[Your soulbound Saena has dealt devastating damage to the Hell Beast.]

[The Hell Beast has been reduced to 50% of its total health.]

[The Hell Beast is now entering its Berserk Mode.]

The notifications are heard and seen by each of the players as the Hell Beast is now entering its second phase. The Hell Beast released a powerful shockwave that blasted away any crowd control effect that is afflicting it. The players that were near the Hell Beast are also blown away by a mysterious force which sent them twenty meters away from the raid boss.

The Hell Beast roared as the surroundings actually resonated with it. The ground beneath the Hell Beast' feet suddenly burned and turned into hot lava. The Hell Beast also started to integrate with this lava as its body could be seen fusing with it.

The feet of the Hell Beast could no longer be seen as it is now a thick curtain of lava that has attached itself to the body of the Hell Beast. The energy from the lava did not stop as it fueled the Hell Beast to change its form. The body of the Hell Beast started to glow in a powerful orange light because of the color of the lava that is now powering its entire being.

The horns of the Hell Beast could be seen growing as well with its large appendages. The Hell Beast has fully transformed into its Berserk mode as it is now a monster that is more natural disaster than anything. Just standing near the Hell Beast now would deal damage and its body also started to emit poisonous fumes.

[The Hell Beast has successfully entered its Berserk Mode: Lava Devil Hell Beast.]

[All fire elemental damage by the Hell Beast will be increased by 50%.]

[This is boosted by the Fire Elemental Disaster Rune.]

[The fire elemental damage by the Hell Beast will be increased to 100% instead.]

[The Hell Beast is now emitting Burning Aura.]

[All beings around the Hell Beast will now be damaged by 1% of their maximum health every 30 seconds.]

[The Hell Beast is also emitting Hell Beast Miasma.]

[Any being that inhales the Hell Beast Miasma would suffer poisoning that will decrease their health by 1% every five minutes for the duration of ten minutes.]

[All beings that inhales the Hell Beast Miasma would use 20% more mana when casting skills and spells.]

[The Hell Beast has doubled its damage for the duration of its Berserk Mode.]

[The Hell Beast will take 50% more damage from water elemental abilities and spells.]


The Hell Beast sudden roar has now signaled that it has entered its more powerful form. The Hell Beast suddenly started scooping up lava from beneath its body and curled them into balls. Since the Hell Beast has four arms, it was able to create two gigantic lava balls and hurled them towards the largest clump of beings.

The Hell Beast from before could only attack via melee but it has now turned into a boss monster that deals long range damage. Getting near it is almost a death sentence if one does not have great poison resistance and fire resistance. If the heat will not kill you then the miasma that is emitted by the Hell Beast surely will.

Two large balls of lava are hurled in opposite directions of the map. One is headed towards the clump where Adrian and the others are while the other is the largest clump of players where the magic class players gathered. The magic class players did not falter as they have experienced things like this before.

All of the mage players chanted the same spell in order to counteract the large lava ball. All of the mage players casted Stone Wall simultaneously which created an exponential effect as the stone wall that was raised was incredibly thick. The giant lava ball hit the gigantic stone wall and both of them destroyed each other.

The mage players defended the others using mana shield as there are still some debris that will fall. Small lava rocks and sharp stone debris scattered in the area which the mana shield has successfully defended against. The players thought they could rest but the Hell Beast is scooping another attack just like that.

The other lava ball that headed towards Adrian's group is defended by Kanlaon. Kanlaon danced in the sky as he created a large magic circle that has the water element. The lava ball passed through this magic circle and the flames surrounding it are doused.

A large stone ball is now heading towards the location of Adrian's group, but Kabrakan changed his armor to that of his sky form. The shields that were as tall as his body suddenly became large wings that helped him fly in the sky. Kabrakan then clasped his two large shield wings together and stopped the large stone ball in the air.

"Repel!" Kabrakan shouted as he activated his skill of Defense Reversal.

The large stone ball that is fired towards his group is suddenly returned at the same speed that it was launched. Adrian did not miss this chance as he now instructed Kanlaon to enchant the stone ball with ice magic. Kanlaon danced in the sky once more and created a white, blue magic circle that emanated layers of frost.

The stone ball passed right through Kanlaon's magic circle and got enchanted by ice magic. The stone ball suddenly transformed into a large ball of ice that is now headed towards the Hell Beast. The Hell Beast saw this and immediately dug two of its arms into the lava and raised a curtain of it.

A lava curtain suddenly appeared in front of the Hell Beast as the gigantic ball of ice clashed with it. The sudden clashing of hot and cold created a powerful steam explosion that released numerous stone shards unto the surroundings. This would have resulted in a large casualty count as no one is safe from skills since they are in a war zone.

"Vortex!" Adrian stated as he created six black holes that sucked in all the flying debris.

Adrian created the six black holes near the Hell Beast since he cannot create it near the players as they would be sucked inside as well. The six black holes started to pull the Hell Beast in six directions, but it seems that its body was firmly rooted into the ground. The Hell Beast has not moved an inch ever since it entered its Berserk Mode which means this is the drawback of a powerful form.

The six black holes did have enough suction force that it pulled in two of the Hell Beast's arms. The black holes vanished and two of the Hell Beast's arms with it. The Hell Beast cried in pain, but it soon regrew its arms using the magic it is pulling from the ground itself.

"Kanlaon and Kimat! Make it rain!" Adrian commanded as his two soulbounds created immense wind and water energy.

The dark clouds where Kimat's lightning formed suddenly became voluminous as it became heavy with the water that Kanlaon provided it. It did not take long for rain starting to pour which is incredibly foreign to devils as it never rains in Hell. This was the first time that devils knew of rain especially those that have not been summoned in the main world before.

[It is now raining.]

[All spells of the water attribute would be boosted by 50%.]

The Hell Beast roared at the rain as it has never experienced it before and started hurling smaller lava balls towards the dark clouds, but it was not stopping it. The rain itself did not harm the Hell Beast because it already turns into vapor before it lands on its body. The vapor is still a form of water though which makes the Hell Beast irritated.

"Hold it down once again!" Adrian commanded as Sirius, Charon and Wisteria released their skills once again to try and hold onto the Hell Beast.

The shadows were able to slowly hold on but is dissipated due to the heat emanated from the Hell Beast. The roots and vines that Wisteria used also suffers the same fate as it is burned away. The only things that held on are Charon's chains as it was more spiritual in nature but even that is not useful when in Hell.

"Kimat!" Adrian commanded as Kimat released the lightning that it was storing in the dark clouds above.

A powerful lightning bolt came down on the Hell Beast that illuminated the surroundings. Not only did the lightning bolt illuminated the surroundings, but it also created a deafening crackling sound that made others cover their ears. Adrian did not stop there as both Kanlaon and Saena released their dragon breath and sun beam respectively. The dark and dreary place of Hell is illuminated by powerful light for the very first time since it has been transferred to another dimension.