“How are they so powerful?” Xia Chen and Guo Ran were still shocked by the last encounter.

After leaving, the three of them found a hidden place to recover. Guo Ran’s battle armor was so badly damaged that it was basically scrap metal now.

“If we were born here, we would definitely be stronger than them. But it’s fine. This difference can be made up for,” consoled Long Chen upon seeing their gloom.

Xia Chen and Guo Ran were considered top experts in the Nirvana Overflow Heaven. But in this foreign world, they were beaten badly by a group of experts in the same realm, leaving them displeased. It felt like they had fallen from the heavens into the depths of hell, a difference that was hard to accept.

This was also Long Chen’s first time fighting a heavenly genius from this place. Now, he finally believed the dragon expert’s words. The top experts of the human race were nothing in this place.

If the slain Heavenly Bone Mammoth expert hadn’t lied, then the situation would be very bad for the human race. He had claimed to be the seventh-ranked expert in his race within the Immortal King realm, which meant that there were even more terrifying existences at higher realms.

Moreover, the Heavenly Bone Mammoth race was only one of many races in this world. Based on this fact, there had to be countless heavenly geniuses in this generation with just as much power.

Although that slain expert couldn’t compare to the likes of Long Aotian or Lian Wuying, his power definitely stood on par with Ye Wuchen, Zhao Xingtian, and the others. It was worth noting that Ye Wuchen and Zhao Xingtian both hailed from Eternal clans and were experts who had benefited from an abundance of resources and training.

Yet, in this world, individuals of their caliber were as numerous as grains of sand on a beach. So, the astonishment of Long Chen and his companions was justified. And this was merely the beginning. Who knew what kind of terrifying existences existed beyond them? The experts of this world were undeniably powerful, surpassing those of the Nirvana Overflow Heaven in every way.

“They called this world ‘the humanless world’. They probably changed the name after wiping out every single human. And now that we’re here, they’re hunting us down. Fuck, I’m really pissed. Once we get stronger, how about we slaughter all of their people as well?!” said Guo Ran hatefully as he repaired his armor.

He was only capable of doing some simple repairs for now. That way, he would still have the ability to protect himself. Otherwise, he would be beaten in one blow against an expert on this level.

“That’s a good idea. When the time comes, boss will turn the tables on them, and the hunter will become the prey. We’ll see where they can run then,” laughed Xia Chen.

“Don’t just laugh! You got so many formation discs. Have you still not figured out how to use them? We’ll use primal chaos spirit stones to crush them!” said Guo Ran when he saw Xia Chen laughing delightedly.

“I’ve figured out some of the details, but many of them are single-use items. I don’t want to use them unless I have to. Furthermore, I don’t have time to make talismans here. The talismans that I brought have not obtained the recognition of this world, reducing their power. There’s nothing that I can do about it.” Xia Chen shrugged helplessly.

“How sullen! Are we going to run like rabbits?” asked Guo Ran resentfully. He was quite frustrated with being beaten like this.

“What is there to be so resentful about? If we are weaker, we should learn how to avoid their blade. Stop complaining. Next time we encounter them, we’ll do a soulsearch and see if we can learn more about them,” said Long Chen.

Just now, in order to test their enemies’ power, the three of them had wasted quite a bit of time. After all, they could only come up with a battle plan after figuring things out.

The three of them then set off in a different direction. In one day, they went through three ruins, and one of them was a sect of a certain scale with a fully preserved treasury. That improved Guo Ran and Xia Chen’s moods.

Within the treasury, they found a complete map of the humanless world. This place was originally called the Ten Thousand Spirit World, with the meaning that all lifeforms could coexist together here.

However, there was no record of the battle that had annihilated the human race. In this place, there were three ancient tome treasuries, but two of them were not protected by formations, causing the tomes within to crumble into dust over time.

Only one of those treasuries was intact due to a formation being active, protecting them from the erosion of time.

Xia Chen and Guo Ran found secret tomes relating to forging, formations, and inscriptions. They were overjoyed by this, as these techniques were completely different from the techniques that they had learned. There were also introductions on forging Eternal divine items.

Although it was just an introduction, it was an absolute treasure for the two of them. It had essentially opened a new gate for them.

Other than that, they also found some cultivation techniques. Due to the lack of time, they didn’t flip through them and just directly gathered them.

Inside the treasury, they also discovered a considerable number of primal chaos spirit stones and immortal metals. What delighted Guo Ran the most, however, was the discovery of two battle sabers.

Although these sabers were adorned with Eternal divine runes, they were not authentic Eternal divine weapons. Instead, they were a pair of incomplete items, likely left behind due to their imperfections. However, given the state of Guo Ran's battle sabers, which were essentially ruined, these incomplete weapons were precisely what he needed.

Moreover, these two items held significant research value, serving as a valuable reference when they embarked on the journey of forging their own Eternal divine items.

With the exception of the Heaven Battling Divine Sect, it appeared that they had reaped the most benefits from this place. Xia Chen and Guo Ran were now beaming with delight, their earlier despondency completely vanquished.

“Is anything happening in the surroundings?” Long Chen turned to Xia Chen.

“They’re still running around like headless flies. They have no idea where we’re going. I also have hundreds of formation discs set up, and they’re all perfectly intact. They haven’t discovered a single one of them,” said Xia Chen.

Xia Chen had set up these formation discs on their way, and they were essentially hundreds of eyes keeping watch over the surroundings. As every single one of them was hidden by an illusion formation, many of this world’s experts had gone right by them without noticing anything.

Xia Chen had even intentionally set up a few low grade formations, the kind that were easier to notice. However, not even one of them was detected.

This realization provided Long Chen with a sense of reassurance, as it became clear that the experts in this world had little understanding of formations.

“Boss, there’s a group of the Kunpeng race’s experts nearby,” said Xia Chen suddenly.

Xia Chen once more summoned a screen of light, and there were only streaks of light flying through that scene. When he froze the image though, it was possible to see an indistinct figure. Although it was blurry, they could tell that it was a Kunpeng.

“What a ridiculous speed. The formation is unable to grasp their complete form. They should be after boss,” said Guo Ran.

Long Chen’s speed was their greatest asset, but the arrival of the Kunpeng race had effectively nullified this advantage.

Just then, the sound of the void being torn through rang out above their heads. Following that, streaks of light flew straight above them with such speed that even Long Chen jumped in shock.


Those streaks of golden light had just flown by when the void exploded, and they instantly turned back.

“Damnable human race, hand over your lives!”

A golden claw crashed down toward the three of them, its immense pressure suffocating Xia Chen and Guo Ran. It seemed that this expert was even stronger than the previous Heavenly Bone Mammoth.