The devils are now experiencing pain directly to their soul which is only possible if the Kings of Hell themselves punish them. The Kings of Hell hold special power compared to the other devil nobility as they can permanently extinguish a devil. This is why the rules of Hell are followed when it comes to keeping things in order.

Only a few traitor devils are unfortunate though since only a small number of them have been erased from existence. The other devils that were traitorous just died and respawned back to the area they are from. This could not be avoided but this development is still better than nothing.

One of the top guilds' master's suddenly used a powerful attack that destroyed the magic circle that the Great Duke of Hell Aym. Granted that the magic circle was already losing effectiveness as the mana that was used by the Great Duke of Hell Aym is starting to run out, the attack is still something that is incredibly powerful to destroy a magic circle.

The defeat of the Firebrand Hell Spawns was quite easy, but it still took ten minutes to wipe the traitor devils along with the former. All of the people are now tired and on the brink of falling down. Adrian would have solved this easily if Levin Cloud was here as his best friend could cure even stamina issues.

"Can you do something about it?" Adrian asked Lime as she was the most powerful healer that he knows next to Levin Cloud.

"I can use a skill that can recover stamina, but I can only use it once a week. If I use it now, then I will not be able to use it should the Hell Beast comes out of that thing." Lime replied.

"That should be good enough." Solstice stated as even she is barely holding on.

"Do it then." Adrian stated.

"Okay then." Lime stated as she suddenly clasped both of her hands as if she was praying.

"The Light inside of us is what determines the future. The Gods are only there to guide while the people are there to survive. The strength in one can be the strength of the many. Grant all the pleasant souls their needed recovery! True Saint Magic: Great Peace Sanctuary!" Lime shouted as her voice echoed in the battlefield.

Not only did her voice echo, the sound of bells could also be heard from the area. The clear ringing of bells cleared all the negative debuffs that the players are experiencing. A cool wave of energy suddenly rushed forth in their body and washed away all their accumulated fatigue.

[You are in the area affected by the True Saint Magic: Great Peace Sanctuary.]

[All debuffs are cleansed.]

[You will not be affected by status reductions for an hour.]

[You will not be affected by status ailments for an hour.]

[All cooldowns will be reduced by 50%.]

[All of your fatigue has been washed away as your stamina gauge is restored to full.]

All of the players and even the devils that were in the area are all restored back to full. All of them now have renewed energy to fight once again. The eyes of all the recovered players and NPCs suddenly gleamed as they now focused on the Hell Beast Cocoon.

"Destroy the Cocoon and get the stone!" Some of the players shouted as all of them practically rushed towards the Hell Beast Cocoon.

All of the players attacked the Hell Beast Cocoon, but it was still being affected by a flaming shield. A player that was the inheritor of the Half Jotunn suddenly appeared as she created a powerful blizzard that pushed its way forward to the flaming shield. The blizzard made its way towards the flaming shield and melted the snow that she created.

Even if one thinks that her struggle is futile, Adrian could see visible weakening in the constitution of the barrier. Adrian commanded Kanlaon to aid her as she was the one that was breaking the shield more compared to the other players. Kanlaon did not need to aid her that much as he just needed to amplify the ice element present.

Kanlaon used his ice dragon ball and placed it in the middle of the blizzard. The blizzard suddenly intensified twice as much, and the flaming barrier could be visibly seen as becoming duller. The other mage players saw this and also casted ice and water spells towards the barrier.

The Great Flame Barrier that the Great Duke of Hell Aym created slowly became dimmer and dimmer. It took at least two minutes of continuous spells to destroy the barrier as it vanished like a flame being doused in water. The barrier being broken became the unspoken signal of all the players and NPCs that gathered.

Without even waiting for any one to speak, the people in the war zone struck the Hell Beast Cocoon like madmen. They were all banking on the fact that they might be able to get the Devil Dark Stone drop if they contribute hard enough. Adrian also told his guild members to go wild and destroy the cocoon.

Adrian and his soulbounds made sure to attack all around the cocoon. They attacked the top part using his flying soulbounds. He attacked the middle part using the mirrors while the lower part is attacked by his land bound soulbounds. The cocoon that covered the Hell Beast could be seen getting thinner and thinner as the people began destroying it.

The outer layer of the cocoon which is mostly made of course hard rock could be seen thoroughly destroyed. The next layer was a white rock that seem to resemble marble and is tougher than the first layer. This proved to be quite the hassle as there is only six minutes remaining before the Hell Beast Matriarch emerges.

[Hell Beast Cocoon Durability: 50%]

The cocoon was already at half durability which means they only need another half to destroy it completely. The white stone layer was incredibly dense, but it was susceptible to piercing attacks and temperature changes. The plan was set in motion as Adrian started to heat the white stone layer with Kanlaon's fire attacks.

The other mages followed Adrian's moves and heated up the white stone layer for a whole minute. The durability of the Hell Beast Cocoon could be seen dropping to 40% as a result. Without hesitation, Kanlaon shifted to creating his own blizzard from what he saw earlier. Kanlaon released a blizzard of the same quality as the half jotunn player.

The while stone layer suddenly started to crack as the sudden temperature changes weakened it greatly. The mages also did what Kanlaon has done and used ice or water magic to destroy the white stone layer. After a minute and a half, they could see that the white stone layer has cracked completely. One of the guilds master's that uses a gigantic axe swung his weapon and shattered the weakened layer in one go.

[Hell Beast Cocoon Durability: 15%]

The next layer that showed up to them was a crystalline like layer, but it was actually diamonds. The last layer of protection of the Hell Beast was a diamond cocoon where it is also incredibly translucent. One could see that the initial form of the Hell Beast Matriarch has already formed.

The Hell Beast Matriarch is not like its previous form that is of a horned devil gorilla hybrid. It is now more fairy like in appearance as it has a humanoid shape that has no distinct features. It was like a new being has entered the cocoon and devoured the previous Hell Beast.

The Hell Beast Matriarch looked like a featureless woman with butterfly style clothes that resemble running lava. It still had four arms, but it was now slenderer and more feminine in size compared to before. The greatest change would be that its energy is twice as potent as before.

"We have three minutes left! Get moving people!" One of the players shouted as they were brought back to reality.

Even if the raid boss suddenly became beautiful, it does not change the fact that they would be killed by it should it awaken. The players hit the diamond layer with attacks and spells, but it was incredibly durable to the point that their weapons were losing durability. Some of the spells even bounced back and harmed the others in the process.

"It is like a butterfly when it comes to evolution then. The first form was like a larva then the pupa stage would be its berserk form. This is its pupa form then the adult would be the one that breaks free. We must not let that happen at any cost." Adrian thought as he commanded Sirius to use Realm Ender.

"Awoo!" Sirius howled powerfully which looked like he summoned a blood red moon behind him.

Sirius grew in size as he is covered in nether mist. The menacing appearance of Sirius is doubled due to his sheer size. Without missing a beat, Sirius immediately struck at the diamond layer of the cocoon.

[Your soulbound Sirius has destroyed 1% of the Hell Beast Cocoon's Durability.]