Adrian arrived back at Avalon and immediately used Territory Management. He plans to upgrade Avalon into a city since he got materials that can enable him to do so. If he upgrades Avalon into a city, then he would become a city lord that can get more taxes. He can also give provisional housing to the people that want to live in his territory. Adrian opened the panel to see what the current state of Avalon is.

Territory: Avalon

Size: Town

Territory Type: Floating Island (Upgrade Requirements +)

Level: 4

Owner: Equinox

Population: (9219 / 10,000)

Security: (89 / 100%)

Food Storage Number: Five

Specialty: None

Attractions: Tree of Life and Death (Details +)

Tax Collected: 100,212 gold

Total Gold Invested: 51000 gold

Description: A owned territory by the individual named Equinox. Not much has been done because he was left with this abandoned territory by the grace of the spirits of the past residence. Investments have been made but it is not enough for the current level of the territory.

The territory became a floating island which means new things would be needed for it to increase in level. The Tree of Life and Death, Yewdrassil, is currently rooted in this territory which means it is abundant in life and death energy. The soil in the territory is very good for farming and growing plants.

The security of the territory is currently being handled by the joint effort of the elves and the Daemos. Investments have been made in the territory, but more is needed in order for it to flourish. It is now a town but an increase in population is needed to make it be considered as a proper town.

Adrian then looked at the Territory Level Increase button and it was shining in gold. He can now upgrade his territory to a new level, but his heart dropped when he saw all the materials that will be put into it. All the materials that he got from winning the guild battle was almost used up. Only about 10% is left should he evolve his territory into a city.

"I am going to start the guild recruitment after this. I can let the other guild members to just contribute monthly to it. Investing is like this as my father always said. You cannot grow money if you do not use money wisely and look at the future." Adrian stated as he pushed the Territory Level Increase button with a heavy heart.

The whole territory started to vibrate as every person in Avalon could feel a powerful force around them. The floating islands that were connected via magical bridges started to get filled with immense mana. Just as the people in the territory thought that they are under attack a third floating island could be seen rising to the level of Avalon.

The third island is then connected with a magical chain as well and the core of this third island fused with the others. There are now four floating islands in Avalon where the middle one containing the Tree of Life and Death is the largest. The fourth floating island is quite barren, but it came with something interesting.

The fourth floating island is actually a small mountain that was carved from the earth below them. When the mountain got carved, the minerals below it is also unearthed which is then sent flying towards that flying mountain location. The cores of each island then started to transform into different things compared to just a normal one.

[You have successfully upgraded your territory from a Town to a City.]

[Territory level has increased to Level 5.]

[Population increased to 10,000 to 100,000.]

[Please name all the islands of the territory to create separate areas.]

Adrian is then presented with the option of naming all the other islands. He did not bother thinking of names as he did not want to stress himself out that much. He wanted an easier term for each of the islands which is why he named them based on numbering.

[You have named the Main Island of Avalon into Alpha.]

[Alpha has a core that transformed to the Core of Life and Death.]

[The Tree of Life and Death planted on the island has bonded with this core.]

[Should the Tree of Life and Death fall, all other islands will fall with it.]

[You have named the auxiliary island number one as Beta.]

[Beta has a core that transformed into an Evolution Sustaining Core.]

[All beasts raised in Beta will have a higher chance to breed stronger progeny.]

[You have named the auxiliary island number two as Gamma.]

[Gamma has a core that transformed into an Eternal Garden Core.]

[All herbs and plants raised in Gamma will have a chance to grow into higher tiers.]

[All effects of herbs and plants raised in Gamma will have an increase in effectiveness by 10%.]

[You have named the auxiliary island number three as Delta.]

[Delta has a core that transformed into an Eternal Summit Core.]

[Delta will always produce minerals by absorbing mana from the air. Minerals that are produced will be dependent on the quality of mana present in the air.]

[Quality of Mana Present in the Air is Very Satisfactory.]

[Chances of Minerals: 0.1% Mythical, 9.9% Legendary, 30% Epic, 50% Rare, 10% Common.]

Adrian is shocked to see the changes in his territory but is also shocked to see the changes in his pocket because he also lost half his fortune. It seems money was used in upgrading the territory as well. He wanted to cry by he got a free everlasting mineral vein as his third island which means he could recover all the loses.

The people in the territory then looked at the new floating island and are shocked that it was a mountain. When the mountain appeared, new quests also popped inside the bulletin board about mining. The players are shocked because they did not think that a floating island could have something like a mineral vein.