Wielding the Seven Peak Sword, with his divine ring pulsating in the background and his Blood Qi ablaze, Long Chen was like the reincarnation of a battle god defying the very heavens. With every slash, the Seven Peak Sword would explode along with a lightning weapon, unleashing terrifying shockwaves that reverberated throughout the world.

“As expected of Boss!”

Guo Ran clenched his fists, his eyes filled with admiration. Long Chen had just managed to claw his way out of his desperate straits and was already charging fearlessly toward the heavenly tribulation. His indomitable spirit inspired all who watched.

Fighting the Heavenly Daos was a daunting task, and it was impossible not to be afraid. However, after stepping onto the path of cultivation, there was no turning back. Everyone within the Dragonblood Legion, from top to bottom, had to force themselves to continue forward.

As for Long Chen, he constantly pushed himself to the point of desperation, never taking a single step back. Any sign of retreat would spell disaster for him.

The tribulation clouds continued to tremble, giving rise to a turbulent vortex that enveloped the entirety of Nirvana Overflow Heaven. Long Chen appeared incredibly miniscule in front of the heavenly tribulation.

However, his unwavering will affected everyone. Even in the face of the world’s overwhelming pressure, his fighting spirit was not suppressed in the slightest.

In a bold act of defying the heavens, Long Chen flew up, his Seven Peak Sword shattering the lightning weapons flying at him. With each swing, his aura grew increasingly powerful.

Lei Linger followed behind Long Chen, sending the shattered lightning runes into him after refining them with her core energy.

Lei Linger hadn’t eaten any of the thunderforce, as she had to help Long Chen get stronger as quickly as possible. It was fortunate that she was there, or Long Chen might have fallen to this wild heavenly tribulation.

With the power of the heavenly tribulation pouring into Long Chen, his Spirit Blood started to boil. As if it was being smelted, he was constantly getting stronger. Hence, in front of countless shocked gazes, Long Chen cut his way through all the obstacles to reach the enormous vortex in the heavens.

When Long Chen arrived, he saw several small whirlpools within the vortex. One figure after another had condensed within those whirlpools. However, upon seeing one of those figures, Long Chen’s expression completely changed.


Long Chen saw a figure standing in the whirlpool. Though the face remained obscured, a distinct aura emanated from it—an aura he recognized all too well. It was his father, Long Zhantian.

The fact that the heavenly tribulation had chosen to replicate Long Zhantian left Long Chen utterly astonished. Furthermore, the whirlpool was constantly absorbing more of the tribulation’s power and injecting it into Long Zhantian.

Long Chen suddenly felt an icy chill. This heavenly tribulation really was different from the ones before. It only had one move, and all of its power was concentrated on this one move.

Long Zhantian’s power was particularly terrifying. Furthermore, it continued to grow as the heavenly tribulation’s power merged into him.

Long Chen suddenly realized that the extraction of his father’s essence blood had suppressed his father’s cultivation realm for too long, so it was entirely plausible that he had advanced to the level of a Heaven Venerate or even reached the Eternal realm. Such a circumstance implied that Long Zhantian might have endured multiple heavenly tribulations.

Realizing this, Long Chen was struck by both shock and anger. The malevolence of the heavenly tribulation, duplicating Long Zhantian to kill Long Chen, was truly out of this world.

“Not good, I have to stop the heavenly tribulation from gathering more power. Otherwise, I’d fall to my own father’s hands.” Long Chen felt an icy chill.

Long Chen had faced countless experts before, but the only one whom he felt could compare to the five Sovereigns was his father. After all, his father’s cultivation techniques and divine abilities were all created by himself. He was shockingly talented, and Long Chen definitely didn’t want to fight him.

Most importantly, if the Heavenly Daos replicated Long Zhantian in the Heaven Venerate realm or even the Eternal realm, Long Chen would definitely die today.

Just as Long Chen was thinking of interrupting the lightning whirlpool around Long Zhantian, he glanced at the other whirlpools and his mind directly turned blank.

“The Earth Cauldron!”

Long Chen saw a bronze cauldron quivering inside another whirlpool with endless thunderforce pouring into it. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was half of the legendary Heaven Earth Cauldron—the Earth Cauldron.

“The heavenly tribulation has even replicated the Earth Cauldron?! It really wants me dead!” Long Chen was shocked. If the heavenly tribulation ended up replicating the Earth Cauldron in top conditi—no, even just one ten-thousandth of its power would be enough to wipe Long Chen out.

After all, his own Earth Cauldron was still recuperating, so he was unable to utilize its divine abilities.

When Long Chen looked at the next whirlpool, he saw a pitch-black dagger, and he was instantly covered in cold sweat. That dagger was the one he had given to Dong Mingyu. To his astonishment, even this dagger had been duplicated. Moreover, he remained in the dark regarding its true origins.

Long Chen continued to look at the next whirlpool and saw a large figure with three heads.

“Big Brother Wu Tian, what the fuck…”

Long Chen gritted his teeth. Wu Tian’s eyes were closed and he was holding a spear, looking like a statue. However, his sinister aura sent shivers down Long Chen’s spine.

Wu Tian, the overlord of the Netherworld, had also been duplicated by the Heavenly Daos. In a twist of fate, Long Chen had inadvertently released Wu Tian from his countless years of confinement. Then, in a subsequent encounter during Long Chen's journey into the Netherworld, Wu Tian recognized him as a brother. However, regrettably, after sending Long Chen back to the Darklight Heaven, they didn’t manage to communicate any further. Unexpectedly, their brief encounter still invoked some karma between them.

When Long Chen looked at the next whirlpool, he suddenly felt a resonance, and his divine ring quivered as if receiving some call.

“Nine star heir!”

All of a sudden, he realized that this indistinct figure was the nine star heir from his last tribulation. Back then, if it hadn’t been for him suddenly awakening and tearing apart the heavens, Long Chen would already be dead.

Unexpectedly, he had also manifested. Due to him letting Long Chen pass last time, the heavens had replicated him in this tribulation. Long Chen wondered if the karma born because of heavenly tribulation would also end because of it.

Finally, when Long Chen looked at the last whirlpool, he almost fainted. That whirlpool had no human figure inside of it; instead, a single claw loomed within.

Long Chen instantly recognized its aura—it was that of the dragon expert. The dragon expert whom Long Chen had never seen before had also been duplicated by the Heavenly Daos. It seemed that the heavenly tribulation was unable to duplicate its full form, so it could only bring out a single claw.

However, even as a single claw, it possessed the power to destroy heaven and earth. The whirlpool that contained it dwarfed the others by several times, and the amount of thunderforce it absorbed exceeded all calculations.

“Senior really is senior. In the end, you are the one who gives me the greatest threat. Sorry for this.”

Long Chen had been planning on destroying his father’s whirlpool, but after seeing the dragon claw, he instantly changed his ideas.

Long Chen directly stabbed that whirlpool with his Seven Peak Sword.


The Seven Peak Sword exploded like tofu but was unable to shake that whirlpool in the slightest, leaving Long Chen dumbfounded.

“Big Brother Long Chen, its power is too concentrated. Brute force can’t break it. Let us switch methods!” Lei Linger transformed into an enormous pair of wings on Long Chen’s back. As endless lightning fell, Long Chen was perfectly protected.


The heavenly tribulation continued to constantly attack Long Chen, but with Lei Linger’s protection, those lightning weapons just exploded upon contact.

Long Chen didn’t condense the Seven Peak Sword once more. Instead, he reached both of his hands toward that whirlpool.