Adrian and Piggy Bank started talking earnestly about the former's plans. When Piggy Bank heard that Adrian can now create Pocket Dimension Homes as a sort of residence, Piggy Bank's instincts shuddered. He also thought something like a condominium just like Adrian but a more personalized take.

"How do you even decorate a Pocket Dimension Home?" Piggy Bank asked as this would determine the value of the Pocket Dimension Home.

"If you are curious then I can bring you to one." Adrian stated as he opened one of the Pocket Dimension Homes.

A portal suddenly appeared before them which shocked Piggy Bank as he is also excited. He also wanted one of these Pocket Dimension Homes should it be released to the world. Adrian and Piggy Bank entered the portal together as they ended up in a space that is just empty.

"There is nothing here. Is this how pocket dimensions are?" Piggy Bank stated as there is nothing inside.

"Pocket Dimensions are like that. In order to decorate the surroundings, one would need elemental stones that will be pushed into the pocket dimension. The owner would also be able to decorate it using a module that would be provided to them once they get ownership. Here let me give you this one as payment for our partnership." Adrian stated as he gave ownership of the Pocket Dimension Home to Piggy Bank.

Piggy Bank is suddenly teary eyed as a module popped in front of him. He then looked at the ways to decorate his Pocket Dimension Home and is shocked that there are many default options. The default options are a forest view and a cave view. When he clicked on the forest view, the whole room's background changed to become a forest.

The background is changed but the size of the room did not change from 30 square meters. The forest view even emulated the view of the sky outside. It turns into night when sun sets and turns to a day cycle when the sun rises. It also gives a cool breeze into the room despite it not being outside. There are even some options on what type of forest to decorate while the others are locked in some sort of paywall.

When he changed it to a cave view, the room's background looked like the room is inside one of the natural caves. One can choose what type of cave interior to use as there are also underwater cave or cave with tree roots. There are many style options, but it is behind a paywall as well.

The paywall is not something like paying with gold or real money, but special backgrounds are unlocked via feeding the Pocket Dimension Home with elemental magic shards. The Pocket Dimension Home is a growing home which is why this option is added but there is also an option to increase the size to up to 50 square meters but only the Daemos could do that.

"In the future, the size could be increased when the territory increases in level. I kind of like that as the people's homes in my territory becomes better with more upgrades. They make great contributions which I use to make the territory flourish." Adrian stated as the impact will be visible.

"I can see it. I have found a way to actually advertise the Pocket Dimension Homes. We can do something like a showroom. It would be a good to keep the people pumping their money for the auction. I shall prepare for the auction and also the showrooms. Can you give me five Pocket Dimension Homes to decorate?" Piggy Bank stated and Adrian agreed.

Adrian gave Piggy Bank five keys to Pocket Dimension Homes which looked like a marble that holds a milky way. The keys can also change in design depending on the owner which will also be a highlight for the . Adrian also said that he will decorate one room to the fullest as something like a final showroom.

Piggy Bank thanked Adrian and started to work on the upcoming auction. Adrian also told him that he would be holding guild recruitment during this time which made Piggy Bank add increase his business smarts. Piggy Bank told Adrian that they could use the guild recruitment as a way to also increase citizens since a lot of people will definitely come to Avalon during that time.

"Will a lot of people come though? A lot of people are already in guilds or have formed one so I think the recruits that will only be in the thousands. I guess I should inform the others that we shall start with the plans for the recruitment." Adrian thought as he sent messages to all his guild members as he expects them to be present during the recruitment.

Adrian then changes his appearance as he wanted to look around his territory without being disturbed. When he went out looking like his normal self, a lot of players looked at his way while some even had the courage to ask for a picture with him. He did not reject them though, but he found it troublesome since he needs to go around in incognito.

When Adrian stepped outside of the Merchant Guild, he is shocked that the streets are almost empty. He then asked the patrolling guards on why that is the case and they said that the people went crazy to perform meritorious quests. The quests that the guard is mentioning are the ones present in the bulletin board.

"Did it have to do with the fact that I posted S rank quests?" Adrian muttered but he found it good as no one would bother him.

Just as Adrian will go to his inspection, a hand suddenly grabbed his shoulder, but he already knew the owner of that hand. The hand's owner is none other than Ascalor with a tired expression on his face. Ascalor looked so haggard that he might need plastic surgery to look normal again.

"You are coming with me to help with paperwork that you created. You must do your lord duties." Ascalor stated as he dragged Adrian to the office of the elders.