The full moon exploded. It was only then that everyone realized that the core was actually a giant piece of jade with countless runes flowing within it.

“So the core of the spring isn’t natural but man-made!” exclaimed Xia Chen.

“Due to how much time had passed and no one maintaining it, the core was already on the brink of collapse, and under boss’s intense suction, all of the primal chaos energy inside of it was drawn out. Without the support, the runes were thrown in disbalance, and it exploded.” Guo Ran nodded along.

“Hehe, boss really is the boss. After this, there will no longer be a primal chaos eye,” chuckled Xia Chen.

The shattered jade transformed into a powder that scattered throughout the pool, and the pool became incredibly turbid. They could no longer see through it.

As the jade exploded, its residual primal chaos energy detonated alongside it, and the majority of this released energy surged toward Long Chen. Long Chen had wrung out all the primal chaos energy inside of the jade.


It was like a volcano was erupting within Long Chen. He had finally reached his limit and could no longer absorb any more primal chaos energy.

Just then, the seal around Long Chen came undone, and two experts instantly charged at him.

“Boss, watch out!” warned Xia Chen. The divine sea was now in chaos, and they couldn’t see anything. However, through the formation, Xia Chen was able to sense what was happening.


Suddenly, two deafening explosions echoed through the area, accompanied by two pained grunts. The two experts who had been assaulting Long Chen were sent flying backward, crashing into the walls. Boulders then rolled down as the walls started to collapse.

Just then, the seals around the other experts came undone. Infuriated, they let out furious howls and launched an assault on Long Chen. Their killing intent surged like a tempest.

After all, the seals on their bodies weren't undone because they had reached their absorption limits; rather, it was because there was simply no more primal chaos energy for them to absorb. At most, they had only achieved half-saturation. As all the other energy had been taken by Long Chen alone, how could they not be enraged?

With the destruction of the primal chaos eye’s core, from now on, there would no longer be a primal chaos eye. In other words, they were the final batch of people to undergo its baptism.


Out of nowhere, a gleaming golden arrow streaked forth. Despite the springwater obstructing its path, it moved at remarkable speed and reached Long Chen almost instantaneously.

Long Chen’s heart raced as he recognized this as a divine ability of the Kunpeng race. He didn’t dare to receive it head-on and ducked to dodge the deadly projectile.


The divine light was like a sword piercing straight through the rock and out the earth, penetrating the nine heavens.

“What a terrifying divine ability!”

Long Chen jumped in shock as the power of this attack was unimaginable. If he was struck, even he might meet his end.

Suddenly, an ear-piercing shriek tore through the air, like a needle stabbing into his very soul. Both Xia Chen and Guo Ran screamed in pain and covered their ears, while blood poured out of their ears, eyes, nose, and mouth.

That two-headed lifeform had unleashed a spiritual attack, causing Long Chen to feel shocked, as this attack was impossible to evade or defend against. As a result, Xia Chen and Guo Ran’s souls were on the verge of tearing apart.

Just then, the blood flame expert attacked Long Chen.

“Go for broke!”

Long Chen gritted his teeth and turned his gaze. The next moment, a giant image of a dragon appeared behind him, and a brilliant dragon cry rang out.

“Divine Dragon Pendulum Tail!”


A golden dragon tail shot out like a heavenly whip, delivering a powerful strike to the Blood expert.

With an immense explosion, a giant vacuum appeared underwater, and terrifying ripples spread in every direction, sending boulders flying and causing waves to explode into the sky. That Blood expert was sent flying out of the water like a shooting star.

“They’re here! Suppress them!”

Just as the Blood expert came flying out of the water, over ten Eternal experts summoned weaving Blood Qi that locked down this area.


The Blood expert directly smashed into the Blood Qi barrier made by the combined forces of multiple Eternal experts. As a result, his protective divine light shattered, and blood sprayed out of his mouth.

“Wait, this is one of ours!” shouted one of these Eternals.

They had thought that after being surrounded by so many experts, Long Chen’s group of three would immediately try to flee. Hence, these experts had set up a heaven-encompassing net for the three of them to fly into.

However, they hadn’t expected the first one to come out to be the heavenly genius from the Blood race. Fortunately, they had wanted to capture Long Chen alive; otherwise, this Blood expert would have been annihilated.


Just as they were surprised by the appearance of the Blood expert, the water exploded once more, and a bronze cauldron smashed into their barrier.

This impenetrable barrier had part of its power retracted due to the confusion surrounding the Blood expert’s appearance. As a result, the bronze cauldron smashed into it at its weakest moment, and this enormous barrier was forcibly blasted through.


All the Eternals who had set up the barrier were shocked, their Blood Qi flipping inside of them. This bronze cauldron’s divine pressure made their souls quiver.

“Quick, stop them!”

Right as the bronze cauldron broke through the barrier, Long Chen grabbed Xia Chen and Guo Ran and flew through the opening.

These experts immediately attacked, but they were one step too slow. Long Chen retracted the Earth Cauldron and his golden wings shimmered. In an instant, he disappeared from view.

More figures then came flying out from the water. The other eight heavenly geniuses appeared, covered in mud.


Seeing Long Chen escape, all of them were seething with rage and instantly shot after him.

A giant Kunpeng then appeared in the sky, and with a flash of golden light, it vanished without a trace. It was that heavenly genius from the Kunpeng race.

One figure after another shot toward Long Chen’s direction with terrifying speed.

Long Chen then sped through the air with great velocity, leaving a wake of constantly collapsing space behind him. Numerous experts pursued him at their maximum speed, the tremendous spatial pressure they emitted causing the very laws of heaven and earth to buckle and waver.

“Fuck, this is terrifying!” Guo Ran looked back and felt a chill.

Countless experts, including many Eternals, were crazily chasing them. As a result, the space in their wake crumbled as if a relentless dragon was hunting them down. Once they were caught, they would definitely be torn apart.

Xia Chen and Guo Ran had been alongside Long Chen for many years and had witnessed numerous incredible events. However, this high-speed chase was an entirely new and terrifying experience for them.

“Not good! Boss, someone’s catching up!” shouted Guo Ran. A golden Kunpeng had thrown off the other experts and was getting closer and closer.