Yet, Kraft never tells Jin about his true motives at all. They were always hidden from him and gave excuses no matter the circumstances. And like every other time, Kraft merely played dumb to all of Jin's accusations and gave him the standard answer that the dungeon supplier did not wish to hear. All Jin could do was sigh and shrug it off as he had always done even though he did feel that this time around, Kraft had done something even more sinister and he knew there was an underlying agenda behind it.

For now, he gave up and decided to focus on something that needed his attention more. As much as Qiu Yue had already been informed to do the reconstruction of the new adventurer's town for all the people they had evacuated, it was not as easy a task that she could snap her finger and produce it immediately.

Surely, if it were makeshift tents and camps, there would be no problems to it. However, the fact that the people who had been evacuated were duped by Jin and his minions that they were doing major renovations to the New Adventurer's Town not because of a growing population but due to the fact that it had already been burned down by the High Elves.

So, the dungeon supplier had to provide a brand new way to let them not just live but also earn the money he had lost from the destruction of the New Adventurer's Town as well as the construction of the new one. Surely, he could do that by throwing them in some foreign warzone like the Money Tower that Kraft and the Night Foxes raided periodically.

However, with their consistent harassment, even the first floor had been so reinforced that even the usual adventurers had difficulty obtaining rewards or fighting against the guards that were standing a few hundred metres away from the Money Tower.

Still, he needed some way for them to earn some money either through continuous trading with the other three Kingdoms that had established themselves to be steadfast allies of New Adventurer's Town. (The Orcs, Humans, and Goblins.)

Or they do something major that would enable them to earn their wages.

And what better do to so than to be in the next dungeon raid that Jin had prepared while they awaited the rebuilding of their New Adventurer's Town? Yes, it might have been thought to be an impromptu solution but it was nevertheless still a solution.

Jin was willing to open the floor for Cultivators to try the Zombie World.

By allowing the various adventurers ranging not just the usual Orcs, Humans, and Goblins to work alongside the Pandarens, there were also other races who had decided to see the New Adventurer's Town. Halflings, Gnomes, and even half Orcs were given the opportunity to thrive in this new place. Discrimination was not tolerated and that was a policy that had been enforced strictly by fellow security patrols (mainly the younger and newer Night Foxes).

Judging how the Zombie World was filled with a huge supply of zombies no matter how one sees it, clearing them on a regular basis would definitely not be an issue. So while Jin was actively settling the foundation of New Adventurer's Town along with Qiu Yue, he had found employment for the people who were there or had been evacuated early to the other kingdoms.

In fact, the employment had not been limited to only the citizens and townsfolks of the New Adventurer's Town but also the three Kingdoms as well. The only catch was that Jin would only allow the townsfolks to get the first bite of the pie and subsequently, the rest could join in. And even if they do, it was based on first come first serve with 'limited slots'.

This was because Jin did not want to over attract these people and make them reliant on Jin's raid as a source of income. In fact, when the NEW New Adventurer's Town is up, he is going to continue to do this by finding other worlds once the Zombie World had most of their zombies completely eliminated. At the same time, he also recognised the limitations that these adventurers could provide and give to the community and hence he needed a cap on the number of people he could enlist.

However, the main reason for putting a cap and not over attracting was that he did not want the people of this world to be overly reliant on his source of income which would disrupt the balance of the kingdom. In fact, he might actually pose a fixed wage so that people who were doing this could hardly get rich but it would still be a viable income for those who tried.

Their job was not to clear zombies as that would be the cultivator's main job and how Jin could get the income in order to sustain them. In fact, they would pose as NPCs that the cultivators could hire at inflated price using Coins or even Zombie Medals which they could earn via the Zombie Raid.

This was because the minimum raid size that Jin was proposing would be at least eight people. After reviewing the journey and the conditions that his Mechanoids had been through, eight would be a good number to start off with and the maximum per raid was 24 men.

For now, the Mechanoids had identified one location where the Pandarens could spawn and start their mission but it would be kind of stupid that all of the Pandarens would be appearing at the same location. So, in the past few weeks, the Mechanoids had been teleported all over the Zombie World to get even more locations available for raiding.

At the same time, Jin was still pondering whether to not spawn so close to major cities and allow the Pandarens to spawn in towns in outlying regions. This should give them some potential progression upon reaching a major city. At the same time, he made sure that those spawn points were also friendly to the cultivators but still pose a challenge to the Pandarens rather than just killing zombies.

After all, it was not like the Virtual Reality where he could restrict their cultivation nor their powers. He did not have free reign to manipulate his customers but unlike the Virtual Reality, he and the System was able to create the choke points if needed especially when all the zombies they killed could be accumulated into the System. And that include the Abnormals and special class zombies.

If there are no special class zombies, he could always reuse the ones that his Mechanoids had defeated previously. Not to mention, he was able to create that artificial chokepoint if needed when the raid group that had been form was consisted of several high level cultivators.

And the other way round was also possible where he could get special class, he owned to fight against other special class zombies to create a unique situation where the enemy of my enemy is my friend. But the System stated that it was too early for such 'complex' mechanics to be explained to the people who were participating in the raid. Their priority was to allow them to try out the raid while paying the refugees a liveable minimum wage and still get a decent profit from it.

The only problem was that the System and him had to devise a way to create a type of 'NPC' database that monitor their progress.

After all, these 'NPCs' might not have experience in handling the zombies nor do they know the layout of the area. So, when they were to be deployed, it was akin to setting a brand new employee out to the unknown and letting them venture to get the experience.

So, there was a need to make sure that such experiences were recorded and those that the cultivators enjoyed working with would be available to them again at a higher rate. Obviously, the adventurers will see a pay raise from that, but Jin would also be monopolised by Jin without them knowing.

But considering the conversation of Yuan to Dungeon Dollars and subsequently to Goblin's World gold coins, they actually do not worth much because of how backwards their world's technology were. As in, excluding the Dwarven Technology who had shown repeatedly how crazy convenient they were, most of the towns do not have the level of basic sanitation. Even with the creation of the New Adventurer's Town, the sanitation level was basic. It was not developed as it should be.

Yet, all of those were going to change with the brand new adventurer's town. "At this rate, I got to change the name of the town or else I have to keep saying New New Adventuer's Town, and its sounds weird." Jin thought to himself and eventually had an idea to call it New New Town instead. Obviously, Kraft and the System rejected it especially when the former had dips for the town due to its ties with the town for Night Foxes Headquarters.

Regardless, the reconstruction take time and with Jin prepared enough for the Zombie Raid, he was going to release it (almost) concurrently with the next Dark Days Dungeon which everyone was waiting for.