The very fabric of space quivered as golden divine radiance fluctuated, causing the primal chaos to swirl around the area. The next moment, a pair of majestic golden wings dramatically split the sky.

“Damn, that’s badass!”

Guo Ran and Xia Chen stared at the new golden wings on Long Chen’s back and drooled with envy.

“I must make a pair of wings like this for my battle armor! This is way too flashy!” Guo Ran said as he clenched his fists.

Under their protection, Long Chen had taken a short two hours to fully refine this pair of wings.


Suddenly, Long Chen’s wings quivered, and he vanished from his spot.

Countless afterimages then appeared in the air, as if there were tens of thousands of Long Chen flying through the air. His speed had reached a completely unprecedented level.

Suddenly, those images vanished, and Long Chen returned to his original location, looking at the newly obtained Kunpeng wings with shock.

“These wings have been nourished by primal chaos qi for so long that they’ve gained sentience. The status of that genius Kunpeng was definitely not ordinary!”

After refining this pair of wings, Long Chen found that a will within the wings was rejecting him.

Since that was the case, Long Chen had to use his own will to suppress it with brute power. After subduing it, it learned its lesson, and the memories of its growth gradually appeared in Long Chen’s mind.

These wings had been meticulously nourished with utmost care, just like a divine weapon that had been carefully forged. Their power had surpassed that genius Kunpeng’s level, and this was why Long Chen’s Seven Peak Sword had been unable to harm the wings.

Fortunately, even without the inherent Kunpeng power, Long Chen possessed seven-color Supreme Blood, violet blood, and dragon blood, all of which provided him with the necessary resources to harness the wings to their full potential.

Hence, when Long Chen used these wings, his speed exceeded that of the Kunpeng, and his power was greater as well.

“Boss, if we get more wings, can we equip all the Dragonblood warriors with them?” asked Xia Chen expectantly.

Long Chen shook his head. “It is impossible. If you want to refine the Kunpeng wings, you will need a body that’s stronger than theirs, and most importantly, a will mightier than that of the Kunpeng. Otherwise, it is just nonsense.”

The Kunpeng refused to submit to the limitations of heaven and earth, having a will to defy the heavens and change their fate, a will to topple the Heavenly Daos.

Hence, although the Dragonblood warriors had firm wills as well, it was likely impossible for them to subdue the will of the Kunpeng. Furthermore, it was extremely risky to try. Risking their lives for a remote chance of success was simply not worth it.

Hearing this from Long Chen, Xia Chen was disappointed and could only give up on that idea.

“There are too many people here. Let’s switch locations. We should avoid being surrounded,” said Long Chen. He brought them flying away with his golden wings, and they instantly vanished.

During the next few days, the lifeforms responsible for hunting them had no idea that the three of them had long since left their previous location. These idiots were still foolishly encircling that area and conducting a careful search of it.

In truth, Long Chen’s group of three had flipped through over thirty ruins and obtained three Eternal divine items, as well as various cultivation techniques and secret tomes. With regard to their spirit stones and divine materials, there was no way to count them all.

Seeing that there was no sign of activity from the hunting lifeforms during these past few days, the three of them decided to start getting closer to the location of a supreme sect.

After being exposed in the Heaven Battling Divine Sect, Long Chen was worried that these lifeforms would know their target and guard it. However, as Long Chen got closer to that sect’s location, he realized that his worries were unfounded. These lifeforms lacked the brain for such strategic thinking. Hence, without a hitch, they arrived at the supreme sect’s ruins.

This sect used to be comparable to the Heaven Battling Divine Sect. However, just as the three of them were thinking that they would get the greatest gain from this place, they found that the treasuries had long since been plundered.

“What is going on?”

According to reason, the lifeforms of this world wouldn’t touch the human race’s items, as these things were trash to them.

“Based on the marks, it seems that this treasury was plundered a long time ago, probably done by someone from that era,” said Long Chen as he examined the surroundings.

“Did someone take advantage of the chaos to steal?” Guo Ran was startled.

“Boss, can you read these characters?” Xia Chen suddenly noticed some characters on an ordinary wall.

There was a pile of dust in front of these characters, as well as a short blade that had long since rusted away.

Long Chen focused on the characters scrawled haphazardly on the wall. As their shapes were marred by the corrosion, it took him a considerable amount of time to decipher the meaning behind the two characters.


“Traitors? Does that mean the treasures of this sect were stolen by traitors?!” exclaimed Xia Chen.

“But what was the point? The entire human race here was wiped out in the end.” Guo Ran couldn’t comprehend this.

The three of them then observed the dust sticking on the wall, presumably the remnants of the individual that had carved these characters before fading into dust. Although these characters looked slovenly, based on the way they were written, it seemed that this person had harbored intense hatred and resentment before their death.

Long Chen stared at the two characters for a long time before shaking his head. “The enemies aren’t the most frightening thing. The true terror lies in the invisible foes and the allies that harbor sinister motives.”

“How hateful. Where did these traitors hide the treasures?!” Xia Chen gnashed his teeth.

Long Chen suddenly smiled. “We can still get the treasures!”


“Think about it, the human race was wiped out in this world, so those traitors definitely died in the end. However, they had taken advantage of the chaos to plunder this sect before the battle. In other words, those treasures are still intact and exist somewhere…”

“So as long as we find them, we’ll be rich!” Guo Ran and Xia Chen shouted excitedly at the same time.

“But how are we supposed to find them?”

Contemplating this matter, both of them grew disheartened. The world was vast, and the prospect of tracking down stolen treasures felt akin to searching for a needle in a haystack.

“It shouldn’t be difficult. As long as you activate your probing formation disc to look for primal chaos spirit stones, you should be able to find it,” said Long Chen.

“But such a wide-range scan will probably draw our enemies’ attention. Furthermore, it will cost a shocking number of primal chaos spirit stones…” Xia Chen hesitated.

“If you aren’t willing to lose, you won’t be able to win big. Don’t worry about the spirit stones. Once we find those treasures, we’ll have more than enough,” said Long Chen with a smile.

As a result, Xia Chen clenched his teeth and set up a maximum-range sensor formation. When he was done, a pile of primal chaos spirit stones lit up at the center and then shattered one by one, becoming trash.

In the time it took for an incense stick to burn, they had depleted over ten thousand primal chaos spirit stones. The three of them felt the sting over their loss, but they gritted their teeth and continued to toss in primal chaos spirit stones into the formation.

Countless specks of light lit up on Xia Chen’s formation disc, resembling a starry sea, and each speck represented the fluctuations of primal chaos spirit stones. Some shone brighter, while some were dimmer, signifying the varying intensity of primal chaos fluctuations. In other words, the brighter spots indicated the presence of a greater number of spirit stones.


Suddenly, one spot of light blazed like the sun, causing all three of them to cry out in delight.

“Found it!”