“Long Chen, you scared us to death!”

Yu Qingxuan and Bai Shishi’s eyes were red. They had clearly been crying, but they were delighted to see Long Chen wake up.

“I was just sleeping,” said Long Chen with a smile.

“Sleeping?! Do you know that your aura and spiritual fluctuations almost vanished just now?!” cried out Yu Qingxuan before bursting into tears.

“Just now?”

Long Chen was startled. Was it while he was speaking to that mysterious elder? Long Chen sensed his condition and found that he was incredibly weak. His spiritual fluctuations were faint, and he felt like he didn’t have the slightest trace of energy left inside of him. It really did feel like he was about to die.

However, curiously, his mind was in excellent condition. Furthermore, this extremely weak state rapidly recovered once he woke up.

In just a few breaths, his spiritual fluctuations strengthened and his power gradually recovered.

“Can it be that speaking to that elder exhausts too much of my energy?” wondered Long Chen.

Seeing Yu Qingxuan and Bai Shishi’s red eyes, Long Chen grabbed their hands. “I’m sorry to make you worry.”

Yu Qingxuan and Bai Shishi both blushed. Although Long Chen had held their hands in private, he had never done it in front of others, so they instantly turned shy.

Upon seeing their tear-stained beauty, Long Chen’s heart felt like it would melt. He then pulled the two of them in, and the two cried out, instinctively avoiding him.

Bai Shishi’s face was completely red. “I… I’m going to tell Father and Mother that you’re awake so that they don’t worry.”

After saying that, Bai Shishi directly fled, her face just like a red apple as she ran.

“Qingxuan…” Long Chen pulled Yu Qingxuan, who was also extremely red.

Yu Qingxuan held his hand and softly said, “That’s enough. You just woke up and your Yuan Spirit is still in a weak state. Eat this pill and rest some more.”

Yu Qingxuan took out a medicinal pill and fed Long Chen. Long Chen then opened his mouth extra wide and pretended to bite Yu Qingxuan’s hand as he consumed the pill, scaring her into hastily retracting her hand.

“Even at your age, you’re still acting like a child!” Yu Qingxuan glared at Long Chen, though there was no real anger in her eyes.

“Qingxuan, just stay by my side. I feel like I can sleep peacefully with you here. The moment Long Chen consumed this pill, a burst of sleepiness came over him. Yu Qingxuan’s pills were even more effective than the pills he refined himself.

“Alright. Lie down. I’ll go to find Shishi. We’ll guard you.” Yu Qingxuan smiled sweetly and lightly helped Long Chen lie down.

Long Chen nodded and watched Yu Qingxuan leave the room. He wanted to see Bai Shishi again, but he quickly fell asleep. As he sank into unconsciousness, he seemed to hear two people whispering. Their voices were like birdsong, and he quickly drifted away peacefully.

Long Chen’s sleep this time was exceptionally sweet, reminiscent of his childhood when he would fall asleep crying in his mother’s embrace. It was filled with a sense of peace.

This single sleep lasted for three days and nights. When Long Chen finally opened his eyes, he found himself lying in Bai Shishi’s embrace, his head resting on her lap, and his face nestled into her underbelly. Her fragrance filled his senses.

No wonder he had dreamed so comfortably, as if he was a child again. Long Chen wanted to reach out to hug her, but he was afraid that she would push him away.

Although he already woke up, he didn’t move, acting like he was still asleep. Suddenly, he heard Bai Shishi’s teasing voice.

“Don’t be shy.”

Long Chen instantly understood that he had been exposed. Blushing, he hugged Bai Shishi tightly.

Bai Shishi cried out in shock, not expecting him to be so wild. Her face turned as red as a tomato, and she felt a burning heat rising within her.

“Stop messing around. Release me.”

“I was told not to be shy, so why should I let go?” Long Chen hugged Bai Shishi even tighter. Looking at her embarrassed appearance, Long Chen laughed.

“Stop! Sister Qingxuan is bringing a wet washcloth for your face and will be back soon. Don’t let her see this,” said Bai Shishi, pushing him away.

Long Chen knew that Bai Shishi’s skin wasn’t thick enough, so he didn’t dare to tease her too much. He released his embrace, and even after he did, Bai Shishi's cheeks were still as red as a ripe apple.

“What are you looking at!? I was just sitting to the side, and you crawled your way up to me!” declared Bai Shishi upon seeing Long Chen smiling at her.

Long Chen knew that Bai Shishi would really get angry if he kept this up, so he put away his smile and solemnly said, “Thank you. I’m sorry for making you worry.”

It was only then that Bai Shishi’s expression improved slightly. She then glared at him. “You knew that we would worry about you, but you still went running off to the humanless world without discussing it with us! Do you even care about us?”

After Bai Shishi said this, her eyes reddened once more. Even though she did her best not to cry, a few tears still leaked out.

“I’m sorry. It was my mistake. I should have discussed it with you. I promise that I will definitely talk to you about such things next time,” said Long Chen hastily.

In truth, Long Chen hadn’t dared to discuss it with them. He knew that as soon as he mentioned it to them, they would definitely go with him, or they wouldn’t let him go.

Going to the humanless world was far too dangerous, so Long Chen wouldn’t let them go. That was why he had only brought Xia Chen and Guo Ran. Without the two of them, even he wouldn’t dare to go there.

However, Long Chen could be considered smart and didn’t argue about it, directly admitting his mistake. As for whether he would bring them next time, that would be a matter for next time.

Upon hearing his promise, Bai Shishi’s expression improved. Given Long Chen’s character, getting him to admit that he was wrong was extremely difficult, so this could be considered a great concession.

However, Bai Shishi still didn’t understand Long Chen well enough. Long Chen didn’t give concessions to others, but to his own people, especially his beloved woman, he didn’t mind making concessions and acknowledging his mistakes. He had long since gotten used to such a thing.

Long Chen reached out to wipe away Bai Shishi’s tears, but she pushed away his hand and angrily said, “After making someone cry, you’re then going to help them wipe away their tears and count it as even?”

“As a person, you must finish what you start. If I caused something, then I should take responsibility, right?” said Long Chen.

The double meaning behind his words made Bai Shishi blush. Just then, Bai Shishi heard footsteps outside, so she hastily wiped away her tears and acted as if nothing happened.

“Big sis, is boss awake yet?” They heard Bai Xiaole’s voice from outside.

“Not yet. What is it?” asked Bai Shishi lightly.

Long Chen was startled. After all, he was already awake. But seeing her glare at him, he didn’t dare to say a thing.

“Ah, really? Then what are we supposed to do? There are more challengers today,” said Bai Xiaole disappointedly.


Long Chen felt a sharp pain in his waist and let out a startled cry. Bai Shishi was pinching him.


“You what? You woke up and still pretended to be asleep. Hurry and get up!”

Long Chen looked at Bai Shishi in disbelief. “God damn…”

“If you want to go, then go! Stop dawdling!” Bai Shishi chided Long Chen, holding back a smile.

“Count yourself vicious!”

Long Chen nodded. He realized that this petty-hearted woman had exacted her revenge. She always found a way to get back at him.

Long Chen then pushed the door open and saw Bai Xiaole.

“Let’s go. I want to see just who is so blind as to dare come to my territory and challenge me! If I don’t beat the crap out of them today, I’ll accept that their sphincters are of high quality!”