The hall exploded, and hundreds of figures went flying out of the wreckage.

Within the dust and smoke, Long Chen’s figure emerged. As the golden divine radiance around him gradually faded, his heaven-shaking Blood Qi also slowly subsided.

“How sinister!”

A half-step Eternal crawled up with great difficulty and pointed at Long Chen, his eyes full of fear and resentment.

After saying that, he collapsed and no longer made a sound.

Bai Xiaole was behind Long Chen, looking completely dumbfounded. He hadn’t expected Long Chen to be so ruthless. Just now, everything had happened so quickly that it was over before he could even react.

In that instant, Long Chen was like an angry god, and even the half-step Eternals were like ants in front of him.

“Dean Long Chen, have you thought about the consequences?” Just then, a voice rang out, and Bai Letian’s figure silently appeared.


Bai Xiaole was startled. Bai Letian was actually in this branch academy as well?

Long Chen then turned to Bai Letian and shook his head. “How could I have thought about the consequences? It seems that I’m too childish. I truly am not suited to be the dean.”

What shocked Long Chen was that, even in his current state, with his senses sharper than ever, he was still unable to see through Bai Letian’s cultivation base.

“No, you are very suited to your position. If I were the one dealing with them, I wouldn’t have been able to kill them all. Whether it is out of consideration for the academy or from a personal standpoint, I wouldn’t be able to do it,” said Bai Letian as he walked over to Long Chen with a faint smile.

“So you had me be the bad person? Well, I’ve never really been a good person anyway.” Long Chen couldn’t help smiling bitterly.

“Grandpa, it’s not right for you to make my boss bear the burden!” scolded Bai Xiaole.

“If Long Chen doesn’t bear the burden, are you trying to get an old man like me to bear it?” said Bai Letian with a laugh. He turned to Long Chen. “Why did you change plans and suddenly kill them? I’m a bit surprised. I thought you would teach them a lesson and then tell them to scram.”

All of a sudden, Long Chen’s smile vanished, and he somberly said, “I actually disdained the idea of killing them, and at first, I had no intention of doing so. But from their soul fragments, I knew that they had been bought by the humanless world’s lifeforms, so I had to kill them. If they could be bought once, they could be bought a second time. Perhaps they wouldn’t dare to target me, but they would certainly target other humans. Mountains and plains change, but a person’s character doesn’t. If I let them off, they wouldn’t be grateful to me. And even if they did briefly, such gratitude is short-lived. They would not necessarily let me off when I am in trouble next time. Moreover, there's a crucial aspect to consider: allowing them to go free would give me a reputation for being lenient and magnanimous. But that would bring even more trouble. Who knows how many innocent people would die at their hands? After thinking about that, I decided to change plans. I suppose it’s the same reasoning as the death penalty. It may tarnish my reputation, but I don’t mind.”

After hearing that, Bai Letian’s smile widened, and he nodded. “With the opening of the humanless world, primal chaos qi floods our world and reshapes the laws. More worlds similar to the humanless world are gradually emerging. Although things look peaceful right now, in truth, dark undercurrents are lurking beneath the surface. Danger is silently approaching, and the human race is on the verge of destruction. Yet, these people allowed themselves to be bought by other races. They truly did deserve death.”

“Dean, are you saying that more worlds like the humanless world are appearing?” Long Chen was startled.

Bai Letian nodded. “We’ve just received a report. Two mysterious gates appeared in the southeast and northwest sides of the Nirvana Overflow Heaven, and primal chaos qi is flowing into our world from the gates. Furthermore, there are reports of ancient ruins emerging in both the Violet Flame Heaven and Darklight Heaven. As primal chaos qi is coming from their entrances, they are suspected to be gates to other worlds as well.”

“If that’s the case, opening the humanless world might not have been the ultimate goal of the Sage King Convention… Instead…”

“The humanless world served as the spark that ignited a prairie fire. Now that this spark has ignited, the fire is spreading throughout every corner of this world. It was quite the move. Fortunately, you stopped the humanless world from opening, so we still have time to deal with it,” said Bai Letian.

Long Chen’s heart shuddered. This time, Lord Brahma’s move was truly profound. Just what was he planning on doing?

“Other than that, Dean Long Chen, during this upcoming period, it would be best if you didn’t leave the academy,” warned Bai Letian.

“Why?” asked Bai Xiaole.

“We have received reports from the Nirvana Overflow Heaven, Violet Flame Heaven, and Darklight Heaven about the appearance of the gates, but we lack information about the number of undiscovered gates that may have opened. There are rumors that experts from those other worlds have infiltrated the nine heavens, leaving blood in their wake. Everyone is nervous,” said Bai Letian.

“Then isn’t this the perfect time for us to kill them and make a name for ourselves?” said Bai Xiaole.

Long Chen shook his head. “You are thinking about it too simply. Their true experts will not risk coming to our world just yet. They're biding their time for the laws of the various realms to stabilize, then swiftly ascend to become World Kings. That way, they'll establish a connection with the nine heavens and won't be bound by our realm's laws. The ones coming now are just troublemakers trying to disturb us. Killing them won’t have any impact and will only slow down our cultivation speed. Perhaps they even have a few hidden assassins that will target our world’s heavenly geniuses. Dean Bai is worried that I will be targeted by them.”

Bai Letian nodded, appreciating Long Chen’s intelligence. After all, Long Chen was still young but could already see so far. It was a rare talent.

Bai Letian then left, leaving the academy’s experts to handle the mess. They took away the corpses and got to work on reconstructing this hall.

Killing so many of these experts would definitely cause huge waves. Long Chen believed that these people had countless eyes watching them. By taking decisive action and eliminating them, he aimed to establish a deterrent effect. Long Chen wanted people to know the price of betraying the human race.

If Long Chen had let them leave, it would only send the message that betraying the human race carried no consequences. That was a bad start.

“Let’s go. Perhaps Xia Chen has set up the primal chaos grand formation,” said Long Chen.

He and Bai Xiaole then headed to the rear mountains of the academy. When Long Chen sensed the primal chaos qi within a mountain valley, he smiled.

“The Dragonblood Legion is truly about to rise. Experts of the other worlds, are you prepared?”