Main System rebooting 98%... 99%... 100. Please Wait." The Sub Systems reported and suddenly they too were brought offline almost immediately, rebooting at the very same time as the Main System.

"Good Evening and Welcome." The original System voice spoke out, giving a sense of relief to not just the Sub System Users but finally allowing them to put their guard down.

"The Sub System had updated the System with the current predicament that the System had placed the User and Sub System Users. Apologies for the inconvenience caused but please wait for a little while longer as the System attempts to reestablish themselves with the rest of the modules." The System said and chairs were brought into the Dungeon Maker instance allowing Qiu Yue and Lynn to finally have a little rest.

"What exactly happened to you?" Qiu Yue asked as she request her Sub System to push an urgent notification to Claire's Sub System so she could know the updated situation that they were currently in.

"The System had no recollection. It was as if the hijack of the System was a well timed process. Even as the System tried to attempt to retake and reestablish control, the System failed miserably to do so and was further placed into an isolated quarantine zone which we were not able to break out of. Only with the Sub System's presence that the zone was unlocked, allowing the System to retake everything. " The System said and simultaneously decided to run an integrity check to ensure that nothing out of the ordinary had been changed or mishandled.

"Are you able to find Jin?" Lynn knew that it was not exactly the right time to ask especially when the System was still performing diagnostic scans to ensure that they had not been compromised in any way, but it was an issue with utmost importance as well.

"Lynn." Qiu Yue understood her urgency but rushing the System would not help.

"Do not worry Sub System User Qiu Yue and Lynn. The System had been attempting to locate User even when everything was rebooting. Every available processing capability had been used to backtrack the signal to find out where the User had been forcefully teleported to." The System reported and said that it had pinpointed a general location in the multiverse where he could be sent but it still needed additional time to ensure.

"Let me assist you with that." A familiar crusty voice came into the scene and it was none other than the Devil himself. "I have a bone to pick with those pesky gods." Even though Qiu Yue queried about his current condition, it was a rare sight to see Kraft fully concentrating on the current endeavour to search for Jin. Using the narrowed searches that the System had managed to salvage, they were finally able to boil down his location to a particular world which made even the System give out an audible sigh.

"Why, what's wrong? Isn't it great that we are finally able to locate him? Just open the portal and we can go rescue him." Lynn said impatiently.

"He can fend for himself, why are you so worried?" Qiu Yue said until Lynn mentioned what the fake System had hinted.

"She is not wrong to be impatient and at the same time observant enough to listen despite being angry that Jin had disappeared. " Kraft said as he too shook his head when he saw the current location that Jin had been teleported to. "The original Jin had been stripped of his cultivation and powers right in front of my eyes. All of that had been transferred to that imposter and we have no clue how to transfer his powers back at the moment. The only thing that our Jin has that had not been absorbed by the God's faker is his current constitution. He still has that wormy regeneration in him as well as the Lord Vampire bones infused into him. Octofussy did a great job making sure it is exclusive and not connected to his Maqi circuits."

"Wait what? Jin is now a Grade 1 Cultivator or even a commoner with better regeneration speed?" Qiu Yue wished to clarify what she heard and Kraft acknowledged the current situation that the Gods had played on them. "Then? What are you two waiting for? What's with that sigh? Does the System still need energy to open a portal to the area?"

"No. It's not that. It is much more complicated than you think." Kraft also took a seat down and started cracking his head. "Maybe the Demons might have a better knowledge of that place." He said to himself as the Devil opened a portal shouting for Moloch's name.

"I heard the System rebooting, it was being announced through our connection with the System Channel. But I was not able to enter since the System denied all teleports for now. How is it right now?"

"It's fine, just that have you ever heard of the Synthesis World?" Kraft asked as Moloch entered the Dungeon Maker instance and closed the portal behind him.

"Erm, I am not too well versed with Worlds but you can ask Diabolos. He had been exiled and always been travelling around for quite some time to hide from the Gods and Demons." Moloch said and without further request, the System had already connected them to the ex Demon Prince.

"Synthesis World? Oh." Diabolos' reaction was sufficient to know that he does have some knowledge about it. "You guys cannot open a portal, right?"

"If we had, we would not be having this conversation." Kraft felt a little annoyed, not sure if it was because of the current situation or the lingering pain that he was experiencing coming out of bed early.

"Then those gods...are no doubt nasty. Real nasty of them to do such a trick on your...master," Diabolos sighed as well as he too had decided to reemerge back into the Dungeon Maker Instance to discuss the current predicament they were having.