A terrifying lightning explosion sent Long Chen flying. Before he could even summon his defenses, the impact already struck him, causing stars to spin in his vision and sending him smashing through several large mountains.

He didn’t even know how far he went flying before he came to a stop. Just then, a streak of lightning flew toward him.

“Big Brother Long Chen!” called out Lei Linger.

“Don’t come over!”

Long Chen cried out and immediately summoned the Dragon King Battle Armor.


Lei Linger brought over a powerful shockwave as she charged over. Even before she could get near him, the shockwave already sent Long Chen flying once more.

Fortunately, this time he was somewhat ready and was only sent flying, not injured.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t know this would happen!” Lei Linger felt so bad that she began to cry, especially upon seeing the blood around Long Chen’s mouth.

“Foolish girl, I’m very happy to see you get stronger. I’m fine.” Long Chen hastily consoled her. No matter how strong Lei Linger grew, her original heart didn’t change.

Seeing Long Chen smile and comfort her, Lei Linger smiled. At this moment, lightning was flowing around her, transforming an enormous space of ten thousand miles into a sea of lightning. Her explosive aura was like heavenly tribulation as it bore an overwhelming destructive will.

Lei Linger’s thunderforce scoured heaven and earth, inciting intense rumbling explosions that mirrored the rhythm of her breath. Its resonance affected the workings of the Heavenly Daos.

Seeing this scene, Long Chen was filled with delight. Lei Linger was even stronger than he had expected. Now, even if she encountered an Eternal expert, she would still have the power to fight them. Her power had truly grown explosively.

Long Chen then had Lei Linger start to practice her control of this newfound power. However, her Spiritual Strength was too weak, so she needed to borrow Long Chen’s.

Lei Linger was so powerful and out of control now that she couldn’t return to the primal chaos space. With her control now, her power would only harm the Moon Trees and Fusang Trees. This was why Long Chen had her do her fusion in the outside world.

Long Chen accompanied Lei Linger as she grew accustomed to this power. One day later, the sea of lightning around her had shrunk to just a few dozen miles. It was only then that Long Chen let her return to the primal chaos space.

She continued to slowly refine and digest her new power inside the primal chaos space. Meanwhile, Long Chen returned to the academy.

When he arrived, he immediately entered seclusion as he needed to adjust his essence, qi, and spirit to their peak condition.

He calmed all of his distracting thoughts, letting himself enter a state of forgetting everything. This was all so that he would be in his strongest state for his tribulation.

Seven days later, Long Chen came out of seclusion, and the Dragonblood warriors were also fully gathered. What shocked Long Chen was that they were all wearing new sets of armor with new weapons on their backs.

Seeing Long Chen’s shock, Guo Ran smiled proudly. “Boss, what do you think? Xia Chen and I worked day and night to make them.”

“Isn’t this too fast? What tier are these sets of armor and weapons?” Long Chen couldn’t help asking.

“They have no tier. All the materials put into them are the finest immortal and divine metals used to forge Eternal divine weapons. However, based on our calculations, Xia Chen and I would need to reach at least the Divine Venerate realm before we could create Eternal divine weapons. We couldn't wait that long, so we went another way. These are battle armor and weapons that are capable of growth, and we plan to use the power of the tribulation and the blood soul energy of our brothers to awaken the spirituality of the armor and weapons. We are very confident that it will work. Of course, the only requirement will be a strong enough heavenly tribulation,” said Guo Ran confidently.

Seeing that Guo Ran was so confident, Long Chen nodded. While Guo Ran was not reliable in other areas, when it came to forging, this fellow never slacked off in the slightest.

“Will this armor affect their Dragon Blood Battle Armor?” asked Long Chen.

“Of course not. Once these battle armor’s spirits are born, they will seamlessly merge with their masters, allowing our brothers to summon them as they please. Only when their physical bodies reach their limits will the armor manifest automatically. Furthermore, these armor come equipped with their own energy reservoirs in the form of primal chaos spirit stones, and they link with their weapons as well, so they’re capable of both offense and defense. When our brothers’ dragon blood energy is exhausted, they can tap into these energy reservoirs, and it will be enough for them to charge out of an encirclement. It is a final life-saving trump card.” Guo Ran was very pleased with his work.

“Nice job!”

Long Chen gave him a thumbs-up. Guo Ran and Xia Chen’s creation was truly amazing.

“Let’s go. It’s time for our tribulation.”

Hearing that it was finally their turn to undergo World King tribulations, everyone was excited as they would become stronger soon.

Moreover, as their dragon blood required the baptism of heavenly tribulation to complete its fusion with them, they also didn’t know how strong they would be after this tribulation. However, they had a premonition that they would experience a profound transformation, shedding their old selves entirely.

“Alert our other brothers. Prepare to gather,” said Long Chen.

“Hehe, no need. Everyone already gathered three days ago. The strongest elites of the Battle God Palace and the High Firmament Academy, as well as seven million disciples from the Starry River Sect, are all awaiting your command,” laughed Guo Ran.

“Good. Move out!”

After the Sage King Convention, Long Chen learned that the Starry River Sect had around eight million experts, with seven million of them being Immortal Kings. Since that was the case, Long Chen had sent word to the Starry River Sect to not let their disciples undergo tribulation and just wait for him. As a result, all their disciples had been flocking over upon Long Chen’s return.

The moment they saw him again, their eyes blazed passionately. Their admiration for Long Chen was plain to see.

After all, Long Chen had completely changed their fates. The comprehension they had gained from him in the ruins of the Starry River Sect had allowed them to set foot onto the correct path. They were no longer milling around randomly.

“Dean Long Chen, you can’t undergo your tribulation here.”

Just then, a group of elders came running in, and they wore panicked expressions.

“What is it?” asked Long Chen hastily.

“We just received a report! In front of the humanless world’s gate, some traitors have set up transportation formations! A large batch of invaders have entered the Nirvana Overflow Heaven, and their target is most likely you.”

Hearing this piece of information, Xia Chen and the others were seething with anger. In the end, traitors had emerged within the human race.

“Boss, this isn’t good. If one of those nine monsters came…” said Xia Chen. Those nine heavenly geniuses were particularly terrifying. If they were already World Kings and took advantage of the tribulations to attack, Long Chen and the others might be fully annihilated.

“Tch, even if all nine of them come at once, so what? As usual, we’ll beat them up until their heads are as swollen as a pig’s head. Let’s go. We’ll see if they have the guts to cause trouble!” Long Chen disdainfully stepped forward. They wanted to disturb his heavenly tribulation? Perhaps they had grown tired of living.

Long Chen thanked those elders for their good intentions and brought his group away. Following that, they heroically descended upon the sacred land.