This was a lifeform from the other world, and its Blood Qi and pressure were astonishing. Despite just becoming a World King, its aura was as strong as that of a half-step Eternal.

It had just snuck its way to the border of the heavenly tribulation and launched a sneak attack on a heavenly genius. Fortunately, this sneak attack was noticed quickly and thwarted in time; otherwise, that heavenly genius would have died.

Seeing that a single invader had dared to charge over all alone, the human race in this area was enraged and chased after it.

However, this lifeform was so incredibly fast that even half-step Eternals were unable to catch up to it. This left them grinding their teeth in frustration.

At this time, a seven-color streak of divine light pierced that lifeform’s head, causing the human race’s experts to shout in excitement.

Following that, a golden figure appeared in front of that lifeform and blew its head apart with a punch.

“It’s Long Chen!”

Startled cries rang out from the group of people. The attacker was the new Sage King, and their enthusiasm intensified when they recognized him.

However, when they saw his cultivation base, they couldn’t help being shocked. Long Chen’s realm hadn’t advanced, but his power had already transcended anything he had displayed during the Sage King Convention.

It had to be known that the slain lifeform had launched a sneak attack that required seven half-step Eternals working together to block it. However, such a terrifying expert was simply crushed by the Immortal King Long Chen.

Furthermore, they could tell that Long Chen could have slain it in one move. The reason he had launched two attacks was only to do a soulsearch.

Long Chen’s hand shattered that lifeform’s head and soul. After scanning its soul fragments, Long Chen found that this lifeform came from a realm known as the Great Desolate World.

Unlike the humanless world, there were humans in the Great Desolate World. However, the human race there occupied the lowest stratum of the castes. Their cultivation bases were restricted, and they were raised as slaves.

Under the control of the powerful lifeforms, the human race in the Great Desolate World was forced to do grueling tasks such as mining ores, constructing palaces, and forging weapons. In that harsh world, human lives were regarded as even lower than those of ants, so they had to endure a wretched fate.

“Courting death!”

Upon seeing the memories of this lifeform, Long Chen’s killing intent exploded. These bastards were even more vile than the lifeforms of the humanless world.

“Dean Long Chen, why have you come?”

An expert of the High Firmament Academy came over to greet Long Chen. Even though he was a half-step Eternal, he still bowed toward Long Chen reverently.

“I came to take a look,” said Long Chen with a dark expression. He had yet to recover from his rage.

“Dean Long Chen, you are incredibly powerful. We all admire you. What did you see from its soul?” asked another half-step Eternal not from the academy.

Their combined power was unable to hold back that lifeform, but Long Chen had slain it with a wave of his hand. The disparity in power was truly immense, instilling in them a profound respect for Long Chen. After all, throughout history, power had always commanded respect.

Long Chen told them about what he had seen, causing their expressions to change.

“Those bastards, those absolute animals!” cursed an elder with an explosive temper.

Upon learning that members of their race were being raised as slaves, they all burst into furious roars.

“How hateful! I swear I’m no human if I don’t avenge this insult!”

“As long as I still breathe, I will fight them to the death!”

These elders gnashed their teeth furiously, unable to accept this news. The elder from the High Firmament Academy said, “Dean Long Chen, the vice palace master is at the front. You should go and talk to him!”

Long Chen nodded and followed them deeper into this land. Here, lightning was raining down as hundreds of experts were undergoing tribulation.

Even the outer edge of this tribulation land was locked down by senior experts from various human factions. They didn’t dare to slack off in the slightest, afraid that a single opening could be exploited by the invaders.

Long Chen’s arrival caused quite the commotion. After all, he was the most famous expert of the junior generation, and even the seniors here regarded him as a supreme existence. They all knew once Long Chen became a World King, half-step Eternals like them would become insignificant in his presence.

Long Chen looked around and saw hundreds of thousands of disciples waiting. They were clearly lining up to undergo their tribulations.

“Only a few hundred people can undergo their tribulations at once? Just how long are we supposed to wait?” Long Chen frowned. If this continued, the gates would fully open before the Nirvana Overflow Heaven’s disciples finished undergoing their tribulations.

“There’s no way around it. If too many people do it at once, we won’t be able to look after them all. This is our limit,” sighed a half-step Eternal helplessly.

“Long Chen, why are you here?”

Bai Zhantang was surprised to see Long Chen, and similarly, Long Chen was also taken aback by the aura of Eternity that surrounded Bai Zhantang, who had already reached the level of a half-step Eternal. The cultivation bases of the High Firmament Academy’s elders had always been a mystery to Long Chen.

Before Long Chen could reply, he spotted a lifeform on the ground. To his surprise, it was a member of the Shadow race. However, it was on its last breaths. There wasn’t a single wound on it, but the fire of its soul was about to extinguish.

“Senior is amazing!”

Long Chen looked at Bai Xiaole’s mother, who was behind Bai Zhantang, and gave her a thumbs-up. Perhaps only a pupil art master like her could kill someone with a mere look.

Bai Xiaole’s mother smiled, but Bai Zhantang irritably said, “I asked you a question. Stop fawning.”

Bai Xiaole’s mother immediately glared at her husband. This fellow really didn’t know how to talk nicely.

Long Chen smiled. “My brothers will have to face their tribulations soon, so I came to scout things ahead of time.”

“Scout? Do you think you’re a bandit scouting a target?” Bai Zhantang sighed. Long Chen’s choice of words left him speechless. However, he could understand if Long Chen wanted to check the terrain.

Long Chen asked, “How is the situation here?”

“What do you think? You already saw it. These hateful fellows are buzzing around like flies. They’ll launch a sneak attack and then run. As these children cannot be affected by them while undergoing their tribulations, we have set up a layer of defense. But it’s only enough for a few hundred people to undergo tribulation at the same time. Tell me, isn’t it frustrating?” Bai Zhantang was extremely irritated with the situation.

That was why as soon as they caught any sneak attackers, he would want to tear their muscles and skin apart to vent. The problem was they were forced into a passive position, so being able to capture two or three in ten sneak attacks was already not bad. Most of the time, they could only watch as these sneak attackers fled, driving Bai Zhantang crazy.

“Take note of your image. You shouldn’t just say anything that crosses your mind,” scolded Bai Shishi’s mother.

Long Chen smiled. “It’s fine. I can resolve this problem. Leave it to me!”

“Leave it to you?” Bai Zhantang stared at Long Chen.

“Yes, leave it to me. I guarantee that not one person who dares to sneak attack us will get away.”

Long Chen smiled, but there was an icy killing intent in his eyes. The Great Desolate World’s lifeforms had fully enraged him.