"1%?!" Adrian muttered in shock.

Adrian did not expect that Sirius' attack that has the most powerful physical damage in his arsenal would be a meager one percent. The diamond layer that coated the Hell Beast Cocoon seem to be something that even Sirius in his Realm Ender form cannot destroy. Adrian did not stop though as he commanded Sirius to attack once more to see what happens.

[Your soulbound Sirius has destroyed 0.8% of the Hell Beast Cocoon's Durability.]

With two minutes remaining, the Hell Beast Cocoon was starting to open. Adrian did not play around once more as he surrounded the Hell Beast Cocoon with mirrors once more. He even presented all the long-range players with mirrors.

All the players did not even need to know what Equinox was thinking about. All of them fired their skills into the mirrors without thinking that it would miss. The numerous mirrors that covered the Hell Beast Cocoon suddenly released the barrage of attacks that it has collected from the other players.

[Your soulbound Sirius has destroyed 1% of the Hell Beast Cocoon's Durability.]

[You have contributed to the destruction of 1% of the Hell Beast Cocoon's Durability.]

[You have contributed to the destruction of 0.5% of the Hell Beast Cocoon's Durability.]

[You have contributed to the destruction of 0.9% of the Hell Beast Cocoon's Durability.]

Notifications that stated how much the durability of the Hell Beast Cocoon flooded the sight of each player. They did not care what is happening on the side of the notifications. All they cared about is the destruction of the cocoon as they did not stop until no notifications are given to them.

The being inside the Hell Beast Cocoon could be seen starting to move as it is now under thirty seconds before it awakens.

[Hell Beast Cocoon Durability: 3%]

"Just a little bit more!" The players shouted as they could see that the durability is now remaining at 3%.

The attacks continuously landed on the cocoon, but the time was not enough as only 1% was left when a second was remaining. Adrian knew that he cannot do anything else instead of stopping time to finish it off. Adrian immediately shouted Time Stop and the whole world stopped moving.

It seems that even he can stop the Time in Hell as long as he is prepared. The downside of this is that he only has ten seconds of extra time to use. Adrian used space mines and attached it to the cocoon with hopes that it would be enough to destroy it as long as it is enchanted by nether energy.

Adrian snapped his fingers and the explosion of the space mines coincided with time flowing once again. A loud cry could be heard from the cocoon as the voice of the being inside echoed. Adrian frowned because he was too late to stop it completely, but it does not mean that what he did was in vain.

[You have destroyed 1% of the Hell Beast Cocoon's Durability but it is too late.]

[The Hell Beast Matriarch has been awakened but it was premature due to the fact that its cocoon was destroyed while it awakened.]

[You are in the presence of the Hell Beast Matriarch (Broken)]

The last notification was something that the players did not expect. There was a modifier next to the Hell Beast Matriarch which means it did not evolve completely. This does not mean that the Hell Beast Matriarch would have that modifier till the end of time. It just means that the Hell Beast Matriarch had a problem while it was in the process of evolution.

Monster Name: Hell Beast Matriarch (Broken)

Monster Tier: Legendary (Degraded due to current status.)

Monster Title: Queen of the Hell Beasts

HP: 20% / 100%

MP: 100% / 100%

Description: A Hell Beast that managed to evolve into its greatest form that can lead and create other Hell Beasts. The Hell Beast Matriarch is a being that is said to have powerful energy and create powerful hell Beasts using this energy. It is unknown on how to create a Hell Beast Matriarch as they are not known to evolve from every Hell Beast.

It is currently with a broken status because its evolution process was interrupted. It will not have the same stats as a Hell Beast Matriarch and will have difficulty spawning other Hell Beasts until the Broken status disappears. It also was not able to recover any life force upon evolution because of its Broken status.

The Hell Beast Matriarch could be seen crawling on the floor despite its majestic appearance. The butterfly wing like clothes was actually real wings made of hell fire, but it did not burn that bright due to its Broken status. The Hell Beast Matriarch could also be seen incredibly frustrated and angry at the beings that destroyed its evolution.

[You are affected by the Hell Beast Matriarch's Granduer. All stats will be decreased by 10%. This effect is halved because of the Broken status of the Hell Beast Matriarch.]

[You are not affected by the Hell Beast Matriarch's Fear due to it having a Broken status.]

[You are affected by Blazing Hell Wings by the Hell Beast Matriarch. Receive 1% of your total health in damage every ten seconds. This effect is halved due to the Broken status of the Hell Beast Matriarch.]

[You are affected by the Hell Beast Matriarch's Aura. Your overall damage will have 30% damage decrease. This effect is minimized to 10% because of the Broken status of the Hell Beast Matriarch.]

The Hell Beast that was supposed to be fearsome is suddenly looked down upon because it did not release all of its powers due to its status. The fearsome Hell Beast Matriarch that terrorized Hell when it spawns numerous Hell Beasts is now left crawling on the ground. It looked pathetic but the players should not forget that it is still a raid boss.

The Hell Beast Matriarch used its human like appendage to smash the players in front of it. The players did not even have time to react as they were killed instantly. The Hell Beast Matriarch was still incredibly powerful because it is still an evolution of the Hell Beast itself.

The sudden death of some players was the trigger to awaken the others from the delusion that the Hell Beast Matriarch can do nothing to them. All the players continued their battle stances as a new battle is about to begin. Adrian also expected that he should use his other domain as the effects of the Nether Domain is starting to fade.

"Ae..!" Adrian was about to shout when another voice spoke that overflowed with authority.

"It appears that a very troublesome insect has spawned in Hell." A dark but noble voice came out which caught the attention of not just the players but also the other devils.

A devil nobility that looked haughty yet refined suddenly appeared before the Hell Beast Matriarch. All of the players looked at this devil with wonder, but the Hell Beast Matriarch looked at him with great fear. The Hell Beast Matriarch looked like it wanted to escape from the location upon gazing at the devil nobility that appeared before it.

"Such a pitiful creature but you would go well with my research. I do not need you alive for that though. Great Plague: Infestation!" Beelzebub stated as numerous black orbs suddenly appeared behind him and targeted the Hell Beast Matriarch.

The Hell Beast Matriarch screamed in pain as these powerful attacks almost killed it. The Hell Beast Matriarch was actually brought down to 3% health with that attack alone. Seeing that the monster before him had great tenacity, Beelzebub thought that it would be better to get alive, but it has already made a promise.

"Perish, awful looking one." Beelzebub stated as he clapped his hands as if he is unamused.

The screaming body of the Hell Beast Matriarch suddenly started to tremble as if something inside of it exploded. The Hell Beast Matriarch exploded from within as its face of utter devastation could be seen as it became a lifeless corpse. The body of the Hell Beast Matriarch suddenly started to turn into particles of light as its own body that was fueled by mana is being ingested by Hell.

[The Hell Beast Matriarch is defeated.]

[The Hell Gate has only slightly increased in power. Only Earls and below could go to the main world unhindered.]

[The distribution for the rewards for the raid will be done after a day due to the number of the raid participants.]

The players cheered but the devil NPCs all shuddered at the devil nobility in front of them. He was a figure that even the devils thought of him as only of legend. The Lord of Flies and one of the seven original Devils have come to a War Zone that was for meager devils in terms of strength.