As Adrian is buried in his paperwork hell, his friends started to arrive one by one, but they were not safe as well. Adrian grabbed each one of them as they arrived to help him sort out the filing for citizenship. It seems that Adrian's missions and contribution rewards sparked something inside the players to choose Avalon.

"Finally finished!" Adrian state as all of them finished the eight hundred thousand Provisional Citizenship of all the applicants.

Players cannot just become immediate citizens of a certain place just by submitting a paper. They would need to file an application and wait for it to be granted by the civil office. The players would need to pay a fine and accomplish at least a hundred contribution points for the territory for them to be considered a citizen.

The slot of becoming a citizen is also limited which is why they need to hurry when met with lots of competitors. A way to not do this process is to have the city lord stamp the application immediately. Another way to do this is to do a meritorious deed that saves the place or area but that rarely comes by.

"We finally finished it. Next time, inform the people handling the paperwork so that they would not be buried. I now feel like I experienced the hell of working at a company." Solstice stated.

"I am not even a citizen of this place, but I got dragged along as well." Creepysoo stated as he is the Prince of the Undead. You could say that he is royalty which means he belongs to the land of the undead and not in Avalon.

"Do not grumble or else I will not upgrade your room in the guild house." Adrian stated as the guild level of their guild also increased when they won the challenge.

When their guild won, a lot of publicities and articles were written about them. A lot of speculation videos even surfaced online that breaks down their skills and abilities. Creepysoo even got interviewed in his country about the guild war. The Prince of the Undead even started to model for some s.

"Yeah! I even see your face in my favorite banana milk carton. You are blowing up in your country and worldwide." Levin Cloud teased as he showed the team the banana milk carton he was speaking about.

"I bet I am not the only one that was given brand deals. You people should also have received tons of offers when we won. Our video is still trending today thanks to our powerful display. One of my most viewed video is me summoning the Undead Bone Dragon." Creepysoo stated as he confidently posed.

"We did receive some offers, but we turned them down for now. I am not ready to have my face shown to the world." Levin Cloud stated as did the others.

Adrian is the one that rejected all of his offers because he is still wearing the exoskeleton. He is not yet ready for all the fame in the real world because he knows how judgmental people could be. He would rather return to his peak condition before showing himself to the world as he does not want any negativity in his life.

"Let us discuss the recruitment then. It seems the fatigue has already vanished from everyone's mind." Adrian stated as he opened the portal to the guild house for them to enter.

All of them started to discuss about the tests that they will give the potential recruits. A lot of ideas are thrown into which a lot agreed and disagreed. The ones that they did agree on the most are the countermeasure against guild spies. They should be the most careful with these ones as they have world quests in their queue. They do not want other guilds to sabotage them while doing these quests or inform them as they can steal the quests.

Some quests can be stolen if they are not inside special dungeons such as world quests. Players can steal the quest item from the quest holder and the quest will transfer to them or they will get included in it. It is not proper gamer etiquette, but it always happens as long as things like territories or guilds are involved.

In a world where might makes right, you can bet that someone stronger will get your opportunity should they know it. The ani-spy rule that they have created is the fact that only those that have not left a guild for the past three months are able to join them. Since duplicate avatars are not possible in Pandemonium, this would be a great rule to be followed.

The rule might not be able to deter those spies that did not join guilds, but they are also planning a screening. The first series of tests will be given by Adrian and Levin Cloud where the other guild members will observe to see who caught their eye.

If they passed the preliminary tests, then they moved to the screening interviews which is held by Solstice with Lycan assisting her. Of course, there is also a special test for those that did not pass the first series given by Adrian and Levin Cloud, but they would only announce it on the day.

"Should we be really worried about spies? We do not really attempt world quests often since all of us have our different quests." Peridot asked as they created ten rules to get rid of spies, but they will only publish one which is the no previous guilds rule.

"It is not like it would be a problem, but we discuss lore in our group chat. Some of the information that we talk about even leads to hidden classes. I can talk about it to other guilds, but they need to pay up for that kind of information. I hear that there is even an Information Guild lurking in the shadows that provide you useful information as long as you pay them." Adrian stated.