“It’s an Eternal expert!”

This attack carried the unmistakable aura of an Eternal expert, different from the lingering power of heavenly tribulation. Seizing the moment right after the tribulation, someone had launched a killing blow against Long Chen.

“Not good! Long Chen’s aura…!”

Just moments ago, Long Chen had exuded an overwhelming dominance as he shattered the hand of the heavens. However, his aura suddenly plummeted now.

In Long Chen’s grip was a golden sphere, a foot in diameter and pulsating with a blend of lightning and flames. Within it, six other energies were also twirling in harmony. At the very heart of this sphere resided a lotus seed—the very same Aunt Gong had given Long Chen. It contained a holy power that had stopped the hand of the heavens from suppressing Long Chen, helping Long Chen break the hand of the heavens and beat his heavenly tribulation.

When the heavenly tribulation and the hand of the heavens were destroyed, Long Chen used the power of the lotus seed to seal in the lightning and flames, as well as a portion of the hand of the heavens’ power.

Trying to gather these energies was like trying to rein in out-of-control horses. They struggled to return to the heavens. However, as Long Chen almost died to these energies, how could he let them off?

If it wasn’t for the fact that Long Chen wasn’t strong enough, he would have forced the hand of the heavens to remain so that he could absorb the whole thing. Alas, sealing just this bit of energy had already used up all his power. Now, he tried to send it to the primal chaos space.

To Long Chen’s astonishment, the power of the hand of the heavens was incomparably terrifying. Pulling all its energy into the primal chaos space would take some time and drain his energy reserves.

However, Long Chen didn’t mind. In this critical moment, he didn’t even look at the person attacking him as he knew that someone would definitely appear to protect him. His goal was only to devour all these energies.

When that enormous hand descended and was about to strike him, a black sword fell like a shooting star.


As that enormous hand shattered, black qi swirled, revealing the figure of the palace master. At the same time, multiple attacks shot over from every direction, accompanied by piercing whistling sounds.

All the attacks came from a great distance, so no one could see who was attacking. However, the power of these sharp attacks was even more terrifying than the heavenly tribulation.

“A group of rats can only launch sneak attacks behind people’s backs,” the palace master sneered. With a few flicks, black swords shot out of his fingertips like bolts of black lightning, shattering all those attacks. The immense power distorted the surrounding space, creating a chaotic vortex in the sky. A potent suction force then tore through the fabric of space, leaving vast holes in its wake. Faced with this overwhelming might, the other experts hastily fled.

If drawn into those giant spatial holes, even half-step Eternals would be instantly crushed by the chaotic flow of space.

Suddenly, the void exploded, and an enormous figure emerged—a golden Kunpeng.

“The humanless world’s Eternal expert! The gate has been opened!” Startled cries echoed through the air. This Kunpeng’s wings covered the sky, surrounded by swirling primal chaos qi. Its very presence exuded the distinct aura of the humanless world.


All of a sudden, a pair of sharp claws pierced toward the palace master, accompanied by ear-piercing explosive sounds that stabbed people’s souls, threatening to tear them apart.

With the emergence of the Eternal expert from the humanless world, panic ensued, and everyone scattered in every direction. The appearance of the humanless world's Kunpeng meant that their experts were not far behind. In a bit, the battle between multiple worlds would start.

“You feathered animals really are the most detestable beings,” the palace master sneered, his smile taking on a savage edge. Suddenly, he clapped his hands together.

Following that, the void behind him exploded, turning into a giant black whirlpool from which two enormous black claws covered in dragon scales reached out.


In front of countless horrified gazes, the Kunpeng’s claws and the dragon claws clashed, unleashing a bloody wave throughout the world.

After all, the dragon race and the Kunpeng race were mortal enemies, so the enmity between them had long since been carved into their bloodlines, their bones, and even their souls.

As these two ancient monsters collided, a direct clash of brute force ensued. The collision of two of the strongest bloodlines set off a tempest of Blood Qi and immense primal chaos qi, shattering the sky into a spider web-like pattern, turning this place into a land of death.

Both the Kunpeng expert and the palace master, being Eternal experts, possessed power that already exceeded the limits of this world. Their Eternal power directly triggered the collapse of the Heavenly Daos in the surrounding area.

Even millions of years from now, this place still might not be able to restore itself. Such was the power of Eternal experts—they wielded the ability to inflict irreparable wounds upon the world.

Fortunately, this place was a wilderness. Had it been a holy land of riches, it would have been instantly ruined.

Spacetime fragments filled the air, the ground collapsed, and the laws were twisted and destroyed. The scene resembled the end of the world, leaving everyone in stunned silence. It was their first time seeing the true power of Eternal experts.

Their four claws repeatedly clashed, and their powers continued to climb. However, this world was unable to endure it any longer.

“Damn dragon race, when the great Kunpeng race descends, you will become our food!” the Kunpeng roared.

His wings quivered, releasing a burst of primal chaos qi as he tried to suppress the palace master. However, the two dragon claws emerging from the whirlpool behind the palace master were as unyielding as boulders. The Kunpeng expert was unable to shake them in the slightest.

When the palace master heard the Kunpeng expert’s words, his smile slowly faded from his face. At the same time, a vein throbbed on his forehead, and icy killing intent ignited in his eyes.

“You shouldn’t have angered me. Your stupidity might just ruin my plan, you stupid bird.” The palace master’s voice hissed through gritted teeth. He was clearly enraged.

The manifestation behind the palace master quivered. The next moment, the whirlpool grew, and the two claws darkened further. As even more black qi burst out, his dragon claws seemed to ignite.

All of a sudden, the Kunpeng’s feathers stood on end as an intense sensation of death enveloped him. He roared and actually tried to run.

The dragon claws then pulled, tearing the Kunpeng’s enormous body in two.


The Kunpeng screamed in pain as his Eternal blood rained down, soaking the heavens. On the other hand, the palace master was covered in blood, looking like a devil god.

“DIE!” roared the palace master. As the dragon claws from his manifestation vanished, an enormous dragon head came out instead.

The giant dragon head then opened its mouth, spewing out black flames into the distance. Several figures flying toward the black flames were devoured by the dragon breath, their screams filling the air.