The three of them screamed in fright when they saw that terrifying monster, and Long Chen spontaneously slashed it with his sword.


The Seven Peak Sword landed on its head, but it only caused some small sparks of fire to appear. On the other hand, Long Chen was blown back wretchedly, almost coughing up blood.

It was at this moment that they realized this monstrous entity was nothing more than a corpse.

“Fuck, that scared me to death! My heart almost leaped out of my chest!” Guo Ran was covered in cold sweat.

Even with their guts, being stared at by such a terrifying monster almost made them lose their minds. This was the corpse of an Eternal lifeform. Although they didn’t recognize its species, it seemed like some kind of mouse with scales all over its body.

A spear had pierced through its body and nailed it to this spot. However, only half of the spear remained. Most likely, someone had tossed it to nail this creature to death.

Wary of the surroundings, the three of them didn’t dare to randomly rove around as they found themselves in another underground palace. Many areas had collapsed around here, and they saw more enormous corpses in the surroundings.

“This was likely a grand palace. The battle resulted in the earth burying this location, transforming it into its present state,” Xia Chen conjectured, examining the pillars nearby. As a formation master, he had a certain understanding of the architecture of these buildings. He could tell that this palace had originally been aboveground and was different from the usual underground palaces.

“It’s too bad. This thing has been dead for so long that although its physical body is preserved, its essence blood has run out of energy to prevent its body from rotting,” said Long Chen regretfully as he examined the corpse.

Long Chen then tossed the creature into the primal chaos space to decompose in the black soil. Perhaps it was useless to others, but it was a treasure to Long Chen.

“Boss, you two should split up and search for treasures. I’ll see if I can activate a portion of the formations here. If I succeed, I will be able to tell the original arrangement of the palace, and we won’t need to randomly run around,” said Xia Chen.

Long Chen nodded as this was a good idea. If Xia Chen could activate the formations, they could accurately find the important parts of the palace. That would be better than the three of them running around randomly.

Long Chen and Guo Ran then split off in opposite directions. Long Chen quickly found another mouse-like lifeform and tore it off the ruins, throwing it into the primal chaos space. However, this corpse was odd, as half of its body was gone.

Once Long Chen tossed it into the primal chaos space, he found out that it was an Eternal lifeform whose bones were comparable to Eternal divine items. However, something had severed this Eternal lifeform in two with remarkable precision. Even the cuts in its bones were as smooth as glass, so the weapon that cut it was definitely incomparably sharp. Long Chen could not fathom just what kind of weapon could do that to an Eternal lifeform.

Long Chen continued onward and saw more collapsed areas that forced him to go around. After bypassing several of these areas, he unexpectedly found himself back in the spot he had started from. Guo Ran had encountered a similar situation. The portion of the palace they were in was comparatively small, and if they wanted to search other areas, they would need to go through the collapsed parts.

“Boss, let’s go!” Xia Chen suddenly cried out in delight.

“What is it?” asked Long Chen.

“I’ve found the crux of the formation. Let’s go over there.”

The three of them got onto a strange machine and dug their way through the collapsed palace. In two hours, they found themselves in an enormous hall.

This hall was perfectly preserved, and they could even see countless formation runes on the floor.

Xia Chen went straight for the center of the hall, where a three-hundred-meter square platform was floating with all kinds of formation discs on it.

Long Chen was shocked to see those formation discs and said, “These are formation discs of ancient times, and they are thousands of times more refined than the current era’s formation discs.”

“That’s not the important thing. We don’t have the time to study them now. First, see if you can activate the formation! If not, we’ll see just how many we can take,” said Guo Ran.

Xia Chen hastily searched through the formation discs and pressed his finger on one of them.


With a light sound, a hologram appeared in front of them, displaying a glorious sect.

When they saw the enormous gate that reached the clouds, the three of them cried out at once. It seemed that this hologram displayed the original appearance of the sect.

“Heaven Battling Divine Sect! Damn, what a domineering name!”

Upon seeing the signboard, Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh. These four characters were written in first-generation Jiuli immortal characters. Long Chen didn’t recognize many first-generation Jiuli immortal characters, but those four characters were among them.

“The scale of the palace is crazy! Does it really span millions of miles wide? Just how amazing were they back then? But even with all that power, they couldn’t escape their fate of being destroyed.” Guo Ran couldn’t help sighing regretfully.

On the other hand, Xia Chen wasn’t focused on the hologram. He just looked at the formation discs more closely, constantly studying something. All of a sudden, he activated another formation disc.

The entire palace quivered. Following that, the surrounding walls split open, revealing several large doors.

“Hahaha, the treasuries are perfectly preserved! Let’s go take a look!” Seeing this scene, Xia Chen was delighted, and Guo Ran was incredibly excited. He asked which direction they should go.

“There’s no need to walk. We’ll directly use a transportation formation to get there.”

Xia Chen plucked a formation disc from the platform, causing the three of them to disappear. They then reappeared in front of an enormous gate, and Xia Chen pressed the formation disc against it. The gate shivered, its countless runes lighting up, yet it remained closed.

Seeing Long Chen and Guo Ran’s confusion, Xia Chen explained, “In the past, opening this gate would require several people holding the right keys to open it together. However, now that all those keyholders are dead, the gate is calling out to them. After a certain amount of time passes and none of them arrives, the gate will automatically open.”

They waited for quite some time, enduring six long hours while the gate continued to flash without any indication of opening. Even Xia Chen was growing somewhat anxious as he didn't know how much longer the gate would keep them waiting. They couldn't afford to wait indefinitely.

Thankfully, they didn't have to wait for much longer. The runes on the gate gradually dimmed, and the gate started to open slowly.

The three of them were delighted, and Guo Ran was about to charge in when Xia Chen caught him.

“Don’t run around randomly. You might trigger a mechanism.”

Xia Chen took the formation disc off the gate and placed it on a notch by the gate. The formation disc suddenly lit up, and divine light appeared on the ground, extending deep into the room. Seeing this scene, Xia Chen finally relaxed, and the three of them ventured deeper. They had to open nine gates before they finally saw the true treasury. When they did, all three of them cried out in unison.

“We’re rich!”