Beelzebub did not disappoint as he immediately destroyed the Hell Beast Matriarch upon seeing that the Hell Beast evolved. What the devil, Beelzebub, did not expect is the fact that the Hell Beast Matriarch was reduced to a limp monster. This was not an easy feat even for devil nobility as it takes a group to defeat it.

"The fact that they managed to destroy the crystal cocoon even if it was too late is incredibly fascinating. As expected of a being with great Asmodian lineage! He should be able to relieve my boredom for quite a while as it would be great to observe him. It was incredibly worth it to destroy all the devils that would have been summoned by him." Beelzebub thought as he intensely stared at Adrian.

Adrian did not know that he was not supposed to summon Beelzebub before when Ark needed dark elemental mana. Beelzebub himself destroyed all the devils that could be summoned by the magic circle. He was incredibly fascinated by a magic circle that had delicious mana that he wanted it all for himself which is why he eliminated all the devils that felt it.

"Why is it suddenly becoming chilly when we are in Hell? I thought it was supposed to be hot in here." Adrian stated as he looked at the rewards while not making eye contact with Beelzebub.

Item Name: Devil Dark Stone

Item Tier: Unique

Item Type: Race Change Item / Evolution Material


Race Change:

- Can change a user's race to a devil. (You can choose one of the seventy-two options. There are also hidden option, but another item is needed for these selections to appear.)

- Will change the user's race to a devil without reverting them back to a specified level.

- All skills and abilities will be transformed to their devil counterparts.


- Can help a Devil Increase their Persona by 1.

- Cannot increase the Persona of Devils with rank of Prince unless a special item is used along with this item.

Description: A peculiar stone that glows in a deep red and black color that repels any kind of white light. It has great quantities of mana and is said to be a part of the original creation of Hell. It is also rumored to be a crystalized version of the mana that Hell has gathered for centuries. It is an extremely coveted item by any devils that are below the Nobility rank of a Prince.

"As expected of a race change item that is coveted by all of the players. Maybe someone in the guild could use this? I should set it as a guild contribution reward so that it can make them work harder." Adrian thought as he did not think that it will cause a riot to the new guild members.

[A new item has been added in the Contribution Reward section of the Guild.]

The notification appeared in all of the members of the guild. This was incredibly new as the rewards for the contribution did not change much as there were mostly money or rare items that Adrian and the others need. In fact, the guild members that joined were shocked that Adrian and the others would willingly give out incredibly rare items that have legendary ranking.

Unlike the other guilds that horde their treasure and have a huge gap between the main guild team and the secondary guild teams, Pantheon has an open relationship that appreciates hardworking people. Even Solstice, who would pursue profit, would think of the guild members first before selling something that she did not use.

Adrian and the others were also not stingy as they know that their junk (Items that they have no use for) could be treasures for other guild members. Adrian and the founding guild members agreed that they need to create a system that enriches both the guild and its members. The Pantheon guild members thought that Legendary Weapons in the contribution board was shocking enough but a race change item was suddenly posted.

An item that is coveted by not only a small percentage of the player base wants but the entire gaming community would kill for has appeared in the contribution store. The guild members that are now unsure of the current race suddenly burned with desire as a race change item has suddenly been given. The guild members acted cordial with one another as their clean competition on who would get the Devil Dark Stone suddenly started.

"It is not like I can use it anyway. Paradox even told me that it would not be essential to me as it will taste bad from its standing. When did you suddenly become a gourmet?" Adrian stated as he asked the floating cosmic astrolabe.

"I have not become picky, master. I am just making sure that efficiency is what matters the most. A foreign object like that will just be a drop water in your body." Paradox replied as it returned to observing the situation.

Once all of the players got their rewards, some started to think of leaving when another quest appeared before their eyes. It was a quest that they did not expect because it is something that does not happen often. It was not only the players that participated that got the quest but also the devils that fought against the Hell Beast Matriarch as well.

Quest Name: Hell Gate Protection Detail

Quest Difficulty: A

Quest Description: A punitive angelic force has been sensed by the devil gods have started circling the Hell Gate. The devil gods that have remained unmoving before could see that the angels are now planning to destroy the Hell Gate that connects the main world with Hell. Protect the Hell Gate from the angels since you did a great job in defending it against the Hell Beast Matriarch.

Clear Condition: The Hell Gate does not get destroyed and the Angelic Army has retreated or fallen in battle.

Clear Reward: Chance to change into one of the seventy two devil species.

Failure Condition: The Hell Gate is destroyed, and the connection will Hell is severed.

Failure: Hell will no longer be connected to the main world via the Hell Gate.

Time before the Invasion: 10 days

Restriction: Only those that were part of the quest 'Hell Beast Subjugation' can accept this quest.

Note: This is a chain quest that proceeds upon failure.

The players that were aiming for the Devil Dark Stone were suddenly given a sudden quest. They did not expect that a quest to easily change their races would come into the picture. Just as they are about to think it over, six different colored lights suddenly appeared before them. Beelzebub soon joined the six which made it become a group of seven.

Seven Devils of incredible power that even Adrian could not measure suddenly appeared before all of them. The pressure was bearable but the mana that all seven possess could actually rival that of a Greater God or higher. These seven were none other than the Seven Original Sins.

The seven devils with immense power had varying appearances which either made one shudder or be allured. Of the seven devils, one with a haughty face but with a beautiful appearance started to speak. He still had bird like wings, but it was black in color with sharp horns protruding. He was none other than the de facto leader of the Seven Original Sins.

"Greetings, devils and guests. As you are now seeing, the seven of us has decided to protect the Hell Gate that will be under attack by the angels. A devil nobility of seer powers has gazed upon the future to warn us of the coming attack. We implore all of you to defend the Hell Gate with all your might and those that do so will be rewarded." Lucifer stated as he smiled with his handsome face then suddenly briefly looked at the side.

"Why do I feel like he was looking at me? I would not even want to participate because I do not need a race change anyway." Adrian thought as he declined the quest.

Adrian was about to leave quietly but another system prompt appeared before him which made him double think. It was not only him, even the other players that initially declined suddenly had a new quest given to them that still had the same quest but different rewards. Adrian did not even need to think as he immediately accepted the quest.

Lucifer could be seen smiling as he saw that Adrian accepted the quest. The Seven Original Sins knew that they would not be able to defend the Hell Gate because they cannot get out of Hell. They needed great warriors to defend it for them and they found it when the raid of the Hell Beast Matriarch happened.

All Seven Original Sins were about to move when the Hell Beast appeared, but they were stopped by Lucifer. He thought of this as a test to see of warriors that can guard the Hell Gate. Beelzebub interfering was just minor to him as the Hell Beast Matriarch would have died soon anyway.