"Synthesis World is a terrible... terrible place even for my standards." Diabolos started to be a little melancholic as he attempt to explain what in the hell that place was.

"Just cut the bull crap." Lynn rebutted and demanded a clear explanation.

"Fiesty." Diabolos retorted and decided to explain as straightforwardly as he could. "If I am not wrong, your boy had been split into two once again. As if taking his powers away was not enough, sending him into the Synthesis World would have dealt the final blow to him as a way to either A) dismantle his mind, body and soul for good or B) give him the hardest challenge of all so that they could have a good laugh at it."

"What you do mean? Can't you say it in simpler terms?" Lynn pressed for the answer as it felt like Jin was in deeper shit than they could anticipate.

"In order to enter the Synthesis World, you can only enter after processing yourself into a digital entity. Usually, you would need a base before you enter and a base means someone who existed there before. A similar genetic composure, similar face, similar hair all that kind of thing. That is how you can hijack into the Synthesis World and be part of it. So in short, your real body would be left somewhere while your consciousness had been uploaded into their 'cloud' thingy. I had no idea what that really means, not exactly a techie myself but yeah, once you are in the cloud, you would be able to transverse the majority of the Synthesis World."

"I assume they did this uploading of their consciousness into the cloud is because they lack resources?" Qiu Yue asked and Diabolos could only shrug and nodded his head at the same time.

"Something like that, and they can live eternally while their bodies would be cultivated for the sake of nutrition and be used to feed the existing ecosystem." Diabolos said and the humans were shocked.

"Cannibalism?" Both exclaimed at the same time and the Demon Prince nodded his head once more.

"As you said, they had no food, but their technology had gone through so much advancement that most of the non edible resources could be reused. Energy wise is from the sun or whatever star that is currently orbiting around them. All they had to do was to make sure they have provided enough nutrients to the entire population so that they won't starve. Oh and if you ask why to bother living then...That's the star question." Diabolos was one step ahead of them.

"They can experience whatever they want in their cloud. But only a few luxurious individuals would be able to attain such fulfilment. The entire place had always been at war among various cities and the one who racked up the most points every year would be given the chance to not just have a privileged life within the cloud but also get out of the cloud and partake in the high life for a month before going back into the cloud again. "

"Ah, so the motivation is to beat the shit out of everyone and have a good life after that? Only one person every year?" Qiu Yue asked

"Hmm, I am not too sure about that. Perhaps per sector or city or whatever. What I want to send across is that the warring within their cloud is not a joke. They might have servants to aid the person but those servants, be it sentient or real human beings are not having it easy as well. If their commander dies, they die as well and restart with little to no resources at hand. Likewise, if they win, they would be able to enjoy the same amount of luxury as their commander... However." Diabolos ended the sentence with a warning.

"The reward would be based on the commander's generosity. That's all I know and for you to discern. So whether Jin had gotten in as a commander or servant would be for us to find out."

"So, you are saying the gods literally found a person similar to Jin and threw him into the Synthesis World?" Lynn did not bother with the specifics that Diabolos had said.

"Meh, considering that they are clowns, its a high chance that they inserted him while keeping his body in the God's plane. But I cannot prove to you that his body would not have been used or discarded by the denizens of the Synthesis World. After all, with his immortal body, it's basically free food for everyone in that place. While I like to imagine myself as an evil Demon Prince toying with people's lives with much disregard, that latter option is too much of a distaste even for me. Not so for those gods though." Diabolos said but Lynn ignored his warnings and immediately went to the System and Kraft.

"You guys would surely be able to upload me into their cloud server right?"

"Do not be ridiculous, we never try this before and there is no certainty I can pull you back without fully analysing their System," Kraft replied, assuming its absurd for Lynn to attempt to jump in so haphazardly.

"Then we will just make sure Jin and I reach the very top so we can return to our physical bodies."

"The System does not know the time scale of this particular World. There is no guarantee how long you will take." The System added. "And there will be no minions to back you up considering the nature of their servers. The System and Original Bellator Kraft might be able to devise a way in the future but till then, you have to search for him and survive all the way to the top."

"I do not mind. He saved my life once, I would not hesitate to put down my life for him. Besides, if not for his girlfriend to save his ass, then who else?" Lynn also mention that her penguins were up to par with her cooking levels and they can run the place without her. However, this entire Dungeon Supplier store cannot run the place without Jin.

"Then I guess I have to play my part as a Sub System User and a concerned friend by holding the fort here." Qiu Yue said. "Take too long and maybe I am the recognised Lady Boss instead of Jin." Qiu Yue pats Lynn's shoulders and comforted her. "So, go get that stupid boy back to this world however long you need. We will be here waiting."

"Well, you guys decided to play it this way... Fine, you get your prison time Lynn. But before that, Diabolos, I might need your help before sending Lynn into the Synthesis World. You too Moloch." Kraft beckoned the two demons while telling Lynn to finish off whatever she needs before moving into the digital realm of the Synthesis World.

And that included saying goodbye to her Dad, for Kraft and the System have no indication of how long they would disappear. All they know was that it was best to say her goodbyes in the case where she never had the chance to say so. It was a risky endeavour Lynn was about to undertake and they want her to know the grave consequences and significance of leaving for the digital world so haphazardly without any plans.