before.

As for its opponent, it was a black tortoise, and its shell had five-colored spots on it. It was squatting on the ground, glaring at the golden-winged devil.

Their fight had completely changed the surrounding terrain. Based on what Long Chen saw, these two creatures were evenly matched, with neither gaining the upper hand in their conflict.

“What a terrifying pressure!”

Xia Chen found it difficult to breathe, and his face was as pale as a sheet of paper. Despite his predicament, he didn’t dare to use his talismans to resist this pressure, instead choosing to grit his teeth and watch in dismay.


Just then, those two enormous figures ruthlessly charged toward each other like two shooting stars.