With that person taking the lead, the other disciples also went crazy and charged toward the tribulation clouds.

“Crazy! They’ve all gone crazy!”

All the senior experts felt their scalps turning numb. How could these disciples trust Long Chen to this extent?

On the other hand, the heavenly tribulation seemed to be enraged by their actions. It seemed to boil, and the lightning arrows turned into lightning spears and pierced toward them.

Some disciples struggled to block those spears and spat out blood, while some were impaled right through. Most of them were enveloped by the wild power of the thunderforce, and a burning smell came from them.

However, those disciples continued to follow Long Chen’s orders and charge over. Several Triple Supremes were the first to go against the flow of lightning and strike the tribulation clouds.


As a result, lightning beasts emerged from the heart of the tribulation clouds, pressing them back, but more and more disciples continued to climb up.

All of a sudden, a Triple Supreme had his chest pierced through by one of those lightning beasts. And just as the lightning beast was about to tear him apart…


A black lightning arrow flew out and blasted that lightning beast apart, saving that person. Then, the petite Lei Linger appeared.

Lei Linger was immersed in the heavenly tribulation. As this lightning was her nourishment, she naturally wouldn’t let it go.

However, now wasn’t the time to absorb everything yet. She would only start taking her cut when the disciples couldn’t endure it any longer.

The weaker disciples were quickly at their limits. When they reached their breaking point, a lightning dragon would wrap around them, absorbing the lightning attacking them.

Lei Linger’s appearance reinvigorated the disciples. Now, they finally understood why Long Chen had told them to attack the tribulation head-on.

Hence, they unleashed all their power. The first reason was so that they would no longer be able to resist the thunderforce. When they reached that state, the thunderforce would be drawn into them naturally. The second reason was to extract the huge power of the tribulation. They had to constantly attack it to shorten the time of the tribulation.

Finally, even the Triple Supremes reached their limit, but they were quite strong and didn’t need Lei Linger’s help. Right before they couldn’t do it anymore, the tribulation ran out of energy and dissipated.

In less than an hour, this tribulation came to an end and ten thousand people had become World Kings. Thanks to Lei Linger’s protection, they didn't need to hold back at all and could freely absorb the blessing of the heavenly tribulation while avoiding the danger. The result was amazing. Now that they were World Kings, their auras were shockingly concentrated. It wouldn’t be long before they advanced to the first Heavenstage of the World King realm.

Seeing that it had such a good effect, everyone was stunned. Even the disciples who had undergone the tribulation found it difficult to believe; it felt like they were dreaming.

“Next batch!” said Long Chen indifferently.

With this success, everyone instantly stopped worrying, and the elders of other factions ran over, asking if their disciples could join in.

Previously, they had only watched, and even if Long Chen had asked them, they wouldn’t have been willing to let their disciples take this risk. However, it was different now.

This time, Long Chen increased the numbers, and thirty thousand people underwent tribulation together. The decision came after Lei Linger complained about the lack of essence for her to absorb. She needed more lightning essence, as ordinary thunderforce was no longer enough to satisfy her.

In the second wave, thirty thousand people would undergo tribulations together. Despite their nervousness, they didn’t dare to voice their doubts.

This time, half of the people were from the academy, while the other half came from various factions. After enough people gathered, the tribulation started.

Just like last time, although the heavenly tribulation was powerful, with Lei Linger’s protection, everything went smoothly.

By the third wave, their numbers swelled to fifty thousand. In the fourth wave, they reached eighty thousand participants. Then, Long Chen intended to increase the number to one hundred thousand for the fifth wave. However, he realized that they somehow couldn’t trigger the heavenly tribulation.

“What’s going on?”

The ten thousand disciples were standing at the core, flabbergasted as they looked at the sky. Even the seniors were stunned as they had never seen such a phenomenon before.

“Too many people have undergone their tribulations in rapid succession, so the Heavenly Daos are out of energy and unable to invoke another heavenly tribulation. The Heavenly Daos will need some time to recover,” Bai Xiaole’s mother explained, using her Three Flower Pupils to stare into the sky.

Before her eyes, the sky had a giant hole, with Heavenly Dao energy flooding over from every direction. It would likely take several hours to replenish the energy deficiency in this space.

Today’s tribulations had toppled everyone’s understanding of the world. Such a cheat-like method was something that they had never thought of.

“How was it?” Long Chen asked Lei Linger who had returned to the primal chaos space.

“Hehe, I feel full. I am starting to transform.” Lei Linger’s serious expression vanished, and she giggled.

Long Chen could also see that Lei Linger had started to have the aura of the World King realm. Her thunderforce was going through a qualitative transformation.

“It’s too bad that their thunderforce is too weak. I’m looking forward to Big Brother’s heavenly tribulation.” Lei Linger was full of anticipation, like a gluttonous foodie waiting for a feast.

“That meal of yours will definitely come. However, you have to grow stronger, or it will be too tough for you to swallow,” said Long Chen with a smile on his face.

Whether it was the dragon expert or his own father, they had all said that his impending tribulation would be frighteningly strong. This was also Long Chen’s first time feeling an immense sense of pressure from his upcoming tribulation. He had a premonition that his next heavenly tribulation would carry an immense weight of karma with it, making it possibly a life-threatening ordeal.

Thus, Lei Linger had to grow stronger. That way, she would be able to truly help during his tribulation. After all, she was his life-saving trump card.

A few hours later, the Heavenly Daos had restored themselves, and experts from more factions had flocked over in search of Long Chen’s aid.

The news that Long Chen could help people undergo their tribulations had spread far and wide. Hence, countless experts were enticed and had come to ask for his aid.

Some of them even directly said that they would be willing to make a spiritual contract with the academy if he could help them. In the future, no matter what difficulty the High Firmament Academy was in, they would help with all their power.

“Dean Long Chen, the experts of the other worlds are running rampant. The human race is in great peril. Please let us in!”

“We’re all members of the human race and should assist each other. Otherwise, how would we face our mutual enemies?”

Countless sects had sent representatives to ask for Long Chen’s aid. However, Long Chen looked at them with a touch of scorn.

“Have you forgotten how those races hunted me down during the Sage King Convention? Why don’t you tell me what you did in response?”


Those experts’ expressions grew unsightly.