Long Chen charged forward, but his advance was halted as a spear-image collided with his Seven Peak Sword, shattering it upon impact.

The force of the blow sent Long Chen flying, blood spraying from his mouth. His head bore visible cracks from the powerful strike, leaving him teetering on the brink of defeat.

Wu Tian had launched his sharpest killer move right from the outset. A surge of thunderforce erupted, overpowering Long Chen so much that he was unable to block it.

What made the situation even more daunting was Wu Tian's exceptionally concentrated power, depriving Long Chen of any thunderforce to absorb.

Just as Wu Tian sent Long Chen flying, a streak of black light pierced through Long Chen’s chest, bringing with it a splatter of blood. The mysterious black dagger was incomparably sharp, rendering even Long Chen’s powerful physical body akin to paper in its presence.


An enormous hand then slammed down on Long Chen as the nine star heir attacked. Seven stars cascaded atop his palm, embodying a strike that defied the very laws of heaven and earth

In response, Long Chen bellowed in fury and unleashed his strongest attack—the Cloud Dragon Immolation Claw.


The dragon claw erupted in a burst of power and forced back the nine star heir. However, Long Chen found himself staggering back as well, stars spinning in his eyes. He was on the brink of coughing up blood.

In that critical moment, a seven-color sword descended toward him. Long Chen dodged instinctively, narrowly avoiding this attack.

As Long Chen dodged this sword, his heart trembled. His father had launched an attack, but it was different from Wu Tian and the nine star heir’s strikes. Somehow, his father’s technique was extremely rigid, lacking any pressure lock, making it all too easy to dodge.

“Dad, did you—”

Before Long Chen could finish his sentence, a bronze cauldron smashed toward him ferociously, enveloping him in an intense sensation of death.

Seeing this, Long Chen gritted his teeth and took out the real Earth Cauldron.


The collision of the two Earth Cauldrons drained all color from the world. A ripple of death then spread, sending Wu Tian, the nine-star heir, Long Zhantian, and the black dagger all hurtling away.

The replicated Earth Cauldron suffered some damage from the real Earth Cauldron, and its fragments exploded into lightning runes.

“Big Brother Long Chen!”

However, Long Chen almost lost consciousness after that heaven-shaking collision. Lei Linger's frantic cries echoed in his ear, but they seemed distant, as if emanating from an entirely different world. It was too far for him to even react.

Long Chen’s mind drifted away, and he could no longer think, feeling like he was already dead. Even as Lei Linger cried out and tried to wake him up, he felt too tired to move, so he gave up on resisting.

Following that, a scene appeared before his eyes. He saw a broken world with blood dyeing the ground red. As far as he could see, corpses littered the ground.

Those corpses belonged to people he was familiar with. He saw the Dragonblood warriors lying in a pool of blood, dead.

Xia Chen's lifeless body was gruesomely impaled on a wall by a blade. Guo Ran's armor, drenched in blood, lay in tatters, but his body was nowhere to be found.

Long Chen's blood surged with boiling anger, his killing intent reaching its peak. Unable to bear the sight any longer, he ceased looking and unleashed a furious roar.


The vision before him vanished, and he came back to his senses. Before him stood Lei Linger in her lightning dragon form, stabbed by Wu Tian's spear. Her aura was rapidly diminishing.

When Long Chen had fallen unconscious, Lei Linger had gone all-out to protect him. However, the attacks of Wu Tian and the others were incredibly strong, capable of harming her source energy. In other words, they possessed the power to kill her.

Lei Linger fought valiantly, with Huo Linger joining the fray. However, the flames she wielded were unable to effectively block the thunderforce. As her power was rendered ineffective, she could only watch as Lei Linger’s aura weakened.

With a quiver, Wu Tian’s spear blasted away Lei Linger, breaking through her defenses to strike Long Chen. In a sudden surge of strength, Long Chen extended a claw and caught the tip of the spear. Following that, Wu Tian’s berserk thunderforce erupted.

A searing pain shot through Long Chen's arm as his flesh erupted, leaving behind a gruesome spectacle. His bones and tendons were laid bare in the aftermath.

“I won’t die. I can’t die. There is no one in this world that can kill me! Not even the heavens!!!”

Long Chen's gaze intensified, his eyes reflecting an unwavering determination. The next moment, his robes started to billow without a breeze, and a will that exceeded the Heavenly Daos rose within him.

“Boss is back!”

Seeing Long Chen enter this state, Guo Ran, Xia Chen, and those familiar with Long Chen erupted in cheers.

“What absolute confidence! The real boss Long Chen has returned!” This was the strongest state of Long Chen in their hearts, the embodiment of true strength.

At this moment, a black ray of light shot at Long Chen—the mysterious dagger in action. Rather than releasing Wu Tian's spear and using his hand to block, Long Chen swayed, using the spear to block the oncoming black dagger instead.


An enormous explosion followed as the black dagger struck the center of the spear, effortlessly cleaving it into two.

As a result, Long Chen was holding half of the spear, while Wu Tian ended up with a short stick. It was a strange sight for a moment before the spear in Long Chen’s hand exploded.

All of a sudden, Lei Linger appeared again, and the lightning of that spear stabbed into Long Chen.

Long Chen trembled intensely as that powerful thunderforce poured into him, its vast energy raging through his meridians.

Wu Tian, Long Zhantian, the nine star heir, the Earth Cauldron, and the black dagger launched successive attacks against Long Chen. Despite fighting with every ounce of his strength, he found himself consistently pushed back. He was in a dire state where blood was constantly spewing from him.

Nevertheless, Long Chen had finally managed to grasp some of their patterns. Of them all, the Earth Cauldron was the strongest. Long Chen had to dodge its attacks, as he would be at an immense disadvantage in a direct clash.

He also found that although his father had been replicated by the Heavenly Daos, he was the least threatening among the enemies present. His movements were all stiff and rigid, looking very odd. Moreover, he kept repeating the same few moves.

“Could it be that Dad knew he would be replicated?” Long Chen’s heart shook. Seeing his father’s copy suddenly thrusting a sword at him, Long Chen twisted his body mid-air and let this attack strike the Earth Cauldron.


Long Zhantian’s Seven Peak Sword exploded. Despite his rigid technique, the power he wielded was still formidable. As the sword detonated, lightning runes scattered, and Lei Linger swiftly collected them, injecting the energy into Long Chen.

“I understand. My dad definitely sensed something and set up this move. If I use this move properly, I can break free of this death trap.”

Long Chen found that the replicated Long Zhantian could be easily guided by his seven-color Supreme Blood.

Just then, the nine star heir attacked, so Long Chen guided Long Zhantian over to block the nine star heir, while Long Chen swung his Seven Peak Sword.


It solidly struck the nine star heir’s neck, and a head went flying.