Blood sprayed out of Long Chen’s mouth as the Earth Cauldron’s divine might knocked the seven Eternal experts back several steps.

This was the Earth Cauldron, not the full Heaven Earth Cauldron. It was not meant for killing, but even so, Eternal experts would suffer when directly clashing with it.

Long Chen quickly put away the Earth Cauldron. He knew he had only one chance, and with this failure, he had to leave immediately, or he would certainly die. Just as he was preparing to bring Xia Chen and Guo Ran away while these experts were still shocked and had yet to surround them, the dragon expert’s voice rang out in his mind.

“Cloud Dragon Immolation Claw!”


Long Chen was shocked. At this critical time, the dragon expert wanted him to keep attacking? Long Chen gritted his teeth. However, due to his trust in the dragon expert, he chose to do it. Golden dragon scales appeared all over his body, and a majestic dragon cry resounded throughout heaven and earth.

A giant dragon image appeared behind Long Chen. However, this time, it was different from before. It went from illusory to solid, as if a real dragon had just descended.

Long Chen's body shook as his divine sense abruptly departed from his physical form, delving deep into the cosmos. He experienced the sensation of seeing a colossal dragon entwined around countless stars, a truly awe-inspiring sight.

“This is my second time lending you power, so we will have to part for now. You will have to walk your future path yourself.”

“Senior!” Long Chen’s heart trembled as an ominous premonition washed over him.


Long Chen gritted his teeth. Putting aside his misgivings, he roared.

“Cloud Dragon Immolation Claw!”

A dragon claw extended from the image behind Long Chen, casting a shadow that seemed to cover the heavens, shrouding the sun’s radiance. As soon as it manifested, it tore through the ten thousand Daos. Gaping cracks filled the very void, and it appeared as though this claw would rip the world apart.


When that claw appeared, all the Eternal experts’ expressions changed, and they fled like startled rabbits.


A heaven-shaking explosion erupted as the dragon claw fell, instantly obliterating a space of hundreds of thousands of miles. Those seven Eternal experts were struck by a terrifying ripple, and every single one of them screamed and exploded into blood mist.

Not even Eternal experts were able to escape this claw, so it instantly wiped out the other experts as well.

Seeing this scene, even Long Chen himself was stunned. The dragon expert had helped him with its power, and it actually annihilated so many Eternal experts in an instant.

However, Long Chen felt no joy, for he sensed that the dragon expert's aura had abruptly vanished. Previously, he could feel the dragon expert watching over him, but now it seemed that this connection had disappeared.

“Senior, senior…!” Long Chen cried out, but the dragon expert didn’t reply. It was like it had vanished forever.

Just then, Xia Chen and Guo Ran flew over, both shocked by Long Chen’s attack.


Suddenly, they saw Long Chen sway and actually collapse. The two of them immediately grabbed him.

They checked his body to find that every last bit of his energy was gone. His essence, qi, and spirit were all severely overdrafted.


Xia Chen and Guo Ran didn’t dare to tarry and carried Long Chen toward the gate. Xia Chen then activated a formation, and the three of them went with the flow of primal chaos qi, vanishing instantly.

Within the boundless cosmos, within the sea of stars, a pair of giant eyes grew dim and listless.

“You really are a foolish brat that doesn’t let your elder feel at ease. However, I like your character. He bet everything on you, so I will bet my everything as well.” The dragon expert’s voice echoed throughout the cosmos.

Following that, its body quivered and the entire starry sea quivered with it.

Looking from a greater distance, it was possible to see countless chains binding its body, with every chain bound to a star.

One particular giant chain pierced straight through the dragon expert’s head, and the other end of that chain was embedded into the heart of the cosmos.

This was a land of darkness. Its absolute black aura was like the mouth of an all-consuming beast, exuding a feeling of terror and dread.

“This little fellow really isn’t bad. I thought that with my power, he would only be able to drive them back, but he actually killed them all. His potential really is astounding. But borrowing one bit of my power took ten thousand bits of power out of me. These damn blood-sucking ghosts, they’re still absorbing my energy. I need to enter a slumber. Hopefully, when I wake up, that foolish brat will have grown up…”

Those giant eyes slowly closed, and this entire cosmos descended into a deathly silence. There was only some mystical energy flowing at the heart of the cosmos, where it was darkest. It was like some terrifying existence was being born there.

Xia Chen and Guo Ran came flying out of the gate and returned to the Sage King Prefecture, where countless experts from various races had gathered. When the three of them abruptly appeared, these experts were all shocked. However, when they saw the unconscious Long Chen, their expressions turned hostile, and killing intent exploded out of them.

Weeks before, when the experts from the humanless world noticed Long Chen’s presence in their world, they directly locked down the gate.

Following that, one of their Eternal experts shouted to the side of the Sage King Prefecture, shattering the formation that Xia Chen had set up to block off communication.

As the gate had opened a bit wider since Long Chen’s entry, this allowed the lifeforms on the Sage King Prefecture’s side to barely manage to communicate with the other side.

Once they connected though, the humanless world’s experts could communicate properly with them and learn about the situation in the Nirvana Overflow Heaven.

The experts of the devil race, Blood race, and demonic beast race in particular were delighted to learn about experts from their respective races in the humanless world. They were eager to open the gate and welcome them.

Hence, they immediately pledged loyalty to the humanless world’s forces. Once the gate opened, they would be their advance troops.

These experts were very skilled at sucking up, and the humanless world’s experts were very pleased by their flattery, so the latter would occasionally transmit a few low grade divine abilities through the gate.

Those were divine abilities that had long since been lost in the Nirvana Overflow Heaven. To the humanless world’s experts, they were crude superficial techniques, but they were priceless secret arts to the experts in the Nirvana Overflow Heaven.

Due to this, experts from various races were gathering here, waiting for the direction of the humanless world’s experts. With time, more and more of them arrived in this prefecture, including half-step Eternals.

Hence, when Guo Ran, Xia Chen, and Long Chen emerged from the gate, those experts were stunned. They had not dreamed that the three of them would be able to escape alive.

“Kill them!”

Upon seeing that Long Chen was unconscious, those experts instantly erupted with killing intent. All the half-step Eternals directly attacked the three of them.

“There was a path to heaven, but you didn’t walk it. There was no gate to hell, but you still forced your way through. Fine.”

Upon seeing the idiots charging over, Xia Chen’s expression sank. He then took out an ancient formation disc. As soon as it appeared, a terrifying murderous aura filled the air.


That formation disc shot out like a bolt of lightning and detonated within the crowd.