“What… what are you talking about?”

That sharp-faced elder’s expression changed, and he shouted indignantly.

Long Chen coldly said, “Don’t play this game with me. When it comes to playing tricks, you aren’t even fit to carry my shoes. I just came out of the humanless world, and many people saw it. You came here to probe what happened to me, didn’t you? Your guts are quite big!”


“Shut up! I don’t have time to waste on you. Under the banner of exchanging pointers, you came to see whether I was dead or severely wounded. With such malicious intent, if I wasn’t the dean of the High Firmament Academy, I’d have slaughtered you immediately,” shouted Long Chen.

Although Long Chen had barely exchanged words with them, he was able to guess their goal. He had seen such a thing a lot.

“What arrogance! I, Jiang Song, am not convinced! Do you dare to fight me?!” One of the Immortal Kings suddenly stepped forward arrogantly.

Bai Xiaole was startled when this guy stepped forward as there was primal chaos qi swirling around him. His aura was shocking.

“You… did you collude with the other world’s experts?! How did you come to possess such powerful primal chaos qi?!” shouted Bai Xiaole.

“Cut the crap. Do you dare to fight or not?” demanded that expert who called himself Jiang Song.

“After absorbing a few primal chaos spirit stones, do you think that you’re unrivaled in this world?” Long Chen snorted disdainfully.

He could tell that Jiang Song had absorbed the energy of primal chaos spirit stones. Moreover, he had just absorbed their energy, and the primal chaos qi had yet to fully adapt to his body.

Long Chen had also absorbed primal chaos energy. However, he had done it under the protection of the primal chaos eye, so it was fully merged into him.

When Long Chen fell into a slumber, his body no longer had any nutrients to sustain it, so it entered a slumbering state to reduce energy consumption.

Because of this though, others were unable to sense the primal chaos qi on him. As a result, this Jiang Song got arrogant.

Absorbing this primal chaos qi had made him feel like he'd undergone a profound change. It was as if he had merged with heaven and earth, as if the entire world was under his command. His confidence extended to the ten Immortal Kings accompanying him, whose auras had also been tremendously enhanced by the primal chaos qi. This newfound strength gave them the audacity to challenge Long Chen.

“Long Chen, are you afraid? Does the great Sage King not even dare to fight me? Hahaha, if news of that spread, your name will be tarnished!” Jiang Song laughed arrogantly.

Hearing this, Bai Xiaole was enraged. This person was practically asking to die. Although Bai Xiaole hadn’t absorbed primal chaos qi, he felt that even he would be able to defeat this idiot. Just as he was about to teach him a lesson, Long Chen held him back.

“Every single one of you brings a photographic jade and has it activated. Speak, who are you recording for?” demanded Long Chen.

“We have a photographic jade active to record Dean Long Chen’s remarkable presence. Why? Is there any problem?” said one of the Immortal Kings.

The next moment, Long Chen seemed to suddenly teleport in front of that Immortal King, startling him. Having no time to take out a weapon, he swung his fist at Long Chen.


However, the moment he attacked, Long Chen’s finger had already pierced his head, shattering his soul. Long Chen then saw some scenes from his soul fragments.

“A sneak attack! How dare you!”

These experts were infuriated. Jiang Song, who was closest to Long Chen, unsheathed his sword and swung it at Long Chen's neck.

“How brazen!”

The academy’s elders were enraged. They were about to join in the fight when they saw a sight that left them in disbelief.


Jiang Song swung his sword at Long Chen's neck, but to their amazement, Long Chen's neck remained unharmed while the sword snapped in two.

This sword might not be an Eternal divine weapon, but it was known for its remarkable sharpness. Even against Eternal divine weapons, it could put up a fight. Hence, Jiang Song cherished it as much as his own life.

Jiang Song looked at his shattered sword in terror. He hadn’t held back with that blow. However, Long Chen seemed to disdain even blocking, simply allowing the sword to shatter upon contact with him.

“Isn’t living nice? Why do you want to die so badly?” Long Chen sighed and shook his head while looking at Jiang Song.

Jiang Song, in a desperate move, attempted to stab Long Chen's eyes with the broken sword as he retreated and made a run for the exit.

However, Long Chen simply caught the broken sword with his left hand. Then, with a flick of a finger, a streak of seven-color light flew out. Following that, the fleeing Jiang Song quivered and fell to the ground, not moving anymore.

“Humans should possess a respectful heart. Only then can they live a bit longer, don’t you think so?” Long Chen looked at the sharp-faced half-step Eternal.

“Right, you’re absolutely right! Dean Long Chen, your wisdom is unparalleled, and your divine power is a blessing for the human race! We…” That person hastily nodded and bowed fawningly, showing no trace of his previous arrogance.

Just as he was speaking, the broken sword in Long Chen’s hand flew out, and the elder’s head soared into the air, blood falling throughout the hall.

“Where did so many useless words come from? It’s annoying to hear them,” said Long Chen indifferently.

The elder’s head then fell to the ground, and following that, his body also collapsed.

What shocked everyone was that when the elder’s head fell, the fire of his soul was already extinguished. So, this blow had not just severed his neck, but it had also wiped out his Yuan Spirit.

It had to be known that if a half-step Eternal’s head was cut off, that would be considered a light wound. It wasn’t fatal. However, this elder did indeed die with no ability to resist.

“Long Chen, what do you think you’re doing?! We are only here to bear witness! Why would you kill us?!” Those half-step Eternals started to panic.

They suddenly realized that Long Chen was far more terrifying than he had been during the Sage King Convention. Although he was still an Immortal King, as soon as he started attacking, he gave them a sense of immense pressure, like a mortal threat that was pointed right at their hearts.

This signified that Long Chen could easily kill them all. They hadn’t expected such a thing before coming here.

“Why would I kill you? Well… why would you provoke me? Why would you betray the human race and collude with the humanless world’s lifeforms?” demanded Long Chen darkly.

From that slain person’s soul fragments, Long Chen knew the entire cause of this incident. The humanless world’s experts had started enticing the human race to do their bidding. They sent over primal chaos spirit stones from the other side of the gate, promising that the day the gate opened was the day that the humanless world’s treasures would be shared with them.

Unable to resist the allure of primal chaos spirit stones, these idiots promised to carry out their orders. As a result, this batch of brave conscripts came to the academy with photographic jades as evidence of their loyalty, and they would use the recordings to exchange for more treasures.

The reason why Long Chen’s killing intent was triggered was that he thought of the human race’s extinction in the humanless world. The root cause was betrayal, which was the most hateful thing for him. Originally, Long Chen had planned to teach them a lesson, but now he had changed his plans.

“You can just kill yourselves, or do you want me to personally do it?”

Long Chen's voice was icy, resembling a death god's edict as it reverberated throughout the hall. Those present were overwhelmed with terror, sensing that Long Chen really wanted to kill them all.