[Kanlaon has dealt great damage to the Hell Beast.]

[Saena has dealt catastrophic damage to the Hell Beast.]

[Kimat has stunned the Hell Beast for five seconds due to the immense lightning elemental damage that it poured.]

The combined damage of Saena and Kanlaon along with the other players amounted to a tenth of the maximum health of the Hell Beast. The health that was already half dropped immediately to 40% which was unprecedented when it comes to raids. This was also the effect of environmental factors along with the amplification that Kanlaon has when it comes to elemental damage.

Kanlaon, Saena, and Kimat's attack were not of consequence though as one could see that they are breathing deeply. All three of his soulbounds used a lot of their stamina to push through the limits of their attacks. Adrian told them to take it slow as the players from the other side would be the ones to follow them up.

"Frozen Lance!" All of the mage players shouted as they are simultaneously casted one of the most powerful ice element spells that does piercing damage.

A gigantic frozen lance immediately formed in just one second as all of the mage players beckoned it to hit the Hell Beast. The Hell Beast could be seen being afraid in its eyes as it saw the large ice spear aimed towards it. The Hell Beast wanted to scream but it could not do so since it was stunned for three more seconds.

The players almost shouted as they knew that this spell could at least take a tenth of the maximum health of the Hell Beast as well. They were sure that this would bring the monster to the red health zone. All of them watched as the ice spear is headed towards the Hell Beast but it suddenly started to dissipate.

The giant ice spear that was supposed to hit the Hell Beast suddenly started to become steam as it clashed with an unknown fiery barrier. The Hell Beast could be seen starting to move once again as the ice spear was not able to pierce its body. The Hell Beast roared once again as it plunged its four arms into the lava.

[The Hell Beast is about to use Lava Quake.]

[Protect yourself at all costs.]

"Ark!" Adrian stated as he used his mirror to send Ark towards the devil that stopped the gigantic ice spear.

The devil that appeared was none other than a Devil Duke and Adrian him in all of his form even if it was only slightly. Adrian could see that the devil duke was shocked to see the former react so quickly. Ark, Pana and Basil were immediately summoned through the mirror as they were near the area.

NPC Name: Aym

Title: Great Duke of Hell

Level: Unknown

HP: Unknown

MP: Unknown

Description: is a Great Duke of Hell, very strong, and rules over twenty-six legions of demons. He sets cities, castles and great places on fire, makes men witty in all ways, and gives true answers concerning private matters. He is depicted as a man with some handsome features, but with three heads, one of a serpent, the second of a man, and the third of a cat although some say of a calf. He is said to be riding a viper, and carrying in his hand a lit firebrand with which he sets the requested things on fire.

The sudden appearance of the Great Duke of Hell was overshadowed by the attack that the Hell Beast is currently using. Adrian turned to the Hell Beast as it was now finished charging its attack and that he already diverted Ark and the others to the devil duke that appeared. The Hell Beast made the ground shake and the lava that is beneath is body started to rumble.

The devil duke did not even mind the sudden appearance of the Nephilim and its allies. All of Ark's attacks on the Great Duke of Hell was ineffective as flame bursts were able to block any of the former's attacks. The Great Duke of Hell even laughed as it was just waiting for the Hell Beast to cast its ability that deals great damage to an entire area.

[The Hell Beast has activated Lava Quake.]

The lava beneath the Hell Beast suddenly rose as it is now in full control of its ability. The lava rose like a high tide and all of the area that is tagged will be affected by it. The only way to stop this ability is to fly like Adrian as the only ones that would be hit are those that are on the ground. Adrian knew that 80% of the players would get wiped out if he does not do something which is why he immediately casted the spell that he has prepared.

"Diffracting Cosmos!" Adrian stated as he casted it for the first time.

The sound of a mirror breaking suddenly caught the attention of everyone. Adrian that was hidden in the illusion that Sirius casted is suddenly revealed. A blindfolded demon with six mirrors and four floating arms could be seen.

The sound of the mirror breaking was none other than the creation of the mirror realm in the area. The whole area around Adrian which also covered the Hell Beast suddenly had a fracted mirror like sheen as if it was not reality. As Adrian is revealed, the mirrors that he also kept hidden are revealed as well which actually covered the Hell Beast like a dome.

The Hell Beast is now surrounded by thousands of mirrors that Adrian created since earlier. Each of the mirrors was hit by the lava wave absorbed the impact. All of the mirrors successfully absorbed the damage thanks to the number of them mitigating the damage.

Adrian smiled as this was what he was waiting for as the lava wave actually got bounced back towards the Hell Beast. About 70% of the Lava Quake was bounced back by the Diffracting Cosmos. This was something that saved the players as the Lava Quake is basically trapped in the area where the Hell Beast is.