A walking contradiction is a great description of Adrian's character, but he does not know why the Tree of Life and Death likes it very much. He feels as if there is an underlying tone in that statement, but he is more focused on the other thing. He needs to have Saena evolve in order to revive her from the dead.

"Thank you? I guess but we did not call for you because I want to get described." Adrian stated.

"I know what you want Champion Equinox and I know that you need my help to bond with your soulbound that is trapped in rest. But do you think that I will easily give what you want without anything in return?" Yewdrassil stated as its avatar created a chair with life and death aesthetics to sit upon.

"Nothing in this world is free which is why I am ready to even sacrifice some of my divinity." Adrian stated as he knows that any being with divinity will want divinity as payment.

"I actually do not need Divinity like the gods because I am far older than them. I have been the nexus of life even before the Twin Gods were born from chaos. I am actually what you call the husk or the being that incubated the Twin Gods." Yewdrassil stated as it started to tell Adrian how the Twin Gods came to be.

Yewdrassil told Adrian that it did not know when it became sentient, but it knew that it was created from emptiness. It woke up from this emptiness and held two different energies that existed and clashed even before then. Yewdrassil could not contain these two different energies with its body which is why its creator watered it down.

The watered-down version of the two clashing powerful energies was life and death. The two fundamental energies that are needed to bring a universe into creation. Yewdrassil was still not that sentient when it incubated these two energies, but it has started to when two beings started to form inside of it.

Two beings that held different energies are inside of Yewdrassil as it gained its own sentience. These two beings did not know that they were alive, and the concept of motherhood or parenting was not present back then. Yewdrassil did not care about the two beings being created inside of it because that is what its creator wants.

The incubation of the two beings took a long time that cannot be measured in human time. With the help of the divine spark of the creator of Yewdrassil, the two beings that incubated started to push through the insides of Yewdrassil. For the first time, Yewdrassil actually felt something which is an intense pain situated in its trunk.

With all of Yewdrassil's might, it pushed out these two beings that had the energies of life and death. Yewdrassil, which split itself open, is suddenly broken into two halves that represented the beings it incubated inside itself. Yewdrassil then rejoined its broken body and became the Tree of Life and Death.

The God of Death Abaddon and the Goddess of Life Gaea are born through the world, but it was not just them. The powerful chaotic energy that Yewdrassil released created a vast universe of numerous worlds that also nurtured life. Still, it took millions of years for the first beings to be born because the God of Death Abaddon and the Goddess of Life Gaea were like infants that the creator had to raise.

"Oh my god and goddess!" Adrian stated in shock.

"Now you know why I cannot easily bond with a beast." Yewdrassil stated which it thought that Adrian will understand the rejection.

"You are like the mother of all beings." Adrian stated in utter disbelief.

"You are missing the point. Also, that is what you got from my story and not the fact that I am the host of the two Primordial Gods?" Yewdrassil stated as it will not be good to choose a being to bond with it because of its special nature.

"I think that you should hold your horses down because I am not asking your original body to bond with Saena. I want the one in Avalon to bond with her because I know that she will not be able to handle your real body which is hidden in Paraiso. You basically feed on divine energy there, but you actually created the universe." Adrian stated.

"Good point as the one in Avalon is just a small part of me like a scrapping of my bark. Still, why should I bend to your whims?" Yewdrassil stated as that is still apart of itself.

"I have recordings of you badmouthing the Twin Gods." Adrian stated in a serious tone.

"Ahem! Even that will not be enough." Yewdrassil stated but Adrian could see its avatar shiver a bit when he told that.

"I will delete those and forget that they ever existed." Adrian added.

"Make sure that everything is deleted and swore an oath that you will never speak of those again." Yewdrassil stated.

"Agreed." Adrian replied.

[The Tree of Life and Death, Yewdrassil, has entered a contract with Equinox.]

"You are lucky that I like you, Champion Equinox. Also, know that once Saena is bonded to the part of myself at Avalon will also mean that she will be tied with my life. If the part of myself in Avalon is to be destroyed, then Saena will return back to ashes as well. Do you wish to take on that burden?" Yewdrassil asked once more so that it is sure that Adrian will know the consequences.

"I shall take that chance because I have no other choice." Adrian stated as time is limited.

"Very well. Take this and crush it on top of the ashes of the Simurgh candidate." Yewdrassil stated as it handed one fruit to Adrian that looked like a small melon.

Adrian looked at the fruit and it really did resemble a small melon that has the essence of Yewdrassil inside it. He then remembered that there was actually one fruit growing from the tree of life and death in Avalon, but he knows that it will take a century to ripen. The fruit in his hands is priceless as it will not grow again in another two hundred years.

"Thank you." Adrian stated as he already knew that Yewdrassil will not refuse him because he has maximum familiarity with it.

"A gift from me to you." Yewdrassil stated as its avatar suddenly clapped which made Adrian wake up from the trance.

Adrian woke up from the trance and saw that the twin prophets are weakened. It seems that their minds got hurt when they saw Yewdrassil's form as they have never seen the real one because the one in Avalon is what they only see. Adrian looked down on his hands and saw that he has one fruit in his hands which also made others shocked when they followed his gaze.

They knew that Adrian was not holding something earlier when they entered the trance, but he is now holding one. The fruit that Adrian is holding is continuously pulsating powerful divine energy and made others gulp because anyone that eats it would undoubtedly get Divinity. Adrian did not waste any more time as he looked down on to the ashes and crushed the fruit with his hands.

Adrian could not even destroy the fruit fully because it is very tough to the point that he thought it is made of metal. Adrian did not even second guess himself as he transformed into his Netheros form and called upon his true form. The sight of a gigantic being that is crushing a small fruit might seem comedic, but Adrian is still struggling.

Adrian then pushed his body to the fullest as he continuously pumped Nether Energy into his body to strengthen himself. When Adrian is about to get exhausted, he used his last stretch of power to crush the fruit and it finally did. The juices of the destroyed fruit fell upon the ashes, and it released a powerful aroma that can make anyone go into ecstasy.

[The universe is overjoyed.]

[Another Divine Beast is being born into the world.]

The world message flooded the notifications of all the players which shocked them. A divine beast being born into the world is not something trivial because they hold divinity. A divine beast can basically form a faith and be a living deity that rivals a descended lesser god. All the other divine beasts also learned of this and those that were lying in wait have finally become active.

At the Hidden Temple of the Sun God, the cry of a bird, a wolf, and a woman could be heard inside. Saena's ashes that became like water and collected themselves as a gigantic bird manifested from them. A giant bird that is as tall as the thirty-meter statues of the Sun God Ra appeared with its majestic wings radiating the powers of the sun.